Destiny Lovers Ending Explained: Everything You Need to Know!

destiny lovers ending explained

In the Japanese manga series “Destiny Lovers,” Kazutaka and Kai Tomohiro write and illustrate. There were eight tankbon volumes of the series that were serialized on Kodansha’s Magazine Pocket online magazine from February 2018 to April 2020, each with a single chapter.

In April 2020, Magazine Pocket launched a sequel titled Destiny Lovers. Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the manga for an English-language release in North America.


Kosuke Fujishiro, a high school student, is kidnapped and sent to a prison operated by women who aim to rape him. When it comes to being devoted to his childhood buddy Sayaka, Kosuke is the only one who will not go through with the plan.

In order for him and the other men to live, they must avoid falling prey to the enticements and seductions that are all around them. Sayaka, the head of the seduction squad, advises Kosuke to keep resisting, further complicating things.

The Following Is the Storyline for The Film Destiny Lovers

Following Fujushiro Kosuke’s pledge to his childhood buddy that he would love her forever, this film traces the journey of his life.” It’s only when they have made out as a symbol of their love that they are kidnapped and sent into a female-run prison.

They’re only interested in his virginity, and nothing else. Is this a plot by Sayako-chan and Kosuke to betray the vow they made? Those women’s desire and Kosuke’s reluctance to break his pledge left us in a quandary.”

Kazutaka and Tomohiro’s previous manga was published in Magazine Pocket in February 2018. Earlier this month, Kodansha released its eighth compilation book volume. What are your thoughts on the new manga in the Destiny Lovers series? If not, go back and have a look. Comment below and let us know what you think.

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The Destiny Lovers Manga Is Over!

destiny lovers ending explained

It was revealed last week that a new sequel manga to Kazutaka and Tomohiro Kai’s Destiny Lovers (Desu-Raba) would be released under the title Destiny Lovers on the official Twitter account for Magazine Pocket, the free manga app from Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine. A brand-new manga series debuted on Saturday.

In addition to Kodansha’s eighth collected volume, the new manga will renumber its volumes under the new title. After the 104th chapter was published on Saturday, Kai tweeted that it had been a wrap for the original manga.

Seven Seas Entertainment’s Ghost Ship imprint’s English-language version of Desu-Raba, a Japanese katakana title, is titled Destiny Lovers. The new Japanese manga, Destiny Lovers in katakana, is fashioned in a similar way to the Ghost Ship English version, with the same kanji.

The Preceding Manga, as Described by Ghost Ship, Was

Fujishiro Kosuke made a long-term commitment to Sayaka-chan, a childhood buddy. To make matters even more surprising, he is kidnapped and forced to spend the night in a fetish prison ruled by beautiful, dangerous ladies dressed in fetish gear.

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Despite their claims to a higher purpose, Kosuke’s alluring captors are only interested in one thing: his virginity. When they broke Kosuke’s pledge, why did they do so? In this darkly erotic thriller about fear and desire, a man is set to confront a sexual gauntlet unlike any other.

Magazine Pocket published the preceding manga by Kazutaka and Tomohiro in February of last year. On March 6, Kodansha released the manga’s seventh collected volume, while on February 25, Ghost Ship released the manga’s second English translation.


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