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True to The Game 3 Ending Explained: Everything You Need to Know!

Director Preston A. Whitmore II directs this 2017 American drama directed by Nia Hill and starring Columbus Short (as well as Andra Fuller, Andra Fox, and Vivica A. Fox), Nelsan Ellis (as well as Jennifer Freeman), and Jennifer Freeman.

Teri Woods’ novel of the same name served as the inspiration for the film.

On November 6, 2020, a sequel called True to the Game 2: Gena’s Story will be launched. False To The Game 3 was released in 2021, the sequel to True To The Game 2.


  • Quadir Richards (Columbus Short)
  • In the role of Cherelle, Draya Michele
  • Gena Rollins is played by Erica Peeples.
  • Actress Vivica A. Fox as Shoog
  • Tyrik is played by Nelsan Ellis.
  • Jerrell Jackson is played by Andra Fuller.
  • Lita, played by Jennifer Freeman, is the main character.
  • Sahirah is played by Nafessa Williams.
  • Rasun played by Jamaar Simon
  • Bria, played by Iyana Halley, is a fictional character.
  • Actress Aubrey Annika Noelle
  • Involvement of Misan Akuya in the Drug Trade
  • Gah-Git, portrayed by Starletta DuPois in the movie
  • the club’s honorary patron, George Arvanitdis
  • Lorenzo Eduardo in the title role
  • With Nikki Leigh as Megan,

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As Described in The Game’s Final Chapter

true to the game 3 ending explained

So, Jerrel fulfils his pledge to Quadir and proves that he is not a force to be reckoned with at the end of True To The Game. The plan begins with Gena being kidnapped and a friend of hers being asked to come up with $2 million in cash.

Although Tyrik believes Quadir should follow his heart instead of the game, Quadir refuses, knowing it could be a trap. Rasun provides support for Quadir while Aubrey takes the lead. In the end, Quadir is able to win Gena back. But this was only the beginning of Jerell’s self-inflicted wrath.

The information leads Quadir and Rasun to shoot down Aubrey, but not before they collect all the data on Jerell’s location. Quadir phones the hotel where Jerell will be staying three days before he arrives in Los Angeles to ensure that he receives the best possible service.

In the meantime, Quadir begs Gena to marry him, but before he can take Jerell down, Jerell makes the phone call. Quadir, Gena, and their companions are attacked by Jerell and his group, and Tyrik’s wife and Quadir both die as a result.

Despite how much Gena adored Quadir, she was not legally wedded to him. When Viola, in the form of Quadir’s mother, discovers that the house is registered in her name, she forces her to leave. Gena isn’t even invited to Quadir’s burial.

In the midst of her personal woes, Gene discovers she came in second place in a writing competition she entered. As a result, she is eligible for an unpaid internship with a New York-based company. We also learn that Quadir left some money for Gena, allowing her to begin a new life.

What Is the Plot of The Story?

true to the game 3 ending explained

Upon waking, Gena discovers that her savior is actually Quadir (Columbus Short). Gena (Erica Peeples) has 72 hours to return to Philly to check in on Bria (Iyana Halley) and Gah Git (Starletta DuPois) before she can be happy ever after, thanks to a directive from Quadir. A pair of unscrupulous cops (Detective Joe (Darius McCrary) and Det.

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Mike (Kinyumba Mutakabbir) is on the prowl for anyone they can catch, all for the sake of MONEY. The stakes couldn’t be higher. After finding out that Terrell (Kris Lofton) has been freed from prison, Saleem (Jeremy Meeks) is unable to contact Jerrell. As a member of the crew is leaking information, the pressure is increasing.

What options does Gena have when it comes to leaving town and starting over in a new place? If he can’t find Gena, will Quadir put everything on the line and return to Philadelphia? Will Jerell return with the money and finally eliminate Quadir? Who is going to stick to the rules?

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