Antiviral Film Ending Explained: Plot, Cast and Everything You Need to Know!

antiviral film ending explained

Brandon Cronenberg is the writer and director of the 2012 science fiction horror film Antiviral. The film was screened at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard section.

As a result of Cronenberg’s post-festival re-editing, the film was shrunk by roughly six minutes. The reworked film premiered at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, where it won the Best Canadian First Feature Film award alongside Jason Buxton’s Blackbird.


  • Caleb Landry Jones portrays Lucas Clinic staffer Syd March.
  • Hannah Geist (Sarah Gadon) is a world-renowned celebrity.
  • Malcolm McDowell as Hannah Geist’s personal doctor, Dr. Abendroth
  • Edward Porris, a patient at Lucas Clinic, is played by Douglas Smith.
  • An astral body meat market proprietor and underground virus trafficker, Arvid, is played
  • by Joe Pingue. Nicholas Campbell plays Dorian Lucas, the founder of Lucas Clinic.
  • Sheila McCarthy portrays Hannah Geist’s manager, Dev Harvey, in the film.
  • As Mira Tesser, co-owner of Vole & Tesser, a major competitor of Lucas Clinic’s, and
  • James Cade as Levine, an undercover virus trafficker, Wendy Crewson
  • Lucas Clinic’s archivist Lisa Berry plays the Lucas Clinic receptionist, Lara Jean
  • Chorostecki plays Michelle.
  • At Lucas Clinic, Salvatore Antonio is referred to as “Topp.”
  • Matt Watts portrays Lucas Clinic staffer Mercer.
  • Reid Morgan takes on the role of Lucas Clinic employee Derek Lessing.
  • Nenna Abuwa portrays Aria Noble, Lucas Clinic’s second most prominent celebrity.

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How Antiviral Comes to A Close

antiviral film ending explained

Syd is kidnapped and forced to appear on a reality television show after it is determined that he has the same sickness that murdered Hannah Geist. For the fans of Hannah, this is a means to see him die in the same manner that she supposedly did.

Hannah Geist’s body is transformed into a cell garden by Vole and Tesser when he escapes his prison. For as long as they heal him of the disease, he swears to help Lucas Clinic innovate beyond what they can achieve.

Syd takes blood from Hannah’s actual arm, which is held in the cell garden, in the most weird twist in the entire film. To it, he expresses his admiration for her, saying that she is perfect even after death.

When the film ends with this scenario, it brings everything back to the beginning: the need to consume and society’s desire to prolong the consumption of superstars, no matter the personal costs.. In this scene, Syd is shown to have succumbed to the same attraction he once marketed to others despite his initial reluctance to consume Arvid’s lab-grown meat.

There are several surprises and memorable twists in Brandon Cronenberg’s latest film. An especially trying experience, but the overall message about celebrity culture and society as a whole is one that is worth it. Antiviral is a must-see Cronenberg film for anyone interested in body horror.

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antiviral film ending explained

A corporation called the Lucas Clinic buys viruses and other infections from celebrities who fall ill and injects them into consumers who want a connection to superstars. Syd March works for the company.

When it comes to Hannah Geist, who is a renowned pathogen source for the Lucas Clinic’s exclusive celebrities, Derek Lesing is in charge of obtaining them straight from her.

Syd uses his own body as an incubator, takes germs from the lab, and sells them on the black market in order to make additional money.

For this, he breaks the virus’ copy protection by using a stolen console; once injected into a patient, the infection becomes unreachable. Arvid, who works at Astral Bodies, a celebrity meat market where meat is grown from the cells of celebrities, receives the germs from him.

If Syd can’t harvest the pathogen from Hannah because Derek has been arrested for smuggling, Lucas wants Syd to take his place. Syd injects part of Hannah’s blood into himself as soon as he has obtained a sample.

He leaves work early because of fever and disorientation as the initial symptoms. During the process of trying to remove the virus’ copy protection, the console is destroyed.

After waking up from a terrible delirium the next day, Syd realizes that Hannah has died from the mystery disease and that all goods taken from her are now in high demand.

He approaches Arvid, who arranges a meeting with Levine, the head of the piracy gang, in order to fix his console. Syd rejects Levine’s offer to repair the console in return for blood samples from her.

The disease that killed Hannah is now in high demand on the black market, and it is illegal to spread lethal pathogens, so Levine has to subdue him and extract samples from him.


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