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According to A New Song, Il Durk Appears to Criticise 6ix9ine for The Perkio Incident!

As of June 24, Lil Durk’s 7220 album was available in a deluxe edition. Durkio appears to address 6ix9ine in a song named “Huuuh” in the revised edition, which includes an additional 13 songs.

Lil Durk says the following on the Gxsha and LowLowTurnThatUp-produced track: “You got my money, so why do you toy with Perk? I’m Durk. Why do you play with Perk, anyway? Because they’re always there, they’re going to get injured (Grrrah).”

A video Tekashi posted in April with Perkio, a lookalike for Lil Durk, is what Lil Durk appears to be referenced in this statement. As seen in the video, 6ix9ine meets with the man and presents him with a jacket bearing the likeness of Durk’s deceased cousin King Von, who was 6ix9ine’s cousin by marriage.

“@lildurk My niggas ain’t going to slide, but they’ll surely rep you all day on tshirts, bro @kingvonfrmdao, for you “The video’s captions were provided by 6ix9ine.

Afterwards, Perkio claimed that he was ambushed by the Brooklyn rapper-federal informant and had no previous knowledge of what was about to take place.

‘His crew, he also had a lot of niggas around him,’ Perkio wrote in an Instagram post. “They all showed up, and suddenly the jacket appeared.

I was practically ambushed by a horde of people after that. Like, he threw the jacket over my shoulder. You could see him pressing his arms in this same spot. Suddenly, I realized what he was trying to get me to do: I was gazing at him as he was pressing.

Every single one of those males was filming, and they were filming and filming and filming and filming. In the past, I had stated that I would never make a video with 6ix9ine. OTF, Durk, and no one else should be disrespected in any way, shape, or form. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Lil Durk Appears to Call Out 6ix9ine on New Song Over Perkio Incident


Durk called 6ix9ine a snitch after the “Trollz” rapper testified against Lil Durk’s former friends in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang to secure a lower sentence in his racketeering and weapons case in 2019, which sparked their dispute.

6ix9ine took to social media to express his displeasure with Durk’s actions. Since then, the barbs have been flying both ways. In regard to King Von’s death, 6ix9ine said, “Rest in piss.”

6ix9ine and YG

According to YG, Tekashi was “playing with too much of the actual shit” in a 2018 interview with The Breakfast Club and it made him feel compelled to intervene. This refers to the internet trolls 6ix9ine has engaged in.

As you might expect, Tekashi was made aware of the interview by the Los Angeles-based rapper and responded to it on Instagram. “dumb YG, you’re sucking my fuckin’ dick! Your final single before the release of your album featured four big-name artists.

2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj, and Big Sean were all there for you. If my record is doing better than your trash, how do you think mine will do? You’re such a dummy, “That was what Tekashi had to say at the time. “Stop using my name to promote your music on radio stations.”

When Tekashi and Slim 400 got into a heated debate at ComplexCon in November 2018, things nearly went physical between the groups. In 2019, the barrage of insults persisted, but it subsided in 2020. The two rappers haven’t reconciled, and it doesn’t appear that they will anytime soon.

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