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Is Lance Bass Gay? Early Life and Education, Why He Was Terrified to Come out As Gay to His Parents!

In addition to being a singer, dancer, actor and producer, James Lance Bass (born May 4, 1979) is also a film and television director.

NSYNC, the American boy band that he was a member of growing up, made him famous as their bass singer. As a result of NSYNC’s fame, Bass has gone on to work in cinema and TV.

On the Line, the 2001 film he acted in and produced with his company Bacon & Eggs, was his directorial debut. Later, he founded Lance Bass Productions and Free Lance Entertainment, a joint venture with Mercury Records, which is now defunct.

Bass came to Star City, Russia, after NSYNC’s PopOdyssey Tour to pursue a space tourism seat on a Soyuz space capsule.

The Russian Space Program and NASA both approved Bass as a cosmonaut after several months of training, and he expected to join the TMA-1 flight to the ISS. But once his financial backers dropped out, Bass was unable to join the trip.

Bass came out as gay on the cover of People magazine in July of that year. Out of Sync, his autobiography, landed on the New York Times Best Seller list in October 2007 after he received the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award in October 2006.

Adolescence and Schooling

His parents, James Irvin Lance Bass Jr., a medical technologist, and Diane (née Pulliam), middle school math, English, and career exploration teacher, raised him in Laurel, Mississippi.

Bass and his older sister, Stacy, grew up in Ellisville, Mississippi, which is just down the road from where they now live in Oxford, Mississippi. Bass has described his upbringing as “very cheerful” and his family as “devoutly Christian and conservative.” His father took him to see his first Space Shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral in Florida when Bass was nine years old since he had always been fascinated with space.

Because of this encounter with space, Bass felt confident about his future aspirations: “My future was to be involved with space from then on.” After that, Bass went to Titusville, Florida, for a space camp and decided to go to college to study engineering in the hopes of working for NASA one day.

is lance bass gay

During Bass’s eleventh year, his father was transferred to a different hospital, and the family settled in the town of Clinton in the state of Mississippi. Bass’ childhood best friend, Darren Dale, the son of Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale, urged Bass to audition for local theatre organizations.

A statewide music organization sponsored by the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum and the Attaché Show Choir, a national-award-winning competitive show choir from Clinton High School, welcomed Bass into their ranks.

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While working for Senator Trent Lott, Seven Card Stud, he was also a member of a seven-man vocal ensemble, which competed in state fairs and performed at other social and political events.

Bass was the junior class vice president at Clinton High School, where he said he did well in math and science.

As for his high school years, Bass said he had little recollection of anything academic, and that his primary concentration was on his singing career.

While He Was a Member of *NSYNC, Lance Bass Recalls Being Called Gay “Every Single Day.”

While Lance Bass was in a boy band, it was difficult for him to deal with his sexuality.

For the first time ever, former *NSYNC singer Nick Lachey discusses his early years as a gay man in a Yahoo! interview.

“When you work in the entertainment world, you hear a lot of things that hint at other things. When he was a kid, no one told him, “You can’t do this,” he recalls. “They would say things like: ‘You know, having a girlfriend doesn’t really allow you to talk about them,’ and ‘Remember your audience, your followers out there.’” There is no need to provide any details about your personal life to them.’ And so it felt like an indirect way of saying “Look, we already know you’re homosexual; don’t tell anyone.”

is lance bass gay

‘Being in a boy band, I got labelled gay every single day that I was in the band.'” Bass continues. They didn’t do it because they thought I was gay, either. It’s not my fault; it’s just that I used to be in a boy band.

That was clear to us all. I wasn’t singled out in any in shape or form. “I believe we all received the same amount.”

On the subject of his 2006 People magazine cover story in which he officially came out, the musician shares his thoughts on whether such a thing is likely to happen today.

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“You know, no one cares?” Everything seems to be completely fine,” Bass adds. “When I came out, my nieces and nephews were infants. The first thing they said was, ‘Why is this such a huge deal?’ They didn’t understand.

It was a mystery to them as to why our sexual orientation was such a huge deal and why it would land us on the cover of People magazine. That today’s youth are so welcoming and treat everything as if it were a game gave me a lot of hope. They don’t see it that way. For them, it’s just the way things are.”

That’s one of the things that I didn’t have growing up: examples of homosexual people in entertainment.” There was no way to see anyone, Bass claims.

In the past, I didn’t have a role model, but today’s generation has so many people in the public eye with whom I can identify and feel like “Oh, that sounds like my narrative.”” Now we have artists like Troye Sivan…. Lil Nas X, in particular, is a favorite of JoJo Siwa’s.

It’s been a huge benefit to his neighborhood. All these young celebrities are embracing their identities, and their followers will likely do the same sooner as a result.

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