What Makes Pauline Phoenix a Horrifying Villain in ‘Dead End: Paranormal Park’?

What Makes ‘Dead End: Paranormal Park’s Pauline Phoenix a Horrifying Villain
Dead End: Paranormal Park (L to R) Kat Khavari as Badyah, Kody Kavitha as Norma, Emily Osment as Courtney, Zach Barack as Barney and Kenny Tran as Logan in Dead End: Paranormal Park. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022

Pauline is at the centre of a slew of bizarre and horrifying events that take place at Phoenix Parks.

At times, Dead End: Paranormal Park, Netflix’s new animated series, is humorous, but at other times it is delightfully dark and scary.

Barney (Zach Barack) and Norma (Kody Kavitha) are two new employees who begin working at the Dead End attraction at Phoenix Parks, an amusement park developed by actress Pauline Phoenix.

The show follows their journey (Clinton Leupp). When the two newcomers arrive, they are instantly drawn into the park’s strange paranormal activities. While working with Emily Osment’s demon Courtney (who is tethered to the park), Barney and Norma begin to uncover the truth about Phoenix Parks and its owner.

As the movie progresses, Barney, Norma, and the audience begin to realise just how terrible Phoenix Parks really is.

Pauline Phoenix is the kind of charming, perfectly-dressed individual who immediately titillates you. Despite her friendly and attractive looks, her drag queen-inspired outfit and funny New York accent help to convey the impression that her demeanour is staged.

A renowned actress and entrepreneur, she launched Phoenix Parks to further profit on her success. Throughout the majority of the show, Pauline is only seen on screens, billboards, or when her voice commands the park.

Dead End’s Pauline is a near-mythic character. With a simple command to her workers, “If you notice anything weird, keep it to yourself, sugar,” she establishes her total authority over the park and all of its staff.

There’s plainly something wrong, but Norma and Barney don’t realise it until they discover more about the park and Pauline herself. Pauline is at the centre of a slew of bizarre and horrifying events that take place at Phoenix Parks. This show reveals how far Pauline has gone to establish her popularity and the terrible things she has done to keep it.

From the very beginning of the show, Pauline has been considered a suspect. Phoenix Parks’ Dead End haunted house features an impostor dressed as Pauline being chased through the corridors.

What Makes ‘Dead End: Paranormal Park’s Pauline Phoenix a Horrifying Villain

A distorted, ghostly spectre of a similar form lashes out at the impostor as she enters the hall of mirrors, and she is gone. Only a leaflet announcing her disappearance has been left, ominously pasted into other posters of missing people.

Inconsistencies between Pauline’s public persona and the person who manages Phoenix Parks become increasingly apparent as we see more of the park. With her flawless beauty and flawless career intact for decades, she appears to be an invincible celebrity to the world.

However, her strict command over the park elevates her pristine character above the level of pretentiousness and instead transforms it into something malevolent.. Her ego is on display in the park’s design, which is a homage to her and her achievements.

As if that wasn’t enough, the park is loaded with many impersonators who can re-enact her most memorable parts, and each attraction is named after one of her films. Pauline’s self-obsessed mania extends far beyond the erection of an egocentric monument to her own achievements.

Even with her accomplishment, Pauline felt dissatisfied. To gain more, she was eager to do whatever she could. She’s had a remarkable career. She’s still making headlines after more than three decades in the business.

Despite her extensive acting experience, she doesn’t appear to be a day older. What’s the deal with her? Body-snatching. It’s no secret that Pauline has been stocking her park with ready-made boats by hiring impersonators and doubles for years.

In the event that Pauline needs to move on to the next host, she will simply take their body and send their soul into an in-between space, where they will lose all feeling of self and fade away from existence.

In addition to profiting on her supporters, she has also been exploiting the lives of her fans. No one knows the whole scope of Pauline’s possessions, but only counting the disappearances of posters in the park, there are probably hundreds of instances in which she has taken promising young talents and turned them into her personal flesh suit.

What Makes ‘Dead End: Paranormal Park’s Pauline Phoenix a Horrifying Villain

In Dead End: Paranormal Park, the combination of a flashy, dazzling persona with a horrific malevolent intent is done with flair. Just like she wants to be seen, Pauline’s immaculate faults create an unforgettable character that feels larger than life.

Despite her exaggerated accent and gap-tooth, her dominant presence in the park gradually transforms this impression of her into something more frightening.

Moreover, as we meet people like her former stunt double and innumerable impersonators, we learn how much of her effect is not only reverence but also fear. Like the fluorescent hues of a poison dart frog, her persona is deceptively bright and alluring.

Pauline is scary because she wields the passion and devotion of her followers as a tool of manipulation. For her, her admirers are not only a source of financial support and public recognition but also a form of livestock.

There is no value in their lives to her; she uses each of their bodies only for as long as she deems necessary, then discards them like trash. When the reality about Pauline’s horrible character is revealed, even her most ardent supporters are unable to comprehend it.

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