Daniel Bellomy: How the Movie “Power Book Ii: Ghost” Allegedly Upset Zeke Cross?

daniel bellomy

American organist Dan Bellomy, born in 1951 and died on August 29, 2008, played both pipe and electric organs. Bellomy was sometimes referred to as a genuine jazz organist and his theatre organ performances were praised for their use of the jazz idiom. He both directed and wrote the scripts for various regional television programs.

Daniel, who is from Detroit, is most recognized for his current role as Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross in the popular Starz series “Power Book 2: Ghost.” The actor now aspires to establish himself as a vocalist in the music industry.

What Is the Real Name of Daniel Bellomy?

Actor Daniel Bellomy is one. On the Starz original crime drama Power Book II: Ghost, he plays Ezekiel Cross.

Education of Daniel Bellomy

A well-known television actor, Daniel Bellomy was born and reared in Detroit, Michigan, and went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an American citizen and belongs to the black ethnicity.

Prior To Fame

He holds a degree in drama from Carnegie Mellon. In 2013, he received his first acting credit for his role in the short film A Matter of Time.

Daniel Bellomy: Career in Film & Total Earnings

In 2016, Daniel Bellomy made his television debut in the television movie “The Real MVP: The Wanda Durrant Story.”

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Then Bellomy earned popularity by appearing in numerous other series, including Blue Bloods and The Good Fight.

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His total net worth, which he has accumulated via a successful acting career, is around $1.5 million.

Daniel Bellomy’s Biographical Sketch

  • Daniel Bellomy’s name
  • Height: 6 feet 4 inches Age: 25 to 35
  • American nationality Actor’s net worth is $1. 7 million
  • Education Carnegie Mellon University Married/Single Instagram
  • daniel lee Bellomy \ Twitter @DannyBoone103

Daniel Bellomy’s Profession

In 2012, Daniel Bellomy made his professional acting debut at Manhattan Theatre Club in Choir Boys. However, he became well-known after appearing in the 2013 season of the television series A Matter of Time, in which he played Sheriff Sullivan Gridley. This movie served as his springboard because he continued to make regular appearances in a number of other films and TV shows in the years that followed, including the ones listed below.


  • 2013: Sheriff Sullivan Gridley says it’s only a matter of time.
  • 2016’s true MVP was Kevin Durant in The Wanda Durant Story
  • 2020: Austin Gamby as a painter

TV Series

  • 2021:Levi in The Good Fight
  • Warren Pratt will star in Blue Bloods in 2021, and Darren Partrowitz will play him.
  • 2019: Suits as Jeremy wall 2020: Power Book II: Ghost
  • Troy will be played in 2019 by Mrs. Flecher, in 2018, by Outcast, and in 2017, by The Deuce.

Has Daniel Bellomy Found Love?

Many young women lust after Daniel Bellomy, and they frequently question if he is single or in a relationship. So, this question’s resolution is still a mystery.

Who Is the Father of Daniel Bellamy?

Daniel Bellamy, the younger, was an English divine and other writer who lived from 1715 until 16 February 1788. Daniel Bellamy, the senior’s son, was known as Bellamy.

Bellomy Played Basketball, Right?

Did you know that Detroit native Daniel Bellomy, who portrays Ezekiel “Zeke” Cross in #PowerBook2, played basketball at Cass Tech in 2010? His birthday is also today. Together, we attended Mount.

Who Is The Wife of Bill Bellamy?

Kristen Bellamy is a native of the American city of Los Angeles. She gained notoriety and recognition for her role in the 2014 film Dinner at Tiffani’s and the 2019 films The Fix, The Bounce Back, and The Fix.

daniel bellomy (2)

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Even before being married, she developed her own identity and image, and today, she is well-known all over the world. When it comes to details about her family and youth, she has kept them a secret.

Daniel Bellomy’s Brother

Cheryl Bellomy, his mother, and his father had him (whose details are not known). grew up with Dave and Cornelius Bellomy as his two brothers. Daniel Bellomy’s family Little is known about Daniel Bellomy’s parents, other than the fact that he considered his mother, Cherly Bellomy, to be instrumental in starting his acting career. His two brothers are Dave and Cornelius.

Daniel Bellomy’s Address

Daniel Bellomy lives in New York but is from the central Michigan city of Detroit.

The Basketball Player in the Suits Is Who?

Basketball player and Mike Ross client Jeremy Wall had his only film appearance in “If the Shoe Fits.”
Power Book II by Daniel Bellomy

American actor, social media star, and businessman Daniel Bellomy hails from the United States. He gained fame playing Ezekiel in the American crime drama series Power Book II: Ghost. A Matter of Time, Freak Show, The Real MVP, and Suits are just a few of the movies and television shows in which Daniel Bellomy has made an appearance.

How Daniel Bellomy Allegedly Became Upset About the Film “Power Book Ii: Ghost”

Bellomy’s stated technique was used by Gianni Paolo, a co-star in Power Book II: Ghost (Brayden Weston). He remembers Bellomy telling him about utilizing a strategy to film a challenging sequence they had together as he and Michael Rainey Jr. were discussing it on their podcast, The Crew Has It.

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He recounted it to Rainey (Tariq St. Patrick) and guest star Alix Lipari, saying, “It was the part where he is framed for killing Jabari [Reynolds] (Effie Morales). He keeps getting drawn in because “everyone thinks he did it.”

Power Book II: Ghost by Courtney a. Kemp Debuted on Starz on September 6, 2020 Power Is Both a Continuation of the Series and a Spin-off of It

Ghost follows Tariq as he gets used to his new life and struggles between the pressure to save his family and his wish to cleanse himself of his father’s legacy. Tariq becomes involved in the nefarious Tejada family’s dealings, adding to the problems as he juggles his drug use with his schoolwork, love life, family obligations, and mounting pressure from Cooper Saxe.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 was, to put it mildly, explosive. Finding a balance between her relationship with her family and her lover Mecca was difficult for Monet Tejada (Mary J. Blige) (Daniel Sunjata). Monet had been able to maintain control over her children Diana (LaToya Tondeo), Cane (Woody McClain), and Dru (Lovell Adams-Gray) while her husband Lorenzo (Berto Colon) was imprisoned. But after Lorenzo was released, everything changed.


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