CNN Anchor Quits: Christi Paul’s Stunning Home as CNN Anchor Reveals Devastating Reason She Quit to Spend Time with Husband & Kids!

cnn anchor quits

As a broadcast journalist, Christi Paul is best known for her work with the news network HLN for which she serves as an anchor on weekday mornings. On the weekends, she hosts “New Day” on CNN, where she also serves as an anchor.

The Beginnings of One’s Life, Education, and Career

Christi was born and raised in Bellevue, Washington. Little is known about Christi’s upbringing other than the fact that she acquired a passion for broadcasting and went on to attend the University of Toledo to study broadcast journalism after graduating from high school.

She won the Miss Manfield (Ohio) pageant while attending college, which led to a second place finish at the Miss Greater Cleveland pageant. In 1993, she was a finalist at the Miss Ohio pageant, finishing in third place.

After graduating, she began working at WDTV in Clarksburg, West Virginia, as a reporter, photographer, news anchor, and photographer, as it is customary for staff at smaller organizations to serve in numerous capacities simultaneously. Later, she worked for CNN affiliate KTVK as a consumer reporter and anchor in Phoenix.

As It Pertains to My Own Life

Christi Paul and Peter Wurm have three daughters together. When she met Rob Koebel, a reporter and news anchor in West Virginia, she relocated to Boise and Phoenix with him, where they had a son.

Love Isn’t Supposed to Hurt (released in 2012) is a memoir of her marriage to Koebel and the abuse she suffered at the hands of him (named “Justin” in the book).

As a Miss Mansfield (Ohio), Miss Greater Cleveland (Ohio), and Miss Ohio (Ohio) runner-up, she has won numerous beauty pageant crowns. To replace 1992 winner Robin Meade, who would go on to work for CNN, she had run for the title.

cnn anchor quits

In 2007, she sang the national anthem before an Atlanta Braves game against a Florida Marlins team and before a National Hockey League game between the Colorado Avalanche and Atlanta Thrashers on February 24th, 2009, respectively (both games taking place in Atlanta).

Paul provides the narration for Skyview Atlanta, which tells the story of the neighbourhood surrounding Centennial Olympic Park’s new Ferris wheel, which debuted to the public in 2014.

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Hln and Cnn Are the Two Leading News Networks

In the meanwhile, Paul worked as a weathercaster and news anchor for ABC affiliate KNXV in Phoenix before relocating to NBC affiliate KTVB, this time in Boise, Idaho as a reporter and anchor, with some production work thrown in.

For her coverage of Julianne Prudhomme, a little girl who underwent a five-organ transplant, she was recognized by the Idaho Press Club at the time. HLN, CNN’s parent company, eventually hired her as a weekday anchor for the network, which covers a wide range of issues, including sports, entertainment, national news, and business, among others.

On the weekends, she anchors “New Day Saturday” and “New Day Sunday” on CNN, which follows a similar structure to most CNN programs reporting the latest news and other topics of interest.

She joined HLN in 2003 and her work with HLN also allowed her to land a weekend anchor position with CNN, where she worked on the weekend edition of “New Day” called “New Day Saturday.”

Christi Paul, a Former Cnn Anchor, Has Announced Her Departure from The Network in Order to Spend More Time with Her Family, Which Includes Her Husband and Their Three Children.

cnn anchor quits

As she left The New Day Weekend after nine years, the journalist, who hails from Ohio, announced that she would be returning there.

But when she was off the air, Paul gave fans a glimpse into her personal life with her husband, Peter, and their three children.

She undertook a home renovation last year and documented the process with a series of before and after photos on Instagram.

She posted a picture of her newly renovated kitchen on Instagram in February 2021.

Because of the Covid epidemic, she was refurbishing her house while her children were learning online.

For the duration of the week that the kitchen is being painted, Paul wrote: “3 kids, 2 dogs, and a husband…

I have a fridge, oven, and a plethora of kitchen utensils scattered throughout the house. There’s also online education. “It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

As Lynda Kinkade put it, “If anyone can take all that with grace.. it’s YOU.” Instagram users compared the experience to “urban camping.”

Replaced wooden cabinets with white ones in the journalist’s kitchen to lighten up the space.

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“I’ll always chose you” is written over her pillows in a picture she has posted online.

Who are you deciding on?” she inquired. every single day” and recounted the moment Peter proposed to her.

The ring Pete gave Paul had only one diamond in it, so every time Paul looked at it, he was reminded of Pete’s words: ‘I only select you once, and I choose you.'”

“And this has been our motto. It is a given that we will always be drawn to one another. We work together to make decisions. As parents, we take care of our children. We treat each other and our vows with the utmost respect.

“Oh, listen – we’re having a disagreement. We get irritated and enraged with each other. It’s not going to be a walk in the park.


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