Pimp C and Beyonce Relationship: Early Life, Career, Some Interesting Things About New York and Death News!

Pimp C and Beyonce Relationship

In an interview with his friend and protege Samaan Ashrawi for his podcast The Nostalgia Mixtape, Houston’s own Bun B told stories from his long and historic career through five songs. One of his best songs was “Check On It,” which he made with Beyoncé and Slim Thug in 2013.

Pimp C and Beyonce Relationship

As hip-hop-N-more points out, on the podcast, the Trill OG says that Jay-Z kicked him and Slim Thug out of the “Check On It” video shoot for no reason other than Beyonce’s revealing outfit.

It’s a Thing in New York

“In the video, we’re making right now, you can see a lot of women in dresses that show a lot of skin. “There’s also Queenie there, so it’s not like I’m salivating over another woman,” Bun says, pointing out that his wife was also at the shoot. The first thing we felt was shock and disbelief. Beyoncé is dancing in a short skirt that makes her look like she’s wearing a bikini.


Pimp C, whose real name was Chad Mathew Lamont Butler, was an American rapper and record producer who died on December 4, 2007. When he and Bun B made the hip-hop group Underground Kingz, he became well-known all over the world (UGK).

After signing with Jive Records in 1992, UGK put out their first major-label album, Too Hard to Swallow. Both of the group’s next albums to chart on the Billboard 200, Super Tight (1994) and Ridin’ Dirty (1996), were released by major labels for the first time. In 2000, when Jay-hit Z’s song “Big Pimpin'” reached #18 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Rhythmic Top 40, the group became well-known all over the country.

After Pimp C got eight years in prison for breaking his probation, the group took a break for the first half of the 2000s. During this time, both members worked on their solo careers. Pimp C’s first solo album, The Sweet James Jones Stories, was released in 2005. It was made up of songs he had recorded before he went to prison.

After he got out of prison in December 2005, he put out his second solo album, Pimpalation, in 2006. “International Players Anthem (I Choose You)” by UGK and OutKast reached its highest position on the Billboard Hot 100 at #70 in 2007. It was on their fifth studio album, which was called “UGK.”

Early Years

Chad Lamont Butler was born in Crowley, Louisiana, on December 29, 1973, but he grew up in Port Arthur, Texas. Butler grew up to be a successful businessman. He was the only child of Charleston Monroe and Wesley “Mama Wes” Butler.

Because he was born early and had other health problems, Butler was born with legs that were curved in a way that needed braces to fix. He also had trouble with his intestines and had to be pushed up when he slept. After a very bad case of pink eye, his eyesight got so bad that he was almost blind. Butler also spent nine times in the hospital as a child because he had pneumonia.

As the son of a trumpet player, Butler has always been interested in music: “I come from a classical background. I grew up singing Italian sonnets, Negro spirituals, and other stuff like that.” Even before he learned about musical notation in school, he learned to play the piano, trumpet, drums, and flugelhorn by ear. “His voice is as likely to hit you in the face as it is to serenade you with a love ballad,” said one critic. He started synthesizing rhythms to rap after getting a drum machine and keyboard for Christmas. Run-DMC was a big influence on him.

Music as a Job

In 1987, Butler and his best friend Bernard “Bun B” Freeman got together to form the rap group Underground Kingz, or UGK for short. The duo was first signed to the independent label Big Tyme Recordz. In 1992, they put out two EPs, The Southern Way and Banned, which did okay locally and led to Jive Records signing them later that year.

Pimp C and Beyonce Relationship

When they signed with Jive in November, Too Hard to Swallow was their first big label album. It reached number 37 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The next album by UGK, Super Tight, came out in 1994 and debuted at number 95 on the Billboard 200 and number nine on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Both critics and fans liked it.

When UGK put out their third studio album, Ridin’ Dirty, it went to number two on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and number fifteen on the Billboard 200. It got good reviews and did well in the market, selling 850,000 copies around the world.

1996–2001: Break and National Attention

After taking a short break from music in the late 1990s, UGK came back in 2000. They were on “Big Pimpin'” by Jay-mega Z, which reached #18 on the Billboard 200, and “Sippin’ on Some Syrup” by Three 6 Mafia, which reached #30 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

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Both of these collaborations made the duo much more well-known and got people excited for their next project. Unfortunately, Jive Records did not take advantage of the renewed interest in UGK by promoting the release of their fourth album, Dirty Money, in 2001.

A Decade in Prison and a Career of Being Alone

After Pimp C was given an eight-year prison sentence in August 2002, UGK was again forced to take a break, and both members went on to start their careers. Pimp C’s first studio album, The Sweet James Jones Stories, didn’t come out until March 2005. It had songs that had been recorded before he was arrested.

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After getting out of prison in December 2005, Pimp C released his second solo studio album, Pimpalation, in July 2006. It reached #3 on the US Billboard 200 and #1 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.


At the beginning of December 2007, Butler was living at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, California, where he worked on new music and performed with Too $hort. On the morning of December 4, 2007, he was supposed to go back home, where his wife Chinara and his cousin Ed were waiting to pick him up at the airport.

When his wife didn’t hear from him the morning of his flight, she called the hotel and asked them to check on him. The staff at the hotel found Butler unresponsive in his room, and he was soon pronounced dead. He had 25 days left until he turned 34.

The coroner’s report said that Butler’s death was accidental and that it was caused by his heavy use of “purple drank,” which is a mixture of codeine and promethazine, along with his sleep apnea, which he already had.

Purple drank was a common reference in Pimp C’s lyrics, as it was for many of his peers in the South at the time.

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DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia says that Pimp C’s manager, Rick Martin, called him to tell him the news. DJ Paul said about Pimp C’s body in the hotel room, “He was laying down like he was praying, but there was blood everywhere like he had been shot.” They thought he had been shot in the head, but there was blood everywhere, so they had no idea what had happened.

Pimp C and Beyonce Relationship

When they got there, they saw that someone had shot him. They found him kneeling in prayer with all of his candles out. They knew he had been dead for at least a day because he always lit his candles before bed. He lit those big, tall candles, but they were out, so he had probably been dead for a while. Rest in Peace was the last song he ever recorded, and we did it.


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