Billy Mitchell Net Worth: What Is the Salary of a Video Game Legend?

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American video gamer Billy Mitchell was the protagonist of arcade games in the late 1980s. His perfect score of 3,333,360 in the first Pac-Man game earned him the title of “Greatest Arcade Video Game Player.”

Billy used to assist his parents at the restaurant when he was younger and wasn’t really interested in playing video games. Billy finally became wholly devoted to it, though, with the debut of arcade games like “Donkey Kong” and “Pac-Man.”

He has accumulated a number of records in “Donkey Kong,” but everything was eventually abandoned. His scores were so exceptional that he had to be prohibited from submitting them to Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records.

Age, Birthday, and Career Information

Billy was born in the US city of Holyoke, Massachusetts. As of 2022, Billy Mitchell will be 56 years old. His zodiac sign is Cancer because his birthdate is July 16th. Billy is of white ancestry and American nationality. Although a restaurant by trade, he is well known for his gaming prowess. He established a “Donkey Kong” high score in the 1880s that stood for 18 years.

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On his Twitch account, he used to stream live gaming of several arcade games. When Billy was busy running his restaurants in the early 1990s, he took a vacation from building a career in video games and began spending more time with his family.

Gross Value

As of 2022, Billy Mitchell has a $1 million USD net worth. His business, “Rickey’s World Famous Restaurant,” is currently his main source of income.

Tallness And More

Billy Mitchell has a height of 5 feet, 11 inches, and a weight of 78 kg. He has long black hair and bright brown eyes.

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He is a really patriotic individual, and he constantly wears a tie with the image of the American flag on it to express his thanks to the country. Billy does not have any tattoos on his body and he wears shoes with a US shoe size of 9.

Partner, Dating

Billy is married to Evelyn Mitchell; he does not have a girlfriend. Other than her name, Billy has kept his wife’s identity a secret. He has a very private nature and doesn’t discuss any matters pertaining to his romantic life. He is also not active on any social media platforms.

Household Members

Billy has kept his parents’ identity a secret. All we know is that he grew up with his parents, but we have no specific knowledge about his siblings. Billy now has a wife and three children of his own.

Info & Trivia

ranked among the most well-known war heroes. also included on the elite list of French-born celebrities. The 29th of December is Billy Mitchell’s birthday every year.

Billy Mitchell’s Early Career

This person was the original gaming juggernaut, in contrast to the majority of the viral stars on Famousss who became well-known in the previous ten years. In southern Florida, Mitchell attended Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory School while growing up. As a youngster, Billy played a lot of pinballs. Prior to Donkey Kong’s success, he had little interest in the arcade’s video games.

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Billy began playing Pac-Man and Donkey Kong with buddies by the time he was 16 years old. These pastimes would ultimately help Billy Mitchell launch his career.

Life Magazine Features Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell developed a strong desire to excel in playing Donkey Kong. He contacted Walter Day, who worked at the Twin Galaxies arcade in Ottawa, Iowa. The main repository for arcade records and scores was Twin Galaxies. Billy was informed by Walter that the official Donkey Kong record was 1.4 million. Steve Sanders possessed it.

Mitchell understood he couldn’t get that number since he would constantly run into a kill screen at level 22. Billy Mitchell established the Donkey Kong record in 1982, scoring 874,300. The 1.4 million became the previous record since this amount was not feasible. For 18 years, Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong record stood. The editors of Life Magazine were impressed by his enormous accomplishment. They participated in a picture session with Mitchell and other well-known arcade gamers. Released in November 1982, this issue.

Billy Mitchell Is Dating

Our records show that Billy Mitchell married Evelyn Mitchell. Billy Mitchell hasn’t been dating anyone as of May 2022.

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Records of Past Relationships for Billy Mitchell: None are available. You may assist us in compiling Billy Mitchell’s dating data!

The Player of The Year is Billy Mitchell

Walter Day and Mitchell remained close friends. They attempted to launch the Electronic Circus, a 40-city tour. The two would team up with other players to demonstrate their arcade prowess. The agreement, however, was broken.

The U.S. National Video Game Team was founded by Walter Day, who then began traveling the globe. He invited Billy Mitchell along to determine whether or not those who claimed to have received high marks were lying. Walter was really pleased by Billy’s abilities. Mitchell was awarded the 1984 Player of the Year by him. Twin Galaxies, sadly, had to shut down because of the 1983 video game crash. Billy concentrated on running Rickey’s Restaurant, the eatery owned by his family, over the subsequent 10 years.

Pac-man Challenge Champion and Gamer of the Century Billy Mitchell

An eight-year-old claimed to have earned six million Pac-Man points in 1982. He even received a letter of congratulations from President Ronald Reagan! Billy objected, pointing out that level 256 included a kill screen.

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Billy Mitchell promised that 3,333,600 would be the top score. You must stay alive and rack up every point you can before the kill screen appears in order to get this score. When a group of players scored 90 fewer points in 1999, they came the closest to ever surpassing 3,333,600. The world record was then set by Mitchell in a video game in Laconia, New Hampshire. Namco, the company that created Pac-Man, sent Billy Mitchell to the Tokyo Game Show. He was dubbed the Century’s Greatest Video Game Player.

Billy Mitchell Set the Record for Donkey Kong Disputations

In 2004, Billy Mitchell returned to gaming. During the Midwest Gaming Classic, he achieved a new Donkey Kong record of 933,900. Mitchell was referred to as “the best arcade video game player of all time” by The Oxford American.

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This song ignited Steve Wiebe‘s passion. To chronicle his quest to surpass Mitchell’s record, he began The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, a documentary. Wiebe hit over a million at his house without any witnesses in 2007. Finally, he captured the achievement. At first, Twin Galaxies accepted the film, but they later rejected it.

Twin Galaxies Condemn Billy Mitchell

In 2017, Billy Mitchell’s close friendship with Twin Galaxies deteriorated. On the same day, he videotaped himself breaking the records on both Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong, Jr. Between runs, circuit boards were switched. The video was halted during this period. As a result, no one-take record-breaking triumph was produced.

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Mitchell was accused by Twin Galaxies of using the MAME emulator to simulate his arcade skills in 2018. They invalidated Mitchell’s findings. By April, Twin Galaxies had deduced that Billy Mitchell had produced his high scores using MAME. He is no longer permitted to send Twin Galaxies scores.

Billy Mitchell’s Stream On Twitch

Billy Mitchell’s Pac-Man and Donkey Kong records were removed along with his removal from Twin Galaxies’ records. Mitchell’s kid gave him advice on creating a Twitch account. Billy Mitchell is now trying to beat his previous scores on a webcast. He also discusses competitions, like the Australian competition he won in July 2019. Billy Mitchell’s record is still acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records, despite Twin Galaxies’ continued refusal to do so. In June 2020, they put his record back on track.

Other Records By Billy Mitchell

For a while, Billy Mitchell ruled the Ms. Pac-Man scene as well. When he reached 703,560 in January 1985, he broke the previous record. This outstanding record persisted until 2001. Chris Aya, a fellow author, and friend outperformed him. The video game prodigy also achieved a BurgerTime score of 7,881,050. That mark was established in 1984 and stayed unbroken until 2005.


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