How Many Episodes of Trigger Point?: What Does It’s Wash Mean?

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Vicky McClure plays a police bomb disposal specialist in London in the 2022 British crime thriller series Trigger Point. Daniel Brierley is the author and creator. ITV aired it for the first time on January 23, 2022. A second series was announced to have been commissioned on February 27, 2022.

Will a Second Season Air?

To coincide with the premiere of the show, NationalWorld interviewed writer Daniel Brierley about his work on Trigger Point. In the full interview, Brierley discussed how it was to collaborate with Jed Mercurio, why Vicky McClure was the only person he ever wanted to play Lana Washington, and how his experience writing comedy affected how he approached writing a thriller. He also briefly discussed his upcoming work, including the possibility of writing the second season of Trigger Point.

Will Trigger Point Return for a Second Season?

McClure fans will be ecstatic to learn that Trigger Point has been renewed for a second season. Given the show’s rising popularity, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Trigger Point: Is It Over Yet?

28 February 2022, 09:18 GMT Nicholas Morris Trigger Point, the gripping police drama on ITV, came to an end on Sunday night, and some viewers said they were “disappointed” by the “predictable” conclusion.

Trigger Point Has Six Episodes

A high-octane six-part thriller series called Trigger Point, written by Daniel Brierley and made by HTM Television, focuses on the police who take “the long walk” into danger every day, risking their lives.

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Death is constantly only a heartbeat away for them.

Trigger Point Ended in What Way?

In the end, it’s shockingly straightforward—a pretty bathetic climax to Lana’s extremely difficult summer. Since Nut (Adrian Lester), Billy (Ewan Mitchell), and now Karl have all passed away, Thom Youngblood is truly the only man left in her life.

Who Is Trigger Point’s, Inner Man?

John Hudson is our inside guy, and we only have one more episode. He dialled the number that set off the device at the university, fled, and HMX-319 was later found at his residence. (Consider experiencing that revelation firsthand as opposed to learning about it afterwards.

What’s Going On?

Trigger Point, written by relative newcomer Daniel Brierley, focuses on the perilous lives that counterterrorism and Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal operatives lead. Every day, they put their lives in danger since passing away might happen at any moment.

The “expos” are at the heart of the immediate response to several explosions as a terrorist campaign threatens London throughout the summer. Daniel Brierley remarked of Adrian Lester’s joining the cast of Trigger Point: “I’m beyond happy — and honoured.” in a statement made before the show debuted.

“It’s a beautiful match and I know they’ll be fantastic in their parts,” Vicky said, “and Adrian is one of Britain’s best performers; I can’t wait to watch him alongside another national treasure, Adrian.”

Episode Guide For “Trigger Point”

An explosive thriller called Trigger Point follows a team of bomb-disposal specialists. The plot opens with a terror campaign that threatens London one summer. The ‘expos’ group appears to be specifically targeted, which pushes them over their breaking point.

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The story centres on Lana, a former military bomb disposal specialist. Aspects of her professional, personal, and romantic lives are intermingled throughout. She works with coworker Joel Nutkins, who grew close to Lana while serving together in Afghanistan.

And Daniel Brierley, the series’ creator, recently admitted that he always kept Vicky from Line of Duty in mind while developing the show. At a press conference, he declared: “I mean, honestly, it sounds so corny, but I genuinely wrote it with Vicky in mind.

Trigger Point’s Date of Release

On July 8, Trigger Point debuts Peacock in the US. Even though the series has already been broadcast in the UK, you may still watch it on the ITV Hub.

Does Trigger Point Have a Trailer?

Yes, Peacock just dropped this intriguing trailer.

What Does Trigger Point’s Wash Mean?

Vicky McClure strikes a particularly slick posture as Wash, a character who dons her sunglasses twice in the opening two minutes of the show. Wash is a reliable person who has more grit in her spiky little hair than you do in your entire body. She is a witty bronco.

Is Karl One of Trigger Point’s Villains?

And in the most recent episode, it was shockingly revealed that Lana’s love interest Karl, who was portrayed by former Hollyoaks actor Warren Brown, was the mastermind behind the attacks she had been directly involved in, including the one in which she narrowly escaped death when a bomb went off in episode five.

What Transpired in Trigger Point Episode 1?

Lana Washington and Joel Nutkins, bomb disposal experts, are summoned to a Met counterterrorism operation at a housing estate in London. Lana Washington and Joel Nutkins, bomb disposal experts, are summoned to a Met counterterrorism operation at a housing estate in London.

Does Episode 2 of Trigger Point Feature Adrian Lester?

Front line officer Lana Washington, a skilled bomb disposal specialist known as an “Expo,” is portrayed by Vicky McClure (Line of Duty, I Am Nicola), and Joel Nutkins, who works with her, is portrayed by Adrian Lester (Life, Trauma).

What Took Place in Trigger Point’s Second Episode?

The loss of her lover, Joel Nutkins, was depicted in “Trigger Point” episode 2 as Lana Washington struggled to cope.

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Includes spoilers! In the second episode of Trigger Point, Lana was still reeling from last week’s explosion and having a hard time accepting the loss of her lover Joel Nutkins.


  • Vicky McClure as Lana Washington
  • Adrian Lester as Joel Nutkins
  • Tom Stokes as Pete
  • Gavin Sibson as PS Costa
  • Cal MacAninch as Inspector Lee Robins
  • Gwynfor Jones as PS Brown
  • Mark Stanley as DI Thom Youngblood
  • Manjinder Virk as DI Samira Desai
  • Eric Shango as Danny
  • Ralph Ineson as Commander Bregman

What Transpired in Trigger Point Episode 3?

In the third episode of “Trigger Point,” Lana found some shocking proof while looking for the bomber.

how many episodes of trigger point (1)

Includes spoilers! With the right-wing organisation The Crusaders emerging as the leading suspects, Trigger Point episode 3 started off with further tragedy as Lana was unable to disarm the device and save the guy trapped in the mosque.

Episode 4 of Trigger Point Was Filmed Where?

Filming sites for Trigger Point season 4 in London include: The QEII Bridge and Dartford Crossing may be seen in the backdrop, indicating that the scene is somewhere around Dartford and Erith on the banks of the Thames.

What Transpired in Trigger Point Episode 5?

She was back in the action in episode 5, having avoided the suspension she had received in episode 4 when a big bombing plan was revealed.

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Although a lot transpired in episode 5, we still don’t know if one or both of Lana’s love interests will turn out to be villains.

What Transpires in Trigger Point Episode 6?

In the end, it’s shockingly straightforward—a pretty bathetic climax to Lana’s extremely difficult summer. Since Nut (Adrian Lester), Billy (Ewan Mitchell), and now Karl have all passed away, Thom Youngblood is truly the only man left in her life.


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