Laura Benanti Welcomes a Child Through Surrogacy and Shows Pictures with Her Daughter!

Laura Benanti Welcomes a Child Through Surrogacy and Shows Pictures with Her Daughter!

The brood of Laura Benanti has grown! The Tony Award-winning actress announced on social media that she and her husband Patrick Brown had welcomed a daughter on Saturday.

In a photo that features the young girl’s older sister getting close to her, she wished everyone a “warm welcome to the world” for Louisa Georgia Benanti-Brown. “We were blessed with the birth of our second daughter on July 9 at 2:43 am.”

An image of Ella letting Louisa hang onto her finger is featured in Benanti’s Instagram post. In a second image, the young girl is shown grinning while holding her infant sister. Benanti also informed her fans that they used a surrogate to bring Louisa into the world.

Benanti began in the caption, “Like many, the route towards growing our family has had many hurdles. But we’ve also had the opportunity to choose numerous routes to expand our family, which has added to the richness of our experience.

Specifically, the amazing surrogate (an angel-on-earth) who carried and delivered our darling child into our arms. Before adding, “Ella and Louisa Rainbow kids,” Benanti described it as “an other-worldly giving of spirit, body, and kindness that can never be repaid.” sisters in the rainbow

Laura Benanti Welcomes a Child Through Surrogacy and Shows Pictures with Her Daughter!

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In order to provide hilarious relief for moms in the shape of a board book that runs through the alphabet, Benanti and her friend and fellow actress Kate Mangiameli wrote the book M is for MAMA (and also Merlot): A Modern Mom’s ABCs last year.

After having our children, “[Kate and I] both experienced postpartum depression,” Benanti told PEOPLE. “I wasn’t able to perceive the humor in things the way I usually do, so it was vital to me that we be able to provide some levity to a situation that can often feel like life or death,” the author said.

It may be stressful to keep a human alive, so she continued, “I think any opportunity we have to laugh is a positive.” The My Fair Lady actress also talked about how she dealt with those who “mommy shamed” her for returning to the workforce, for sending her child to a particular school, and for breastfeeding. Ella Rose, her daughter, was allergic to breast milk.

It should be left to each parent to decide how they want to raise their child because there are so many diverse approaches. And it’s very astounding that individuals think it’s appropriate to criticize you or assert that their approach is superior at any time.

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