Move to Heaven Ending Explained: Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know!

move to heaven ending explained

South Korean television series “Move to Heaven” (directed by Kim Sung-ho and written by Yoon Ji-rayon) is a streaming television series. A Netflix original, it features Lee Je-hoon and a cast that includes Tang Jun-sang, Ji Jin-hee, and Lee Jae-Wook. An autistic young man (Tang Joon-sang) and his guardian are the focus of the series. In their work as trauma cleaners, they unearth previously unknown tales.

Having just lost both his parents in a single day, Han Geu-Ru, now 20, is forced to join forces with his estranged ne’er do well uncle Sang-gu to form the Move to Heaven organization. The two of them work as a team to clean the rooms of the recently deceased in order to learn more about their life.

Move To Heaven

Move to Heaven Ending Explained

Uncle Sang Gu is struggling for his life, and Geu Ru and Na Mu come to his aid. So, Geu Ru calls the detective who earlier instructed him to do so in the event of an emergency. The police come as they hurry to see their uncle. The uncle’s face is sliced open with a razor-sharp sword by the opponent.

The people in the crowd try to flee when the police arrive to make arrests and make them. Children rescue their uncle from the gang’s illicit betting ring, but Madam Jung, the ringleader, manages to evade capture as well. Perhaps she has a hunch about who committed the offense.

When Is the Move to Heaven Season 1 Netflix Release Date?

Netflix will debut “Move to Heaven” on May 14th, 2021 after the publication of the teaser trailer.

Because the show is a Netflix Original and not an international adaptation, all 16 episodes will be made accessible for viewing as soon as they are released.

What Is the Plot of Move to Heaven?

His father’s trauma cleaning firm, “Move to Heaven,” employs Geu Roo, a young guy who has Asperger syndrome. Organizing what was left behind after a person’s death is the goal of the business. A few months after the death of Geo Roo’s father, he discovers that he has an estranged uncle named Sang Goo. It is decided that Sang Goo will take care of Geu Roo and the two will operate the company together.

The Story

Our primary character, Geu-Roo, has Aspergers and is cared for by his Father Jeong-U. A company called “Move to Heaven” employs these two people. As soon as a loved one dies away, the room is cleared by a team, which places any valuables in a yellow box and disposes of the rest. Moving to Heaven is centered around this idea.

The loved ones of the departed are spared the painful ordeal of having to carry out this task themselves, as a result of this gesture. Until his estranged brother Sang-Koo assumes guardianship, Geu-Roo is forced to fend for himself. Case after case is resolved throughout the season, culminating in this dramatic and moving finale.

Geu-Ru and Sang Gu’s History and Relationship?

Move to Heaven Ending Explained

While Joo Young prepares to perform Su Cheol’s surgery, his assistant Sang removes Geu-housing Ru’s paperwork from him. Prior to the operation, his condition had worsened, and he had already passed dead. We discover why Sang Gu disliked Geu-Ru throughout this segment. ” Once, Sang Gu was left waiting at a train station for three days before Jeong Wu arrived to pick him up. But for the time being, Jeong Wu was taken to the hospital when the collapse of a shopping center caught him off guard.

After the death of Jeong Wu from his cabinet, Sang Gu realizes that Jeong Wu had tried to tell him this. That Geu-Ru is in fact adopted by Jeong Wu is clear to Sang Gu at this point. When Sang Gu and Geu-Ru became close, he wished to return Geu-papers. RU’s For this, he resolves to take part in one final combat.

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The Ending

Move to Heaven Ending Explained

As the episode draws to a close, the lawyer informs Sang-gu that his three-month term as Geu-guardian Ru is up and that he is no longer qualified. The lawyer cites Sang-engagement gu’s in the gambling fighting organization as the primary reason for his denial of qualification. Sang-gu accepts the termination with resignation and wonders where Geu-Ru has gone.

Attorney Sang-gu questions Sang-gu about Geu-future, Ru’s but he denies being concerned. However, you can tell he’s lying since he’s so upset. On his way out, the lawyer informs Sang Gu he can continue as guardian if he wishes, and it’s his decision. Sang-gu is overcome with joy.

As the episode finishes, a young woman (Cha Eun-bye) approaches Geu-Ru outside his house and asks for the services of “Move to Heaven.” Get-Ru finds it odd that the deceased had the same name as her. As for her reason for asking for the service, she tells him it’s nothing out of the ordinary. When Geu-Ru gazes at her face, his eyes are drawn to a butterfly plant growing on her head. It appears that Geu-Ru has had his first romantic encounter.

Get-background Ru’s with his parents is the topic of episode 10 of the first season of Move to Heaven. This was a well-done Korean drama.

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Is Move to Heaven Season 2 Release Date Near?

Season 1 of the original Korean drama series, titled “Move to Heaven,” premiered on May 14, 2021. With just over a month since the last K-drama, fans are eager to see what’s in store for the main characters.

Here is the Trailer for Move To Heaven Season 1 by Netflix for folks who have missed out on it till now-

Some loose ends from the previous season could lead to the second season of “Move To Heaven.” The release date for Season 2 of Move To Heaven has not yet been confirmed, but we expect it to be out by the end of the year.


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