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Supernatural Ending Explained: Everything You Need to Know!

Supernatural Ending Explained

Who knows what happened to Sam and Dean Winchester in Supernatural’s series finale. That Supernatural has been a television mainstay for the past 15 years is not an understatement at all. When it came to building a fan base and earning the right to end on its own terms, Eric Kripke’s tale of myths, monsters, and legends triumphed over all the obstacles. A showdown between the Winchesters and God was confirmed as the show’s last season after Chuck was shown to have orchestrated every disaster and catastrophe in Sam and Dean’s lives as part of a huge storytelling exercise.

To wrap up the Chuck storyline in the penultimate episode, Jack was installed as the new God of Earth. However, with one more episode left in the season, viewers can expect more surprises as Supernatural season 15 continues down its meandering path. “Carry On” focuses on Sam and Dean Winchester protecting people and chasing down demons. Both Winchester brothers’ journeys come to a close in the straightforward and character-driven climax, which provides a sequence of tear-jerking conversations between brothers on the road to a decisive ending that leaves little room for ambiguity.

What Happened to Sam?

Old Sam is found in a hospital bed with equipment surrounding him at the end of the story To reassure him that everything is well, Dean appears. Exactly what Sam needs to hear is what Dean did earlier in the show. Sam dies at old age with his son, surrounded by photographs of everyone he’s loved.

The only logical conclusion to the Supernatural saga comes at the end of the series’ eighth and final season. On a bridge in Heaven, Sam reappears as a resurrected youth, trailing Dean. For forever in Heaven, the brothers will be reunited with each other and all the people they have ever cared for and lost.

These words were beautiful, even if they were written in an awkward way. I’m a softy, but I love that Sam died of old age, especially because we got to see Jared Padalecki’s old man face in the process.

What Happened to Dean?

It happened swiftly, but it was clearly there. A large, burly vampire knocked Dean to the ground before Sam arrived to his rescue. His arrival was, however, just a few seconds too late. Dean’s body was immobilized once the vamp died. Literally.

Confronted with his own mortality, Dean begged Sam to remain by his side. The show’s 15 seasons have seen Dean resurrected countless times as a zombie. But this time, he begged Sam to let him go. Dean, not Chuck, was the one who made this decision. As he had planned, this was how he wanted to end the book.

What Was Their Last Case?

Set the proper mood for Sam and Dean’s final voyage with a pie-eating competition. Seeing Dean get some pie in the face was a wonderful change of pace after the season’s somber subject matter. Sam and Dean, on the other hand, returned to fighting evil after a home invasion in which a team of mask-wearing killers killed the husband, drained his wife, and cut out her tongue.

So, it turns out that the kidnappers were actually a nest of vampires, who were looking to collect the blood of the kidnapped child. This was a fun old-school detail to include for the Winchester family. Were they able to question one of the group members, Sam and Dean learned more about what was going on. Vampires have been snatching children for decades in order to raise them in captivity before juicing them. As the guy said, these vampires “don’t eat fast food.”

Dean’s Life in Heaven, Castiel & Jack’s Fate

For Dean Winchester, as it is with many of Supernatural’s characters, death is only the beginning. With Bobby Singer by his side, Dean returns to the afterlife after receiving a COVID-friendly hunter’s funeral In fact, Bobby is not Apocalypse Bobby, but rather a regular guy. Not Bobby Singer, the producer, director, and author. Bobby Singer is known in real life. Bobby tells that after Jack became the new sheriff in town, things changed in Heaven, which was previously divided into chambers, with each resident living out their most treasured experiences within.

When Bobby was locked up in heaven, Jack rescued him. Sam and Dean’s final battle with a demonic entity was helped by Bobby’s soul breaking the rules of Heaven in season 10 of Supernatural, and the hunter was captured by several grumpy-looking angels. It’s safe to assume that Jack has freed Bobby out of respect for his adoptive parents. New God has destroyed impediments to eternal life, as well. Bobby, who is relaxing outside Harvelle’s Roadhouse, says that Rufus and Mary, and John Winchester live just a few doors down.

If for no other reason than COVID regulations, Castiel is absent from the final episode of Supernatural. Nevertheless, Bobby’s revelations about Castiel’s fate are encouraging. As Bobby believes, Castiel helped Jack in his efforts to restore Heaven several episodes prior to his disappearance into the Empty.

This means that Castiel has been freed from the black ooze and is now free to roam Heaven as an angel without chains. The audience can only infer that Castiel reconciled with the Winchester brothers, perhaps pursued his emotions for Dean, and everyone lived happily ever after.

So, How Did Supernatural End?

Finally, Sam and Dean are shown five years later, going about their daily lives as usual (or adapting to it). And Dean also adopts the puppy he earlier found, Miracle. And everything seems to be going well for them. The Winchesters are obviously pulled to yet another mystery case as the season comes to a close, and so they are. One of the Winchester brothers’ father’s unsolved cases from the 1980s draws the attention of the Winchester brothers, and they soon learn it is one of their father’s cases that he could never get to.

As a result of a pattern created by their father John, Dean and Sam arrive at the vampire’s nest. When the brothers first encounter the vampires, they find that one of them is Jenny, a vampire they first met on their first hunt 19 years before. As a result of the Winchesters’ success, Dean is impaled on a metal spike and dies in combat. When Sam and Dean part ways, it is a heartfelt goodbye in which Dean tells Sam that he is very proud of him.

New and improved heaven awaits Dean as Sam lives out the remainder of his life and dies from natural causes. Playing the song “Carry On Wayward Son,” Sam and Dean are shown reconciling in heaven. The brothers’ adventure began and finished atop a bridge, bringing the story to a complete end.

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