Hollyoaks Spoilers George Kiss: Its Actors Respond to His Murderous Revelation

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P.C. Police officer George Kiss dated John Paul McQueen. When George was summoned to Hollyoaks High School, where teacher Nancy Osborne had been wounded by a thug, John Paul and George first got to know one another.

George was assigned to the school in an effort to reduce the likelihood of drug sales there and ended up playing a significant role in the investigation into the county-wide drug trade. A few months into his relationship with John Paul, George started acting violently and deceptively at home.

He would take his fury out on John Paul while persuading John Paul that he was the one who had done wrong because of his envy of John Paul’s previous connections with Ste Hay and James Nightingale.

George Kiss, Is He Quitting Hollyoaks?

Theresa McQueen stopped George from leaving the community as he had intended. Sally St. Claire (John Paul’s mother) hit George with a bookend, killing him as he reached for Theresa. Callum spoke candidly on George’s passing, saying, “I’m actually just thankful to have been involved for a while.

The Living George Kiss

Following the sad news of PC George Kiss’s passing earlier this week, Hollyoaks has confirmed that he is still alive. The police officer had been slain in the line of duty while responding to a violent altercation involving four armed persons, his partner John Paul McQueen had been informed.

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A distraught John Paul revealed to his family in the first-look episode of E4 airing on Wednesday (April 21) that George had been summoned to a domestic disturbance that “got out of hand” while he was investigating.

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Later, the instructor grieved as he went through George’s possessions and discovered an engagement ring that the copper still hadn’t given him. He was shocked to see George appear out of nowhere at that point and make a proposal!

By urging PC Smith to tell John Paul a falsehood, George disclosed that he had planned the entire prank to “remind” his partner of how strong they were when they worked together.

Hollyoaks Actors Respond to George Kiss’s Murderous Revelation

Following the stunning announcement of who killed George Kiss, Hollyoaks actors Annie Wallace, Jorgie Porter, and James Sutton. The most recent episode of the program ended with a shocking revelation when Sally St. Claire admitted to killing George to her son John Paul McQueen.

Then, in a series of flashbacks, Sally was shown witnessing George and Theresa McQueen arguing outside The Dog in the Pond. There had been a fight between George and Theresa about the months-long abuse of John Paul by the nasty policeman. Theresa was in danger when Sally stepped in to save her from George’s impending violent attack.

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She used a thick bookend to strike George in the head to stop him, but she was horrified to see how the criminal eventually died by slumping.

George Kiss Really Passes Away

George Kiss, a police officer who lives in Hollyoaks, was killed in horrifying events tonight by an unknown homeowner. Callum Kerr played George Kiss in the show. In tonight’s episode of the Channel 4 soap opera, George’s influence over John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) came to an end as he went too far to keep his admirer in line.

The copper then engaged Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) and James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) in a heated confrontation after ordering John Paul to end all contact with both men. James and Ste rebuked the policeman after realizing that George had forbidden John Paul from speaking to them. George responded by insinuating that he would have Ste jailed for sexually abusing John Paul.

Who Murdered Pc George Kiss, a Copper? We’re About to Learn!

The specifics of George Kiss’ (Callum Kerr) murder are revealed in tonight’s episode of Hollyoaks, which airs at 6.30 p.m. (See our TV Guide for full listings). A flashback transports viewers to the scene of the incident and reveals what REALLY transpired in the abusive copper’s dying minutes as the walls close in on one of George’s murder suspects. Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson), meantime, is unsure of whether to believe James Nightingale’s (Gregory Finnegan) assurances that their relationship would be free of deceit.

In Hollyoaks, What Happened to Pc Kiss?

PC Hollyoaks antagonist In an ironic turn of events that has horrified Hollyoaks fans, George Kiss was killed just one day after faking his own death.

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John-Paul and George got into a physical altercation that left John-Paul severely battered; years later, John-Paul eventually came clean with his family about the abuse.

Hollyoaks was George Truly killed?

Fans of Hollyoaks were shocked to hear who killed PC. Wednesday’s E4 edition of the Channel 4 soap featured George Kiss.

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The true murderer was very close to home, but John Paul McQueen was still being investigated for the death of his violent fiancé.

Who Was George Kiss’s Attacker?

Theresa McQueen stopped George from leaving the community as he had intended. Sally St. Claire (John Paul’s mother) hit George with a bookend, killing him as he reached for Theresa.

Who Is George Kiss’s Actor?

Callum Kerr previously starred in Hollyoaks for more than a year as PC George Kiss in the popular soap opera. The 27-year-old was cast in the part in January 2020, and from then until May 2021, he appeared in a number of dramatic plotlines.

Who Was the Hollyoaks Murderer of John Paul’s Boyfriend?

John Paul assures Craig that Kieron will be his final partner and that he is and always will be the one for him.

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When John Paul discovers Kieron dead after being poisoned by John Paul’s hidden brother, Niall Rafferty, he is horrified (Barry Sloane).

Who in Hollyoaks Did John Paul Have a Child With?

Chloe Chance was the surrogate chosen by John Paul and Craig, but nine months into her pregnancy, Craig and John Paul broke up, and John Paul informed Chloe that they no longer desired the child. On Christmas Day 2012, Chloe gave birth to a baby. John Paul abandoned him in front of 26 Leigh Road, where Jacqui McQueen later discovered him.

Hollyoaks, Who Is the Father of Nancy’s Child?

Nancy confronts Darren about her possible pregnancy shortly after the wedding. She subsequently takes a pregnancy test and it is discovered that she is indeed pregnant. Tragically, Nancy would miscarry a few weeks later, which devastated both her and Darren, but Nancy supports Darren’s decision.


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