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Natanael Cano Net Worth: Early Years, Biography, Career, Life Experience & Education

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As of 2022, Natanael Cano, a singer, and composer from Mexico has a net worth of $3 million USD. He is one of Mexico’s most popular young singers on the rise and is renowned for his incredible fusion of American trap music and the country’s traditional corridos.

Nathanael was the first performer to merge the two genres, and this made him very well-known. The filmmaker Dan Sanchez, who also created Natanael’s first corrido tumbao, Soy El Diablo, had the idea to merge the two genres. In addition, Cano has amassed millions of followers because of the distinctive nature of his musical output.

Early Years

Natanael Cano was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, on March 27, 2001. At age 9, he began to take an interest in music and began singing at family gatherings and neighborhood events.

Cano picked up the guitar at the age of 13 and soon after learned “Rayando el Sol” by the Mexican band Maná. Soon after, he focused on local Mexican corridos, among them those of Ariel Camacho, who served as one of his main sources of inspiration.

Natanael left high school at the age of 16 in order to focus more on his music career. El de Los Lentes Gucci, his debut single, had hip-hop/trap music and corridor sounds. Over 11 million people have viewed the song’s official music video on YouTube.

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Jhay Cortez, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny are some of his main musical inspirations. In addition, Natanael Cano is now single and not dating anyone when it comes to his girlfriend.


Natanael Cano started his career in 2018 by posting guitar cover videos to his YouTube page, where he amassed a little fan base. Cano had the chance to negotiate a contract with the well-known Mexican record company “Rancho Humilde” in March 2019.

Jimmy Humilde, the label’s founder, saw Cano on Instagram and invited him to go to Los Angeles where he was subsequently signed. Natanael has affiliations with Warner and Apple Music as well. He gained notoriety by being the first artist from Mexico to blend this particular combination of the two genres.

Natanael Cano is regarded as the main authority on corridos tumbados as of 2022. Cano’s debut studio album, “Todo Es Diferente,” was published on June 21, 2019, and he later worked with Bad Bunny to make a remix of the song “Soy el Diablo.”

Biography of Natanael Cano

Natanael Cano is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and composer of music. Because of his captivating voice and singing ability, he quickly rose to prominence in the Mexican music industry. His admirers and followers swamped the google search box with inquiries regarding his personal life.

Life Experience & Education

On May 1, 2001, Natanael Cano was born into a middle-class household. He was raised by middle-class parents and endured numerous challenges in his early years. His mother is a stay-at-home mom, while his father is in the military. In the Mexican city of Hermosillo, Sonora, they occupied a modest home.

Work History And Successes

A young rapper and vocalist from Mexico, Natanael Cano. When he was 16 years old, he left school. He initially posted music to his various social media platforms. His music is a fusion of American trap music with the traditional Corridos music of Mexico.

He is also a well-known and influential Corridos Tumbados activist. He published his debut internet song, El Drip, in the year 2018. He released Todo ES Diferente, his first-ever official album, in 2019. Cano joined Rancho Humilde that same year and also formed partnerships with Warmer and Apple Music.

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He also had a solo hit in 2019 with the song Soy el Diablo, which included Bad Bunny, a well-known rapper, and vocalist. His career and level of renown were greatly enhanced by this song. El de la Codina, one of his latter big hits, peaked at number one on the Apple Music Latino list.

Nathanael Cano Info

Real Name Natanael Cano
Natanael Cano Net Worth 4.9 Million Dollars
Natanael Cano Profession Singer
Natanael Cano Salary Per Month 81 Thousand Dollars
Natanael Cano Annual Income 1.23 Million Dollars
Natanael Cano Girlfriend Single
Natanael Cano Age 20 Years
Natanael Cano Height 5 Feet 6 Inches

Age: Natanael Cano

Natanael Cano Age will be 20 in 2022. He is the newest up-and-coming vocalist in Mexico’s music scene. He began working in the music industry at the young age of 17.

Family Of Natanael Cano:

In a middle-class Hermosillo household, Natanael Cano first saw the world. His mother is a housewife, while his father served in the military. He has an older brother as well as an older sister named Daneiry. Natanael Cano has never been married and is unattached. Despite having a decent appearance and being a gorgeous young man, he hasn’t mentioned having a girlfriend.

What is Natanael Cano’s Annual Salary?

More than 18.52 million people watch Natanael Cano’s YouTube videos each month. For every 1000 video views, monetized YouTube channels display video adverts in order to generate revenue.

For every a thousand views of a video on a monetized YouTube channel, they may make $3 to $7. If Natanael Cano’s income falls within this range, Net Worth Spot calculates that he makes $74.09k each month, or $1.11m per year. However, $1.11 million years may be a modest estimate.

If Natanael Cano makes more money than average, advertising revenue may exceed $2 million annually. Natanael Cano probably has more sources of income. Sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking engagements are other revenue sources that may produce significantly more money than advertising.

Who Is Natanael Cano’s Biggest Fan?

When Cano was 18 years old, the Jimmy Humilde-run Rancho Humilde label signed him and he started releasing singles to SoundCloud and YouTube. Early songs like “El de la Cadena” and “Perfecta” rapidly attracted attention.
The Net Worth of Natanael Cano

The predicted net worth of Natanael Cano in 2022 is $3 million US. He is a young singer in Mexico who is among the most paid and who has already achieved great popularity at a very early age. The monthly salary of Natanael Cano exceeds $40,000.

His income is derived from the music business through the sale of albums, songs, and his contract with well-known record labels, from which he receives a sizable sum for his single. The teenage rapper is also making a lot of money through his YouTube channel, where he has more than 1.90 million subscribers and brand sponsorships.

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Natanael Cano makes more than $350,000 annually. The artist enjoys driving costly vehicles like the Audi R8, among others.

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