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Top 10 Demon Slayer Characters Took Over The Internet In A Big Way 2022!

Top 10 Demon Slayer Characters

You can’t ask for more from an anime like this. A straightforward narrative, incredible animation, a mind-blowing soundtrack, and stunning battle scenes. A lot of people were going to be interested in the anime with such a mix.

And it was at that point that we understood the show also had a crucial component that contributes to its uniqueness in addition to all of these other characteristics.

And in order to emphasize this quality, even more, I choose to order the Top 10 Demon Slayer characters.

1. Terauchi Kiyo

One of the housekeepers of the butterfly mansion is Terauchi Kiyo. She is a supporting character, hence not much is known about her.

But like her “said-sisters,” she also helped our primary cast members Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Hashibira Inosuke advance and gain more prominence in their own circles.

This is due to her presence, which gives the show a little bit more of the humorous touch it requires to advance. Because of personalities like Kiyo, this program is able to portray all the moods and topics.

No matter what happens, Kiyo will always be remembered as one of the series’ most memorable characters.

2. Rengoku Shinjurou

Rengoku Shinjurou has played a significant role in the latest Demon Slayer season. His father Shinjurou has been portrayed in the series as being highly troubled ever after Rengoku Kyoujirou’s passing.

It is claimed that his gruff and combative demeanor was entirely typical. In the anime, he also makes an effort to suppress any regret for his deceased son. However, it is later shown in the series that he is finished with his life.

Everyone is interested in what this man has experienced for a reason. He is undoubtedly deserving of being on our list as a result. He receives even greater respect and admiration because he was once known as Flame Hashira.

3. Nakahara Sumi

Sumi is a supporting character in the show, much like Naho, and only appears to help our main cast.

She is also well-known for being a member of the Butterfly Mansion, and she has made a significant contribution to the general development of our primary characters.

She was responsible for bringing forth the best in Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Hashibira Inosuke.

She is a very young girl with a reputation for being a lot of pleasure to watch on film. Naho is one of the most endearing characters in the entire series, whether it be because of her notorious or juvenile conduct.

4. Older Sister Spider Demon

We have the older sister spider demon that has arrived from the spider family. She is one of the supporting characters in the show who does engage in some fighting, but she lacks Rui’s punch in comparison.

In addition, the show has emphasized the fact that she is fairly strong because it is claimed that she murdered 80 humans by herself.

She also gave the Demon Slayer Corps a general estimate of the spider demons’ level of threat. Later, our primary cast was seen to be taking care of her. She was, however, given a harsh end to her existence by Rui, just like every other member of the spider family.

5. Kamado Hanako

When you consider how many innocent lives he has taken, you can see what a brutal person he was. Tanjiro and Nezuko’s sister, Kamado Hanako, is one of the supporting characters in the program.

Despite the fact that she has been deceased in the show since episode one, she is known to have made several appearances in it.

This is because she participated in the atrocity committed by Muzan. She did, however, have several flashback appearances in the anime, and as a result, her character is believed to be incredibly grounded and humble.

She has also demonstrated to be a significant source of inspiration for Tanjiro.

6. Hinatsuru

the boy Tengen’s third and last marriage. I warned you there were plenty. In any case, Hinatsuru is one of the main characters in the second season of the show, and she really stood out for how fantastic she was throughout the whole thing.

This occurred when she participated in Gyutaro vs. Tengen. We discovered how shrewd and devoted she was during that battle. She was able to give Tengen and Tanjiro a combat advantage, which altered the entire series’ trajectory.

And the outcome of the fight might have been drastically different if she hadn’t made an effort. Overall, a fantastic character with an outstanding presentation.

7. Ubuyashiki Kagaya

He is the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps and was instrumental in putting an end to Muzan’s rule in this generation.

His excellence as a supporting character in the program stems from the fact that he is fairly frail. But because he is the leader, everyone appears to regard him with the utmost dignity and respect.

Anyone looking for a fantastic master would love to be under Kagaya’s wing because he is also rumored to be highly clever and informed when it comes to demons. He hasn’t been around that much thus far. Later in the series, he will have the opportunity to demonstrate his value.

8. Kanzaki Aoi

In the series, this little girl is highly noteworthy. She may not be on the front lines, but this is still true. She is a minor character on the program and is generally short in stature.

She only made it through the final cut by sheer chance. She, therefore, asserts that she lacks the bravery and strength necessary to serve as a warrior for the Demon Slayer Corps.

She manages Tanjiro and his crew at the Butterfly Mansion, nevertheless, with the intention of continuing to serve the corps.

She is incredibly modest and cute for someone who is known for being Shinobu’s assistant. She is romantically associated with Hashibira Inosuke.

9. Susamaru

Susamaru is the third character on our list; he has forearms like in Ben 10. When Tanjiro went to see Tamayo and Yushiro, she made an appearance as one of the show’s notable villains.

In his combat style, she throws nine balls at the opposition. It was extremely challenging to stop these balls since they could be controlled. Sasamaru is shown as a pale female with nine arms and yellow eyes.

Her combat abilities are highly impressive, and when overlooked, she may create havoc. Even though she had a powerful overall punch, our primary cast was able to handle her.

10. Haganezuka Hotaru

This dude has skills that are really unbelievable. And nobody can outmatch him in any way. He is the bladesmith linked with the Demon Slayer Corps, and he is the sole one who makes practically all of the swords you see on the show.

He is one of the best in his field, and he appears to take great pride in his abilities. The fact that he cherishes each of his swords more than their owner, though, makes him even better.

He is able to communicate his affection without actually expressing it out loud because of his enthusiasm for crafting swords. He, like Urokodaki, also dons a mask. He is rumored to be incredibly attractive beneath the mask, though.

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