Top 11 Cute Anime Girls: In This Universe of Alternate Reality And Fantasy 2022!

Top 11 Cute Anime Girls

Addiction is another name for anime. There are some female characters in this realm of fiction and reality who you can’t take your eyes off of, whether it’s because of their adorable appearance or endearing personalities.

I have just recently become an anime fan, yet I have yet to encounter an unattractive anime girl. Consequently, it was challenging to compile a list on this subject.

And yet, here we are with the physically attractive, but also the most adorable girls you could ever hope to date. Let’s start…

1. Tsubaki

One of the main characters in the anime Soul Eater is Tsubaki, the Black Star’s weapon companion. She is a lovely young woman with long, black hair and stunning azure eyes.

Due to their opposite personalities, Tsubaki and Black Star are very similar to one other. Tsubaki is a darling among her followers because of her kind and kind demeanor. Even in difficult circumstances, she loves her family and always tries to make them feel better.

Do you know what Tsubaki’s soul is made of? It has a lot of space, is cooperative, and has a light yellow color. We couldn’t move forward without including her because she is lovely and also kind, understanding, and caring.

2. Taiga Aisaka

Taiga Aisaka tops our list as the queen. The female lead of the anime Toradora is named Taiga. Her name sounds similar to the word “tiger” in English.

Taiga, sometimes known as the “palmtop tiger,” is an extremely attractive young woman. Boys frequently proclaim their love for her because of her adorable beauty, or as Ryuuji puts it, “doll-like appearance.”

3. Asuna Yuuki

Here, you can meet Asuna Yuuki, also known as Asuna, Kirito’s sweetheart and the sub-leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath.

Top 11 Cute Anime Girls

It resembles Khaleesi’s entrance quite a little, doesn’t it? The main female character in Sword Art Online is Asuna. On our list, she is among the strongest. She has the nick moniker “lightning flash” due to her reputation as a talented gamer.

4. Saeko Busujima

Saeko, the series’ secondary female protagonist, is a fiercely independent and kind individual.

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Blue eyes and lovely long hair define Saeko. Anime heroines are renowned for having unique eyes. Saeko stands taller than the others, which makes her physically stand out as being incredibly attractive very unusual for a Japanese girl.

Takashi is Saeko’s love interest. Her serene demeanor is Saeko’s most admirable quality. Saeko always maintains her composure and behaves as the group’s elder sister. She is an excellent swordswoman, and her long limbs make her even more so.

5. Haruhi Fujioka

The protagonist of the manga Ouran High School Host Club is a girl named Haruhi. She assumes the role of a male host in the host club while being a woman.

I have to admit that Haruhi looks adorable in her boy’s school attire. Haruhi became a favorite character among anime viewers due to her disrespect for gender conventions. She was also incredibly real and down-to-earth.

6. Winry Rockbell

Winry is a darling who is caring and adorable. She is a supporting figure in the Fullmetal Alchemist series and Edward and Alphonse Elric‘s closest friend.

Edwards also has feelings for Winry. She is Edward’s backup support, an auto mail engineer who makes sure his prosthetic left leg and right arm are in good working order.

Winry is a very sensitive individual. Edward refers to her as an “engineer otaku” or a “mad gearhead” because of her love of mechanics. The two most significant characteristics of Winry are her stubbornness and kindness.

7. Misaki Ayuzawa

Misaki, the protagonist of Maid-Sama and the student body president of Seika High School, is naturally fierce and competitive. Only Usui and Misaki are better students at the school.

They are “at a level that normal humans cannot achieve,” claims Yukimura. Because Misaki is so harsh with the lads, the male students at the school refer to her as the “devil president.”

8. Konata Izumi

One of the primary characters in the Lucky Star television series is our short love. Her cat-like smile, long blue hair, and drowsy green eyes win our hearts.

Top 11 Cute Anime Girls

Now, this cute girl is quite lethargic and naughty, which affects her grades quite a little. God, why can’t you folks understand her? I can, for sure. Lol! But keep in mind that she is a really brilliant person who is also friendly and humorous.

9. Sango

Sango is the supporting female lead in the Inuyasha anime. Having long brown hair and brown eyes, she is a teenage girl. She is regarded as being quite attractive. A Demon Slayer, Sango.

She was raised as a Demon Slayer and proved to be incredibly fearless and strong. Sango has a strong sense of duty, thus once she has her sights set on an adversary, she won’t stop until the target is dead.

Sango is a teen idol because of her beauty and tenacity.

10. Lucy

A diclonius girl serves as the main heroine of the Elfen Lied Characters. She despises people. It makes sense that she would, given how they alienated her; hatred is what they deserve.

Despite being one of our favorite anime characters, she is probably the complete opposite in real life. She appears to kill out of habit, as a standard response to anything. That does sound risky.

11. Kallen Stadtfeld

Half British and half Japanese, Kallen. She likes to go by the maiden name Kozuki of her mother. The difference between Kallen’s personality at school and in the guerilla resistance group is stark.

She practically lives two lives. She is a submissive and feeble student in school, but when she joins the resistance, she develops into a strong-willed girl. Nevertheless, she is adorable due to her large blue eyes, thin build, and red hair.

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