Mcdonald’s Net Worth: Market Value, History, Growth, Shareholders, and Product

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Richard and Maurice McDonald opened a restaurant in San Bernardino, California, the year they started the McDonald’s Corporation, an American worldwide fast food franchise. They changed the name of their firm to a hamburger stand and then converted it into a franchise.

In 1953, the Golden Arches emblem was first used at a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. Businessman Ray Kroc joined the organization in 1955 as a franchise agent before going on to buy the chain from the McDonald brothers. Previously located in Oak Brook, Illinois, McDonald’s relocated its worldwide headquarters to Chicago in June 2018.

The Market Value of McDonald’s

Depending on the price of a company’s shares at any one moment, a market cap might fluctuate. Over the past year, the price of McDonald’s shares has changed significantly: The price range for a 52-week share is $202.73-$271.15. As a result, throughout the same time span, McDonald’s market cap has also changed significantly. The current value is $191.36 billion.

McDonald’s Asset Value

McDonald’s has a $4.6 billion negative net worth as of the quarter that ended December 31, 2021. One of the most well-known firms in the world having a negative net value may appear strange, but this is largely an accounting item. McDonald’s is unquestionably a cash cow, bringing in over $1.64 billion in net profits for the quarter ending December 31, 2021, alone.

Important Product Lines Bringing in Revenue for Mcdonald’s

McDonald’s has a fairly straightforward financial statement for a huge, multibillion-dollar, global corporation. The firm’s revenue is mostly comprised of just two major sources: sales from restaurants that are owned and operated by the company and income from locations that are franchised.

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It goes without saying that sales at restaurants are run by businesses. The business that runs McDonald’s where you purchase a Big Mac records the revenue. However, the parent business makes money in a different way from the corporation’s franchised restaurants, which make up around 93 percent of McDonald’s restaurants globally.

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McDonald’s records income from rent, royalties, and startup costs paid by franchisees rather than directly recording sales at franchised stores.

Top Mcdonald’s Shareholders at the Moment

The top 10 owners of McDonald’s shares are all mutual fund firms or asset managers, as is common with many businesses. Institutions collectively hold 69.02 percent of the outstanding McDonald’s shares. The top 10 stockholders are listed as follows:

  • 8.75 percent of shares are in The Vanguard Group.
  • Shares owned by Blackrock Inc. are 6.77 percent.
  • 4.81 percent of shares are owned by State Street Corp.
  • 3.6 percent of the shares belong to Wellington Management Co. LLP.
  • 1.83 percent of shares are owned by JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • 1.68 percent of the shares are owned by Geode Capital Management LLC
  • shares owned by Northern Trust Investments Inc. are 1.29 percent.
  • 1.17 percent of shares are owned by Morgan Stanley.
  • 1.06 percent of shares are owned by Wells Fargo & Co.

Since mutual funds hold a sizable portion of McDonald’s stock, there is a significant chance that you already own shares of the company if you invest in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. The percentages of McDonald’s shares held by well-known mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are as follows:

  • Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund, 2.82% of shares
  • Vanguard 500 Index Fund, 2.10% of shares
  • Vanguard/Wellington Fund Inc., 1.43% of shares
  • SPDR S&P 500 ETF, 1.08% of shares
  • Fidelity 500 Index Fund, 0.98% of shares
  • Vanguard Specialized-Dividend Growth Fund, 0.86% of shares

What Does McDonald’s’ Future Hold?

McDonald’s brand awareness is a significant asset, and it’s difficult to place long-term bets against market leaders. However, how has the stock performed recently, and have profits increased quickly enough to justify further gains? As 2021 came to an end, McDonald’s engine was still going strong.

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The business recorded systemwide revenues of more than $112 worldwide for the three months that ended on December 31, 2021, a 21 percent rise. Comparable U.S. sales increased by 7.5 percent, breaking the previous record for the seventh year in a row. Comparable sales increased 10.8% globally. To $2.18 per share, diluted profits per share climbed 18%.


In San Bernardino, California, McDonald’s made its debut in 1940. Maurice and Richard McDonald established a business, but it was very different from the one that is well-known and adored today. It started out as a straightforward hamburger business but has subsequently evolved into a franchise. The McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc engaged in a protracted legal battle over the trademarking of the company after the latter chose to give it a contemporary twist in 1955.


McDonald’s has more than 37,000 outlets worldwide and feeds an amazing 68 million people per day. Kroc was the one who implemented these improvements, which helped the business succeed on a worldwide basis.

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He bought the McDonald brothers’ shares and made the decision to expand it globally. Initially, Mcdonald’s owned a large number of other businesses, but beginning in the 1990s, it began to distance itself from these other restaurants in order to concentrate on the brand’s basic values.

Drop-In Sales

Although McDonald’s may still be the most well-liked restaurant around, revenues fell in 2012. Its revenues declined in 2014 as well, marking the company’s first revenue decline in nine years. The next year, 184 restaurants throughout the states were shut down, resulting in a net loss of establishments not seen since 1970.


As we just noted above, McDonald’s has offered a wide variety of goods. Because of the criticism it received for providing unhealthy meals, McDonald’s has gradually expanded its menu to include healthier options.

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Customers have the option of eating in or taking their food to go. In 2015, CEO Steve Easterbrook made the decision to stop using high-fructose corn syrup in hamburger buns. In an effort to become healthy, he also stopped eating chicken nuggets that included artificial preservatives.

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The standard McDonald’s menu has numerous versions in many nations throughout the world. Some come with soup, and in Germany, McDonald’s sells beer.

McDonald’s Net Worth Calculation

The simplicity of the calculation is one of the reasons market capitalization is a well-liked metric for estimating a company’s value. All you need to know is the stock’s market value at the moment and the total number of outstanding shares.

Consider, for instance, a business with five million outstanding shares and a $20 share price. The market capitalization of such a business would be $100 million, or the $20 share price multiplied by the number of outstanding shares, or five million.

Given that McDonald’s has around 747.24 million outstanding shares of stock, multiplying that number by the stock price of $256.09 on January 28 results in a figure of nearly $191.36 billion.


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