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Hannah Barron Age: Career, Personal, Marital, Child Life, Measurements, Height, and Weight

hannah barron age

The Hunting Queen, also known as Hannah Barron, is a well-known YouTuber and Social Media Influencer. She is well-known for the YouTube videos she posts about her hunting, fishing, noodling, and bowfishing expeditions. She shares her photos and videos while hunting on Instagram and other social media platforms in addition to YouTube.


Hannah Barron has had a passion for hunting and fishing since she was little. Hannah used to go hunting with her father, who is also a hunter when she was younger. Hannah’s enthusiasm for hunting grew as a result, and she started going hunting and fishing with her father.

She can be seen carrying hunting animals in various photos with her father. Hannah went deer hunting for the first time with her father when she was eight years old. Her cousin’s video of her noodling a catfish and subsequent upload to her social media accounts.

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She received millions of views and likes on the video as it quickly went viral. Then she began posting images and videos of her hunting adventures on social media.

A Career in the Profession

Hannah Barron began hunting when she was barely 8 years old. Her father Jeff taught her how to hunt. Her father, an Adventist who loved nature, taught her how to go fishing, hunting, and trapping.

She first rose to attention when she posted images of her hunting, fishing, and adventurous travels to her social media accounts. She gained admiration from people all around the world for her hunting and fishing prowess. She was inspired by this to start a YouTube channel.

Personal, Marital, and Child Life

Hunter Horton, Hannah Baron’s ex-boyfriend turned fiancé, is the love of her life. After two years of dating, in 2018, the pair got engaged in a lovely ceremony. The couple began dating in the year 2016.

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According to the accounts, Hunter got down on one knee, proposed marriage to her, gave her an engagement ring and asked her to be his lifelong partner. On December 30, 2018, the couple announced their engagement on Instagram. Also, a Wildlife Adventist is her fiance. Barron prefers to refer to Soul Loveth as her mate.

Age of Hannah Barron

As of 2022, Hannah Barron (born July 3, 1996) is 26 years old. On July 3, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones and friends to celebrate her birthday. She has the horoscope sign of Cancer.

Haley Barron Measurements, Height, and Weight

Hannah is gifted with a healthy body; she weighs around 60 kilos and stands tall at a respectable height of 5 feet, or 1.52 meters. His lovely brown eyes match his brown hair well.

Hannah Barron is Dating Someone

Hunter Horton and Hannah are engaged, and she does have a very serious relationship with him. We can view the photos of them both together that they each posted to their individual social media accounts. They are genuinely quite happy together and they do look very nice together. The pair began dating in 2016, and in a lovely ceremony in 2018, they were engaged.

Rise to Fame of Hannah Barron

At the age of 8, she went deer hunting for the first time. She soon discovered how to clean deer. And she once defeated a 130-inch deer by herself. The catfish noodling video was the first to expose Hannah’s lameness. A 30-pound catfish was dangling from Hannah’s arm in the popular video that showed her burying herself in murky brown water and then emerging several seconds later.

Outdoors with Hannah Barron

She co-hosts an outdoor show on the Hunt Channel, which has its headquarters in Luverne.

For a rural girl who grew up in “the middle of nowhere” in Crenshaw County playing in the stream, running in the woods, and gathering creatures, hosting an outdoor event is a dream come true.

Hannah Barron, Can She Sing?

RARE: Big Fish, Deer Grunting, and Pig Squealing with My Mouth. A little video mashup of a few of my first YouTube videos is shown here. Rare video of me singing Steamroller Blues, making animal noises with my mouth (like a deer grunt and a pig squeal), and, of course, snagging a large fish.


It didn’t matter that Hannah was a female because she was the only kid. Jeff Barron, her father, frequently claimed to have the best of both worlds. She claimed, “I can be a girl and a tomboy at the same time. Before she could get out of a car seat, Jeff taught her how to recognize snakes. Additionally, he showed her how to hunt and fish. She goes hunting with her dad whenever it’s legal, whether it’s for deer, wild pigs, or turkey.

Wedding of Hannah Barron

Hannah received a proposal from Hunter Horton on December 20, 2018. Despite being engaged to be married, the couple has not yet shared the wedding day. When the specifics of their wedding become known, this section will be updated.

The pair is currently taking pleasure in their favorite activities—being outside, hunting, and fishing.

Siblings and Parents

Hannah was born in the US to an American family. She was reared in Alabama and comes from an incredibly wealthy family. American nationality and Christianity are both attributes of the social media celebrity. Jeff Barron is her father, and Lissa Barron is her mother. Hannah also frequently includes her parents in her YouTube videos.

Physical Qualities

Hannah Barron is a thin, pretty young woman who routinely works out at the gym to stay in shape. Because she works as a hunter, she has an active lifestyle. Hannah is roughly 5 feet tall and 114 pounds (52 KG) in weight. She has hair the same hue as her lovely brown eyes.

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Hannah is attractive and powerful as well since her husband hunts and fishes a variety of species, which demands a lot of strength and activity. She frequently posts her photos and videos on her social media accounts.


She received her schooling at Troy University, a public university located in her Alabama hometown. She graduated from the College of Communication and Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Science.

Hannah Barron’s Earnings and Net Worth

Hannah works as a full-time YouTuber and social media influencer. She uses her sixth sense to hunt wild creatures, capture their images and videos, and then publish them to their respective social media accounts, particularly Instagram and Youtube. On her YouTube channel, she has more than 9 million subscribers. On Instagram, where she has more than 1.7K posts, she already has 1 million followers. Barron has a $5 million or so net worth. She now has 732k Instagram followers, and it is anticipated that she will soon have more than a million. One of the intriguing things about her is that in October 2013, she published a meme featuring the previous president Obama.

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