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What is Lana Rhoades’s Net Worth? What Was Her Initial Employment and Annual Salary?

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After experiencing success in the adult film industry, American former actress Lana Rhoades believes she was “taken advantage of” and advises others against making the same career decision. In addition to running her own business and hosting a podcast, Lana—whose actual name is Amara Maple—is currently a mother to her little son Milo. Rhoades has gained enormous 16.7 million followers on Instagram and has also established himself as a highly-paid model.


Lana was raised in a very devout home, but when she was 16 she joined a terrible crowd and spent a year in juvenile detention. She joined the cheerleading and gymnastics teams when she was 17 years old.

Rhodes married at the age of 18, but they split up after five years. Her spouse got insecure since he didn’t enjoy her day job. One of the most viewed performers, when she made her adult film debut in 2014, was Lana Rhoades.

Over 345 million people have seen her videos as of this writing. Lana was named Penthouse Pet of the Month in 2016 before leaving the adult industry in 2017. She was featured in 250 pornographic films throughout those three years.


Lana began her professional life working as a bartender at The Tilted Kilt restaurant chain. She decided to engage in the adult film industry when she was 20 years old in 2016. She performed her first X-scene for the FTV Girl website.

She relocated to Los Angeles at a later time in her life and started modeling for Playboy Plus, the online for the magazine Playboy. She mentioned in an interview that she enjoyed dancing, creating cakes, going out with her friends, and spending time with her dogs.

She has had the opportunity to work with a variety of adult film studios throughout her career, including Ule Online Video, Razer, Vile Entertainment, Regal Entertainment, Girlfriends Films, Digital In, Enthroue, Naughty America, New Sensations, Impression of Sweet Inn, and many more.

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She rose to fame in 2017 because of her initial sodomy scenes with Laki in the movie Laine. She appeared in Gangbang Me 3’s video production the following year.

Childhood and Biography

She was born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 6, 1996, and goes by the name Amara Maple. The fact that her family has Czechoslovak ancestry is widely recognized. She had a somewhat rigid upbringing and schooling.

She spent most of her childhood years in Illinois, close to the Wisconsin border. She was a gymnast and a highly popular cheerleader in her first years of school. She only completed high school at the age of 17.

She moved closer to Chicago later in life. She decided to engage in the adult film industry after viewing an episode of the reality television program The Girls Next Door.

Lana was up in a home that was quite religious. She joined a terrible crowd when she was 16 and spent a year in juvenile jail as a result. She also got married, but due to her husband’s dislike of her career, they soon divorced.

She Still Appears in Adult Movies, Right?

Lana is no longer a pornographic movie star. Lana was on the cover of Playboy magazine in October 2020, and she is still modeling for her followers on Instagram today.

Recent Relationships

Lana makes an effort to keep her love life a secret. She dated YouTuber Mike Majlak, though. The actress is thought to have gained a sizable fan base as a result of her appearance on Mike’s channel.

After Lana posed for photographs with Bryce Hall, the two split off. Mike will not accept Bryce’s assertion that they were only buddies. Bryce defended himself by claiming that he took the pictures after becoming wasted.

He even gave him a guarantee that it wouldn’t occur again. The emotional separation also involved Mike’s co-host on the Impulsive Podcast, Logan Paul. Mike wrote about the benefits and drawbacks of dating Lana after the split. He stated that she was dating Lana to start a family together, but this never materialized.


She co-hosted the podcast “3 Girls 1 Kitchen” (3G1K) alongside Alexa Adams and Olivia Davis until recently. She will soon debut her podcast, titled “Empowered.”


In January 2022, Lana published an NFT collection to cash in on the buzz surrounding the metaverse.

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Following a significant launch, it appears the creators have given up on the project, infuriating investors.

What Was Lana Rhoades’ Initial Employment?

In 2014, the actress had her debut in the mature film business. Before establishing herself in 2017, she worked in the sector for three years. Rhoades made her debut in adult films while working with the Spieglergirls company, where she first received authorization.

What is Lana Rhoades’ Annual Salary?

An estimated $8.08 thousand is Lana Rhoades’ annual salary. Every Lana Rhoades fan out there struggles with one particular issue: how much money does Lana Rhoades make?

4.49 thousand views per day, or 134.74 thousand views per month, are averaged for Lana Rhoades’ YouTube channel. A channel that uses advertising to monetize makes money for each 1,000 video views.

Per a thousand video views, YouTube channels may make anything from $3 to $7. By using these calculations, we can determine that Lana Rhoades makes $539 a month, or $8.08k annually.

However, Net Worth Spot may be understating Lana Rhoades’s income. Lana Rhoades might make more than $14.55 thousand per year, on the top end.

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There may be extra sources of income for Lana Rhoades. In addition to advertisers, popular YouTubers may make additional money by advertising their goods. Additionally, they might schedule speaking engagements.

What is the Net Worth of Lana Rhoades?

Lana Rhodes’ projected net worth as of 2022 is $24 million (£19 million). To take advantage of the Metaverse’s breakthrough, Rhoades introduced her line of NFTs in January 2022. She received criticism when the initiative failed and began to garner a lot of online animus, which prompted her to delete her Twitter account.

The investors from whom she allegedly received $1.5 million dubbed her a “scammer.” With Alexa Adams and Olivia Davis, Rhoades co-hosted the popular podcast “3 Girls 1 Kitchen” before this. A white Lamborghini is only one of the numerous expensive vehicles Lana also drives.

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