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Moon Knight Ending Explained: Why Marc Spector and Steven Grant Trapped In The Afterlife?

Let’s discuss the conclusion to Moon Knight. Even though Marc Spector and Steven Grant’s plot appeared to have a tidy ending, a post-credits scene teased a bright future for Oscar Isaac’s character.

But there was still a lot to take in before that extra scene. Ammit, Taweret, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), and Khonshu all had roles to play in the Moon Knight climax.

Moon Knight Cast Members

We learned about the inner workings of Marc Spector/Steven Grant throughout the course of six episodes. In the first episode of the series, Steven learns that he is not the only person living in his head and that he is actually an Egyptian god’s avatar.

His main goal is to stop Ethan Hawke’s (Ethan Hawke) religious fanatic Arthur Harrow from calling on the Egyptian goddess Ammit. Instead of punishing people for past transgressions, the goddess wishes to punish them for future misdeeds.

Furthermore, it is revealed that Arthur served as Khonshu’s avatar before Marc. Additionally, Marc’s wife Layla (May Calamawy) is aware of his Moon Knight position but is not aware of his Steven identity.

Moon Knight Plot Summary

The action-packed Moon Knight finale even found time to introduce two new characters.

When Arthur Harrow finally succeeds in releasing the Egyptian goddess Ammit from her captivity, a significant issue arises.

Despite the fact that Layla El-Faouly is on the scene and monitoring Harrow, Marc Spector and Steven Grant are still trapped in the afterlife. Taweret instructs her to release Khonshu and informs her that Marc and Steven are attempting to make a comeback.

Marc, in the meantime, travels to rescue Steven from the Duat, the Egyptian afterlife.

He delivers a moving speech as his second self, but it doesn’t seem to be enough as Marc finds himself stranded in the sand, at least not until the Egyptian god Osiris opens the gates leading back to the living. Then Taweret assists the pair in reviving.

Layla consents to briefly take on Taweret’s avatar in order to stop Ammit. Layla transforms into a full-fledged superhero with her own set of wings. And she releases Khonshu.

Khonshu fights the crocodile god, and Marc and Layla go after Harrow because the only way to stop Ammit is to put her in a human form, rendering her vulnerable.

During the struggle, Marc passes out; when he awakens, Harrow is in a critical condition. Steven affirms that he wasn’t the attacker.

Ammit loses his Moon Knight abilities after Layla and Marc successfully finish the ritual to trap him. Marc also successfully convinces Khonshu to release Ammit.

The Putnam Psychiatric Hospital is where Marc and Steven unexpectedly find themselves again. This time, though, they see Harrow leaving bloody footsteps and rejecting his diagnosis. They then awaken in their London apartment.

Moon Knight’s Hospital Explained

Some people might find the post-credits scene for Moon Knight perplexing as well because it takes place in a hospital.

The fact that Arthur Harrow is a prisoner in a mental institution would lead one to believe that this is also a manifestation of the Egyptian afterlife and the superior plane of existence that was previously depicted in the program.

One clue that Moon Knight’s hospital is actually the one in this instance is the absence of the fake hospital’s stark white decor. Jake Lockley escorting Arthur Harrow outside the structure and pointing out the nearby city serves as additional proof that this is a typical scenario.

This most likely indicates that after Moon Knight’s final battle, Marc Spector and Steven Grant checked Harrow into the hospital. Khonshu wasn’t prepared to let him off that easily, though.

Moon Knight Ending Explained

Harrow has been attempting to resurrect Ammit throughout the entire series in order to assist her in carrying out her judgments on humanity. In episode 6, he succeeds in completing his mission and Ammit returns. While Marc and Layla struggle to grab hold of Harrow, she starts devouring souls and fighting Khonshu.

Jake Lockley ends up killing Harrow when Marc passes out. Despite Khonshu pleading with Marc to murder Ammit, Layla and Marc are able to lock him inside of themselves.

However, the moon god discovers a solution and sends Jake Lockley to kill Harrow instead. We can suppose that Ammit is permanently gone now that Harrow has been killed.

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Moon Knight Ending Explores MCU’s Future Projects

It makes sense to consider Moon Knight’s MCU future now that the movie’s ending has occurred. Jake Lockley’s entrance as Moon Knight’s third alter is a significant deal that will make Marc and Steven’s friendship even more difficult.

It also alluded to another terrible event in their past that led to the development of the Jake Lockley persona. This might be covered in numerous MCU projects, but the second season of Moon Knight now seems much more likely.

The character is a good fit for the in-depth narratives offered by Disney+. Beyond the Jake Lockley tease, the MCU’s future for Moon Knight is undetermined. But given that Marc isn’t currently working for Khonshu, it might be some time before the superhero interacts with other figures and things.


One of the most intricate shows Disney+ has yet to release is Marvel’s, Moon Knight. The series, which is based on Dough Mench’s comic books, is an imaginative superhero origin tale that blends a cape-wearing crusader and Egyptian mythology to address mental health.

The series, starring Oscar Isaac, delves into the dual personalities of Marc Spector/Steven Grant, a dissociative personality disorder sufferer who learns that one of his dual personalities has been moonlighting as Moon Knight, a superpowered character who channels the abilities of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu.

The series of spectacular adventures that come next put Marc’s resolve to the test as he battles his own demons and tells Steven and us how he came to be the vehicle through which the moon god is now enforcing his justice in the world.

Even though Marc and Spector appear to be free of Khonshu at the conclusion of the episode, the end credit scene reveals that Marc’s struggle for independence is still ongoing.

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