Blown Away Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and More

Blown Away 3

The third season of Blown Away contains everything you could possibly want: mind-blowing visuals, a heartwarming edit, a quick 30-minute length, and a tonne of video of scissors slicing through the molten glass.

And as usual, the Netflix reality competition series brings you a new group of glassblowers that you’ll adore getting to know during the whole season (well, for as long as they remain in the competition).

They face a challenging road ahead since they must win over head judge Katherine Gray and all of the visiting experts. The glassblowers from Season 3 are unquestionably up to the task, and several of them have established reputations.

Release Date for Blown Away Season 3 Is Already Here

Obviously, Blown Away will return for another season. It’s amazing to know that the release date has already passed in addition to the fact that there will be a second season. On July 22, 2022, Season 3 will return with a bang.

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We don’t yet know how many episodes will be in this season, but we do know it will be funny. The upcoming season will follow the same format. Every season has new visitors, and this season we’ll probably see them again.

Trailer for Blown Away Season 3

The third season of Blown Away features some of the toughest competitors vying for the title of Best In Glass. Ten glass artists have traveled to the biggest hot shop in North America to put their artistic skills to the test.

 Every week, the glassblowers must perform well for the Evaluators to avoid elimination. There is a chance to win a reward that will transform your life and advance your career. The trailer announces, “Glassblowers, welcome to the hot shop.”

The candidates will exert all of their technical and conceptual prowess because this season’s standards are higher.

The Cast of Blown Away Season 3

The third season of Blown Away has done a fantastic job of displaying a diverse and inclusive group of competitors.

  • Rob Stern
  • John Moran
  • Claire Kelly
  • Maddy Hughes
  • Dan Friday
  • Brenna Baker
  • Minhi England
  • John Sharvin
  • Grace Whiteside

What is the Third Season of Blown Away About?

A Canadian reality and competitive TV show called Blown Away. The Great British Baking Show or Project Runway are the models for this program. The competitors work with molten glass to shape it into a variety of things with precise aims.

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Ron Carroll and Amy Hosking are in charge of the show’s writing and illustration. There are two seasons and a total of 10 episodes (with an average of 20-25 minutes runtime). Mark J. W. Bishop Matt Hornburg is the producer of Blown Away.

Awards for Blown Away Season 3

In 2020, Mike Bickerton’s Blown Away received the Canadian Screen Award for Best Direction – Reality or Competition.

How Will Season 3 of Blown Away Play Out?

This is a tangible reality show, as any OG fan of the program must be well known. It contributes talent and sincerity to the conversation. Season 3 will follow the same storyline as the first two seasons.

Blown Away 3 (1)

Given that we (literally) have no possible news to predict, we can’t really tell you what the third edition will contain. However, we can guarantee that the third installment will be jam-packed with excitement, amusement, rivalry, and surprises.

Episodes of Season 3 of Blown Away

  • Episode 1 – The Evolution Will Be Televised
  • Episode 2 – Bottoms Up
  • Episode 3 – 2022, The Year Of Glass
  • Episode 4 – Seven Deadly Sins
  • Episode 5 – The Bigger The Better
  • Episode 6 – Under The Big Top
  • Episode 7 – Team Work Makes The Dream Work
  • Episode 8 – Out Of This World
  • Episode 9 – Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself
  • Episode 10 – Finale

Who Won Season 3 of Blown Away?

In the Blown Away finale, John Moran and Minhi Su faced off. They had eight hours to fill one-half of a gallery that was vacant. A unified, unique, and immersive glass display that will “wow everyone away” was the task at hand.

However, students were informed that they were expected to produce “a technological tour de force” and that the finalists were free to pick their own topic. John referred to being on the show as “one of the finest experiences” of his life at the conclusion of the episode.

John declared: “I am absolutely leaving this competition as a better musician, and I feel like as a greater human being,” only moments before learning that he had won Blown Away.

After being named the winner of Blown Away, he exclaimed, “I’m really proud, I don’t believe I’ve ever been more proud of anything in my life.”

Where is the Third Season of Blown Away Filmed?

Trenton Quiocho of Fircrest, Pierce County, and Minhi England of Top Hat, in unincorporated King County, join Friday of Shoreline in this season of “Blown Away.”

Blown Away 3 (2)

Each episode has participants scurrying about a set in Hamilton, Ontario, trying to wow the judges with their glass masterpieces.

Who Won Blown Away’s the Third Season?

Deborah Czeresko, the winner, has started her Blown Away Residency, which was a component of the prize package for the Netflix program.

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As part of the residency, she will visit the Amphitheater Hot Shop three times in the upcoming weeks: on August 28–29, on October 1–6, and on October 14–18.

Contestants on Blown Away Season 3 Are Given Challenges

In each episode of Blown Away Season 3 on Netflix, participants were given a task and had to create the greatest interpretation of a certain topic in a given period of time. Those who were successful in doing so advanced in the competition and gained an advantage before the following task.

The participants who didn’t win over the host, Katherine Gray, the glass master, and the guest judge were eliminated. Deborah Czeresko, the winner of Season 1, joined the experts to discuss and evaluate the season’s first task in the opening episode.

Participants had to design a piece of glass that was motivated by their personal artistic development through time. The idea was for them to reflect on their unique travels and produce something meaningful that aided in their development.

The glassware-making took place over the course of five hours. Dan Friday won the challenge because of his composition, which displayed technical mastery. Claire Kelly, on the other hand, was the first competitor to be booted from the competition because the judges thought her work was too straightforward.


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