Is Tom Swift Gay?: An Actor Lifestyle, Bio, and More Updates!

is tom swift gay

Tian Richards believed he knew what to anticipate when Tom Swift aired at the start of Pride Month a few weeks ago. His character was first introduced on Nancy Drew a year earlier, and his new spin-off series always emphasized that he was the network’s first out homosexual black star.

Even though filming is over and the first five episodes have aired, this character and series are more meaningful to him than he ever realized — both to the audience and to himself.

Actor Tom Richards tells EW that when he’s not playing Tom, he sees him as “this other creature from myself.” “I receive these messages and I hear people talk about it, and it’s a little out of the body,” Richards says.

“Awe-inspiring to realize how much people care about something I was a part of. As a bonus, the show airs during Pride Month, which allows us to talk about what it’s like to be a queer person in the real world, rather than just a person who has come out or has come to terms with their sexuality.

Even more so because the show takes place during Juneteenth this year, and because of that, I’m blown away by how much Black excellence it showcases.”

He had a blank slate to create an altogether new Tom Swift when he originally took the job on Nancy Drew. The show’s adaptation of the 1910 book Tom Swift and His Motor Cycle was a reworking of the TV character. Now, “he gets to be more symbolic of what the world is now,” Richards said.

“In the books, he read as a child, the world was depicted as primarily European. Was blue-eyed and had very pale skin. As a result, it’s now accessible to people of various ethnicities, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Richards and the writers were able to explore the character even further in his own spin-off series. A devilishly seductive, smart, and very wealthy gay Black genius billionaire playboy, Tom now serves as the film’s eponymous protagonist. In the eyes of many guys, he’s somebody they’d kill to be, or even just to be around.

One of the show’s main goals is to illustrate that “Technology and STEM are not restricted to being geeky or outcast,” but are cool and innovative, making our world run smoothly, and to see other individuals inhabit those areas that you don’t generally get to see,” Richards explains.

Early Years

Tom Swift is the lone child of business magnate Barton Swift and socialite Lorraine Swift. Lino’s adoptive brother, Tom, is also his biological cousin. Barton devoted his life to exploring the cosmos and the world around him while raising Tom to do the same. He expected his son to be the best he could be. As a way to get Barton’s acceptance, Tom hid his homosexuality from his father.

Tom created Barclay, an AI buddy and tough-love mentor, when he was just eight years old. It was Zenzi Fullerton’s support during his adolescence that made it possible for him to get through some of the most difficult moments of his life.

is tom swift gay Many times over the years, Tom has tried to tell his father he is gay. As if it wasn’t bad enough, Barton would go on to set Tom up for heterosexual relationships. Tom graduated from MIT with high honors. Afterward, he went on to become a multi-billionaire tech tycoon of his own, creating hundreds of devices to assist him in his work.

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Television and Film Career

Films that Were Cancelled

In 1914, Edward Stratemeyer proposed filming a Tom Swift film, but no such film was ever created.

In 1946, the idea for a Tom Swift radio series was discussed. The series was never put into production for unclear reasons, despite the fact that two scripts were prepared. [40] In 1968, Twentieth Century Fox planned a Gene Kelly-directed Tom Swift film.

Filming was supposed to begin in 1969 after a script was completed and authorized. A $500,000 blimp that had been manufactured as a prop was believed to have been sold to a midwest amusement park after the cancellation of the project due to the poor response of the films Doctor Dolittle and Star. There were plans to make the third film in 1974 but this time it was canceled as well.

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Both Tom Swift Jr. and the hero of the original book series were the subject of scripts for a potential television series. Gary Vinson starred in a 1958 television pilot for a show titled The Adventures of Tom Swift.

Despite this, the pilot was never broadcast due to a slew of legal issues. No copies of the pilot are known to exist, however, the screenplay is readily available. [40] Glen A. Larson penned a television pilot titled “TS, I Love You: The Further Adventures of Tom Swift” in 1977 but it was never produced.

In the future, this series would have been united with Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and the Dana Girls. The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries was later amalgamated into a one-hour program with alternating episodes of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

When Willie Aames and Lori Loughlin starred as Tom Swift and Linda Craig in The Tom Swift and Linda Craig Mystery Hour on July 3, 1983, a Tom Swift media project came to completion.

It was a flop in the polls. After acquiring the film rights to Tom Swift in 2007, Worldwide Biggies announced intentions to make a feature film and computer game, followed by a TV series. Those ideas have not come to fulfillment as of 2015.


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