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Jack Gleeson Quits Acting: Irish Career, Bio and Many More Updates!

Jack Gleeson Quits Acting

Jack Gleeson, an Irish actor who was born on May 20, 1992, is best known for playing Joffrey Baratheon on the HBO television series Game of Thrones 2011–2014.

Gleeson took a break from acting after this part, but he has since appeared in independent theatre and the 2020 BBC drama Out of Her Mind.

Early Life

Gleeson was raised in Ranelagh, Dublin, and attended Gonzaga College after being born in Cork, Ireland.

His two older sisters, Emma and Rachel, are both active actors in Irish theatre. When he was younger, he took drama classes with them and participated in youth theatre.

Between 2010 and 2015, Gleeson attended Trinity College Dublin. He majored in philosophy and religion, and in 2012 the university selected him as a scholar.

Gleeson met his future Collapsing Horse Theatre Company co-founders while participating in DU Players at Trinity.


At the age of 8, Gleeson joined the Independent Theatre Workshop and started acting. His initial appearances were in movies like A Shine of Rainbows 2009, Batman Begins 2005, Shrooms 2007, and Reign of Fire 2002, 2005.

He has a prominent role in the 2010 film All Good Children. Gleeson was referred to as “the picture’s big discovery” by the Variety magazine reviewer.

In the HBO television series Game of Thrones, Gleeson played Joffrey Baratheon. He attributed his performance to Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Commodus in the Gladiator 2000 film.

Gleeson stated in 2012 that he will leave acting after filming Game of Thrones to pursue a career in academia.

After his time on Game of Thrones was finished, Gleeson announced his retirement from acting in 2014.

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How Was King Joffrey Disposed Of?

One of the most famous deaths in Game of Thrones history included King Joffrey. At his own wedding, he was poisoned and passed away in his mother’s arms in front of all the lords.

His passing was what motivated his mother to seek revenge. From 2011 through 2014, ack Gleeson portrayed the part of Joffrey.

his passion and that he had no plans to continue doing it. Gleeson made the decision to stop acting after his time on the show came to an end.

Why did Gleeson quit acting?

Gleeson said to Entertainment Weekly that the reason he decided to stop acting at the height of his career was that he no longer found it enjoyable.

He told the newspaper, “The response isn’t intriguing or lengthy.” I’ve been performing since I was eight years old.

Simply put, I no longer find it as enjoyable as I once did. And now there’s a chance to make a job doing it, when before it was always something I did for fun in the summer or for recreation with my friends.

I liked it. Your relationship with something alters when you depend on it for a living. It’s not that I dislike it; I just don’t want to do it.

He first became involved in the hobby since it was something he enjoyed doing and because it was enjoyable before Game of Thrones.

He described playing the role of Joffrey as “simply joy.” “To be able to go a whole day without being yourself, or even just for five minutes.

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It’s entertaining to imagine someone else’s thinking, especially a character like Joffrey, though I wouldn’t say it’s therapeutic.

It’s a welcome break from everyday life. Gleeson described the conclusion as a relief after the dying sequence was eventually captured on camera.

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