Archive 81 Ending Explained: How Dan Was Able To Locate Melody In Dreams?

Archive 81 Ending Explained

The American supernatural horror streaming television series Archive 81 was created by Rebecca Sonnenshine, who also served as the show’s executive producer alongside James Wan and Paul Harris Boardman.

The show is based on the 2016-launched podcast of the same name. Netflix began streaming the show on January 14, 2022. The show received 128.47 million hours of worldwide viewing between January 9 and January 30.

Dan and Melody, played by Mamoudou Athie and Dina Shihabi, are the main characters. To recover the video footage of graduate student Melody’s documentary project on a burned-out apartment building, a mysterious company hires Dan.

The show was terminated in March 2022 after one season.

Archive 81’s Episodes

With an eight-episode first season, the show covers a lot of material and comes to an open-ended conclusion quite rapidly. Things peak in the finale, which is contrasted with the rest of the series by the penultimate episode, which delves into the origins of Kaelego’s cult in the 1920s.

In order to clear up any remaining doubts or to pique your interest in the potential outcomes of this story, let’s look at Archive 81’s concluding scenes.

Archive 81 Plot Summary

Melody returns to the Visser apartments with a deeper comprehension of the ritual despite Steve Turner’s (Charlie Hudson III) best attempts.

Archive 81 Ending Explained

Jess (Ariana Neal), who later becomes a nun and preserved her own videos of the Visser, which help tie everything together, is saved after she realizes that Samuel Spare (Evan Jonigkeit) intends to use her as the sacrifice.

Dan, on the other hand, is confident that he can save Melody and intends to perform the ritual himself due to their peculiar bond, which is most likely brought about by the otherworld mold.

Dan’s resolve holds strong in the face of Mark’s (Matt McGorry) objections, and the two resolves to perform the rite together (in a cute bro-mantic sort of way).

Archive 81 Cast Members

Before its recent release, Netflix’s new horror series Archive 81 generally went unnoticed, but now that it’s on television, people are talking—some of them a little confused.

In New York City’s Archive 81, a sequence of sad incidents first impacts a mansion on the same property before spreading to an apartment building.

Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie) and Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi), two individuals separated in time, look for the truth and ultimately discover the cause of the tragedies: a strong demonic entity known as Kaelego and its adherents.

Archive 81 Ending Explained

  • The main cast members are Mamoudou Athie as Daniel “Dan” Turner Dina Shihabi as Melody Pendras Evan Jonigkeit as Samuel Spare / Alexander Davenport Julia Chan as Anabelle Cho Ariana Neal as Jessica “Jess” Lewis Matt McGorry as Mark Higgins Martin Donovan as Virgil Davenport.
  • Guest cast members are Charlie Hudson III as Steve Turner, Kate Eastman as Tamara Stefano, Eden Marryshow as John Smith, Georgina Haig as Iris Vos, Kristin Griffith as Cassandra Wall, Emy Colorado as Helen Yung

Archive 81’s Reviews And Ratings

Based on 34 critic reviews, the review reported an 85 percent approval rating with an average rating of 7.1/10. The consensus among the website’s critics is that Archive 81 “offers addictive spooky thrills that are disturbing in the greatest way.”

Based on 16 reviews, the weighted average review site Metacritic gave the movie a score of 73 out of 100, classifying it as having “generally good reviews.”

The show began at number seven in the Nielsen streaming rankings, and in its second week, it rose as high as number two.

Archive 81 Ending Explained

Dan was able to locate Melody after fleeing his deepest yearning. She quickly consented to go with him after realizing that Dan was the man from her own dreams. However, their joyous encounter didn’t last long.

Archive 81 Ending Explained

Melody was seized by Samuel Spare and hurled into the gateway between dimensions after being pursued by Kaelgo and later discovered by Dan once more. With Kaelgo gone, Melody returned to the actual world at the end of Archive 81.

However, she left Dan in charge while doing so. In the series’ concluding scenes, Dan was seen lying in a hospital bed while imprisoned in the year 1994 in the Otherworld.

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Archive 81’s Finale Episode Summary

In the mental hospital, Steve reunites Melody with Annabelle, but he forbids her from leaving out of concern for her safety. To save Jess, she flees. Dan receives a box of recordings from Jess that Annabelle gave him.

The recordings depict Melody coming back to help Jess. Jess is persuaded to flee by Melody, but John Smith knocks Melody out. Tamara is used in the ritual instead of Jessica by Samuel and the other cult members.

Sam and Melody enter the portal, where Iris is visible. As the ritual explodes in flames, Jess returns with her camera but quickly exits the structure. To assist Dan in locating Melody, Davenport declines.

Mark and Dan decide to try the ritual on their own, but Bobbi stops them and reveals that she is Baldung and Melody’s birth mother while holding them at gunpoint. Before meeting Melody, Bobbi sends Dan to the Otherworld where he meets his deceased relatives.

Kaelego chases Dan and Melody as they make their way to the portal exit. At the door, Samuel shows up and pulls Melody inside. Mark cries out for Dan as Melody and her mother are reunited. In a hospital bed, Dan awakens to find himself in 1994, a few weeks after the Visser fire.


A broken tape always seemed ominous to me as a child growing up in the VHS era. A well-used cassette’s hiss, crackles, and static can be incredibly unsettling.

Thanks to Dan (Mamoudou Athie), a professional archivist who has been engaged to restore some ancient cassettes, “Archive 81” brings this age-old horror into the present.

This new Netflix series, which promises a story of cursed videotapes in the vein of “The Ring,” also features intrigues, puzzles, and outright craziness. An isolated research facility is a disaster waiting to happen.

Dan becomes a bored boy if he doesn’t have any fun.


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