The Idol Hbo Release Date: Cast, Release, Trailer, Filming and Premiere

the idol hbo release date

The Weeknd has released the first teaser trailer for his new HBO Max series, The Idol. The Idol, starring Lily-Rose Depp and Abel Tesfaye, will center on a female pop artist who has a love relationship with a cult leader and club owner in Los Angeles. The show is billed as “the sleaziest love tale in all of Hollywood,” according to the teaser, which teases drug-fueled hookup scenes, rigorous dance practices, and lots of power moves.

Who is the Cast of The Idol?

Additionally, the cast list appears to be rather strong. Troye Sivan, an Australian singer-songwriter, will play a series of regular parts, while Debby Ryan, a well-known Disney channel star, will play a recurring character.

Jennie from the popular K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK will also show up, though it’s not yet known if this will be more than a cameo. The cast also includes Anne Heche, Rachel Sennott, Nico Hiraga, Tunde Adebimpe from TV on the Radio, Hari Nef, and Rachel Sennott.

What Happens in “The Idol”?

The Idol, which bills itself as “the sleaziest love tale in all of Hollywood,” centers on a pop singer who develops feelings for a mysterious club owner who also happens to be the head of a covert cult.

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And it’s quite obvious just from the sneak peeks that Tesfaye and Depp will portray the club owner and a singer, respectively. On his “After Hours Til Dawn” tour, he gave fans an advance peek at the impending performance by presenting a clip from the “twisted imaginations” of Levinson and Tesfaye that followed a rising superstar who was dragged into the cult leader’s orbit.

the idol hbo release date

Since the protagonists are supposedly adults, the stakes have been raised when it comes to after-hours and recreational activities, if you see what we mean. Quite simply, it has a lot of Euphoria vibes.

What Date is the Release of “The Idol”?

The Idol started filming in late January 2022, therefore it stands to reason that it won’t be broadcast until at least 2023. The Idol, however, may arrive on our screens in the latter half of 2022 given that the teaser was released in July of the same year.

No official release date, though, has been announced. So make sure to check back for updates here.

Lily-rose Depp Will Play Who?

Depp plays Jocelyn, the pop artist who falls in love with Tesfaye’s club owner, in the television series. Depp’s debut on television and essentially her first opportunity to direct a production both come with this.

Regarding her singing talent, Depp had a standout musical performance in one of her earlier movies, Yoga Hosers. She performed the lead vocals on the cover of the Styx song “Babe.” Her blood is also a singer.

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Her mother, Vanessa Paradis, really rose to popularity as a teen pop sensation in her home in France at the age of 14, before going on to become a Chanel model and actress. Continuing her musical career, Paradis most recently released a studio album in 2018.

A Trailer For “The Idol” Exists?

The Idol is obviously eager to embrace similar sentiments from Euphoria in the 90-second teaser. In fact, it could even go a step further by including explicit drug usage, gun use, and sensual sequences in addition to the “romantic” plot.

 The series co-creators Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye and Sam Levinson opened the teaser by stating that the program was the product of their “sick and twisted brains,” after which it immediately cut to a montage of Hollywood mansions (Selling Sunset is trembling), intense party scenes, and a tonne of fast vehicles.

Who is The Producer Reza Fahim?

Though the Iranian native originally earned his name in Hollywood as a well-known nightlife expert, Fahim has been The Weeknd’s longstanding creative producer. He is well known for being a co-owner of the infamous Tenants of the Trees nightclub in Silverlake, which was a favorite among celebrities, but he left the scene to pursue a career in screenwriting.

On What Channel is It?

HBO, therefore it probably would also be available to stream on HBO Max.

Does It Resemble the Neon Demon in Any Way?

The cinematic music videos of The Weeknd have been compared to Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2016 film The Neon Demon by a number of commenters in the past. Elle Fanning portrays a teenage model who becomes famous in Los Angeles and becomes involved with what appears to be a cult (or at least occult-ish).

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that Mary Laws, who co-wrote the movie, has been hired to write and produce The Idol. Although we doubt she intends to exactly duplicate herself, the two initiatives will undoubtedly be contrasted.


Tesfaye said that he will be a star of the show in the first announcement. Lily-Rose Depp announced on September 29, 2021, that she will be Tesfaye’s co-star. In addition to Melanie Liburd, Tunde Adebimpe, Elizabeth Berkley, Nico Hiraga, and Anne Heche joining the cast as recurring characters on November 22, Steve Zissis, Troye Sivan, and Suzanna Son also joined as major cast members.

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On December 2, Maya Eshet, Tyson Ritter, Kate Lyn Sheil, Liz Caribel Sierra, and Finley Rose Slater were given recurring parts, while Juliebeth Gonzalez was given a series of regular roles.

Son quit the cast on April 27, 2022, and the series underwent a creative makeover at the same time. Debby Ryan took her position. Hari Nef, Jennie Kim, and Rachel Sennott joined the cast in July.


November 2021 saw the start of principal photography in and around Los Angeles, California.  Due to Tesfaye’s appearance as a co-headliner at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April 2022, production was briefly put on hold.

the idol hbo release date (2)

Variety reported on April 25 that owing to a change in creative direction, the program will be revamped, go through substantial reshoots, and overhaul its cast and staff. In July 2022, the production was formally finished, right before Tesfaye started her After Hours to Dawn Tour.

Idol: Will Britney Spears Participate?

Possibly??? This is a bit of a roller coaster. Britney Spears said on Instagram in November of last year that she had “recently shot a movie named ‘THE IDOL,'” adding that it was “sure to have hits and a lot of images to shove in my beautiful family’s faces!”

When Will the Idol Have Its Australian Premiere?

The Idol is yet to get an Australian or even a worldwide release date. However, given the trailer’s publication, it is reasonable to presume that we will learn more shortly and that the film will be released sometime in the next months of 2022.

Where in Australia Can I Watch the Idol?

It’s unknown which streaming service will acquire the rights to The Idol, but given that BINGE already has access to all of the HBO Max series, including Euphoria and The Flight Attendant, it wouldn’t be surprising if it ended up there as well.


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