Another Girl Ending Explained: What Happened to Elle?

another girl ending explained

In the film and the movie adaptation, a blogger named Katie Kampenfelt chronicles her life, including her sex life, until she mysteriously vanishes.

Our main character Elle becomes enamored with a fictional character named Katie, who appears in the novel Another Girl.

A blog was set up by the fictional Katie as part of the viral marketing of the novel. Elle begins posting personal details about her life on the blog.

Katie begins replying to her surprise, and things don’t turn out well. With an overlay of hard-to-read online messages, the film begins.

another girl ending explained


As soon as you start reading, the message is clear. You never know who you’re talking to when you’re on the phone.

Instagram and Snapchat are a facade for those we know to hide who they really are behind a series of carefully edited photos and videos.

Films like Megan Is Missing, on the other hand, take advantage of the same territory that Another Girl does.

Take care who you speak with. Although the film contains some offensive language and Burnett’s characters are written as simplistic stereotypes, rath is still an enjoyable experience.

The Ending of Another Girl Explained

Another Girl Ending Explained

Afterward, Elle discovers that her boss has been sleeping with every one of his employees and faking his finances. In his heart, he knew that he couldn’t give up his wife for Elle.

Unfortunately, it serves as yet another example of men betraying her trust and taking advantage of them. A gay friend of her brothers joins her on a date in an attempt to make him envious.

As a result, she is able to feel empowered by him. Throughout the date, she feels Dave’s gaze following her, so she assumes he’s the one stalking her.

Despite her belief, it is highly unlikely that Dave was following her. The catfisher was most likely keeping a close eye on her, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Another Girl Ending Explained

Elle sends the pictures to Dave’s wife with the message that he sent them to her and that she wants to move on from the date with Dave after he texts her throughout the date and sends her pictures of their time together.

Despite her best efforts, Elle’s actions had far-reaching consequences. Dave was arrested after beating his wife when she confronted him.

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They told Elle the next day, and now her brother is furious with her for accidentally harming Dave’s wife and their young son. He claims she is rash and impulsive.

He expels her from his residence. It was Katie’s sense of Elle’s vulnerability that persuaded her to message her and ask if they could meet. The good men Elle’s friend Natasha tells her about aren’t visible to her because she can’t see them.

She’s on the money. Elle’s attraction to sleazy men is the reason Burnett’s male characters are written so savagely.

Those who feed off the vulnerability of women who haven’t discovered their own worth are drawn to her because of her damaged psyche.

In the middle of nowhere, Elle books a room at a hotel in the hopes of meeting Katie, who never shows up.

Another Girl Ending Explained

In order to keep her identity secret, Katie fabricated a story about an abusive and jealous husband. Because she doesn’t want to drive after drinking, Katie checks into a motel when she fails to show up at the restaurant.

That’s what Katie had figured out ahead of time. There was no sign of Katie when Elle checked into the motel, despite the fact that the room had already been paid for.

It’s unclear how Katie did it, but it’s possible she used a voice modifier over the phone or the internet.

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Another possibility is that the motel owner has been catfishing her all along and uses his establishment as a place to lure women into his business.

As soon as she gets over her hangover, Elle tells Katie, “I’m in the motel.”

Another Girl Ending Explained

She receives one final notification that Katie is nearby, and then a car arrives. When Elle opens the door, a loud bang is heard, and the screen goes black.

The prevailing belief is that someone broke the chain and took Elle. It doesn’t matter whether Elle was murdered, sex-trafficked, or kidnapped and held indefinitely by a serial killer.

When Elle is asked earlier in the film if she has heard about the discovery of a young woman’s body, it appears that a serial killer has targeted vulnerable young women.

Elle was most likely abducted and murdered.


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