Is Andre Iguodala Gay? Know More About his Life!

is andre iguodala gay

The Miami Heat currently have Andre Iguodala on their roster. Listed as 6′ 6″ and 215 lbs. when he was born on January 28th, 1984, in Springfield, Illinois. As a teenager, Iguodala attended Lanphier High School (IL). In high school, he had an outstanding season, and he decided to commit to playing for the legendary Arizona Wildcats at the height of their success.

In the 2004 NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers selected the athletic wing after he graduated from college.

Iggy’s early NBA career was marked by his prowess from beyond the arc. Iggy’s star began to rise after he performed well in an NBA Dunk Contest. As a result, he became known as a defensive genius.

Andre Iguodala is best known as a LeBron James stopper while playing for the Golden State Warriors (relatively speaking). In addition to his numerous championships with the Warriors, he’s been mentioned as a possible “missing link” for teams on the verge of winning a championship.

Eleven of those years were spent playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. One of those years was spent playing in Denver. And six of those years were spent playing for the Golden State Warriors. In 2019, he joined the Miami Heat as a member of the team.

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In an interview with Sports Illustrated earlier this week, Andre Iguodala reportedly said, “I’m afraid my daughter is going to end up being a lesbian because she plays basketball.” However, Iguodala appears to have clarified his shocking remarks about his young daughter’s sexuality, as reported earlier this week by multiple sources.

London, the 6-year-old daughter of Iguodala and his ex-girlfriend Clayanna Warthen, is said to be in the middle of a custody dispute with her mother. According to reports, Warthen is demanding that Iguodala pay her $58K a month, nearly quadruple the $16K a month that she currently receives from Iguodala.

Warthen, one of Iguodala’s ex-girlfriends, reportedly testified in court this week that the NBA star doesn’t want his daughter London to join her high school’s basketball team because he doesn’t want her to grow up gay.

A judge asked Iguodala about Warthen’s testimony in court this week, according to TMZ. There are many WNBA players who are lesbians, and Iguodala has expressed his desire not to see his daughter go through the same hardships. If his daughter decided to follow in his footsteps, he said he’d be more than happy to help her out.

Iguodala, on the other hand, didn’t stop there. At some point during their meeting, Iguodala was said to have asked Warthen about his daughter, who lives in the Sherman Oaks, CA apartment where Iguodala had previously lived with Warthen.

Because “he sees white people walking around, and in his experience, that means it’s pretty safe,” Iguodala said he was not concerned about his daughter. Fortunately for Iguodala, the judge didn’t take his joke seriously and laughed at it.

is andre iguodala gay

Iguodala made some shocking claims about his former Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson during an appearance on The Breakfast Club in New York City. Iguodala claims the NBA has blacklisted Jackson because he is religious and does not believe in gay marriage.

At one point, Iguodala, the three-time NBA champion, was interviewed by Deadspin and revealed that he was irritated by the fact that Jackson would hold his own sermons at the Warriors’ facility and stream them online.

Iguodala also said that Rick Welts, the Warriors’ gay president, had a rift with Jackson when he said he didn’t believe in same-sex marriage.
“I wish all gay people would stay in the closet,” Charlamagne Tha God, one of the hosts of the show, said.

Many athletes feel under pressure to keep their sexual orientation a secret, and this mentality is a major factor in their decision to remain in the closet. A radio host in New York City should know better than to propagate such a destructive mindset.

For the blackballing claim, we’ve heard many times before that it would be difficult to play in the NBA as a gay player. It’s hard to be anti-gay in the NBA these days. How much of the NBA actually agree with Charlamagne the God is something I’m curious about.

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College Career of Andre Iguodala

Prior to his move to Arizona, Andre Iguodala had planned to attend Arkansas. In particular, he was interested in either Kansas or Arkansas due to the latter’s 1-3 system, which would have allowed him to run the point whenever an opportunity presented itself.

When he and his parents visited the University of Arkansas campus, they were astounded by the size of the school’s gymnasium and the sheer volume of support for the teams’ practices. Iguodala switched to Arizona after learning that Arkansas’ head coach had been fired. His teammates included Channing Frye, Luke Walton, Mustafa Shakur as well as Salim Stoudamire, Hassan Adams, and Luke Walton.


NBA star Andre Iguodala is an active investor in the tech sector and has urged other athletes to do the same thing. Because of his partnership with entrepreneurs, the annual Players Technology Summit takes place in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley each year.

Besides Facebook, Twitter, and Tesla, the player has invested in a number of other companies. It’s estimated that the net worth of Iguodala’s various businesses is $50 million. Because of this, the contract for Andre Iguodala indicates that his annual salary is $12.3 million.

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Family of Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala and Christina Guitierrez have been married since 2015. One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos, Mexico, served as the setting for their wedding. They are the proud parents of two young children. London is the name of Andre Iguodala’s daughter and Andre Jr. is the name of his son.


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