Is Matt Gaetz Gay? Know More About His Life!

is matt gaetz gay

After voting against the Respect for Marriage Act, Republican Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida claimed that the legislation was the result of “a fit of hysteria.”

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed the Respect for Marriage Act with a vote of 267-157. After the conservative majority on the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade last month, there were fears that federal protections for same-sex marriage would be soon reversed.

Even Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, in his dissenting opinion, argued that in order to “correct the error” of same-sex marriage’s legalization, the court should reverse Obergefell v. Hodges, the ruling that made it possible. According to Thomas, the right to contraceptives and gay sex between consenting adults should be reversed.

Gay marriage was not “in jeopardy,” according to Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, who voted against the Respect for Marriage Act on the floor of the Senate. Although Gaetz called Obergefell’s decision “a threat to our democracy” and “reflects a growing trend of judicial activism” back in 2015, other conservatives have come out against the ruling more recently and expressed their displeasure with it.

Gaetz tweeted on Tuesday, “Today I voted NO on H.R. 8404—the erroneously named ‘Respect for Marriage’ Act.’ Democratic lawmakers have moved to introduce legislation codifying Obergefell v. Hodges after an outburst sparked by a single sentence in Justice Thomas’ concurring opinion.

“It’s not in jeopardy at all,” he added. In my opinion, “offending federalism through this legislation is more upsetting to me than gay marriage.” A House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Roe v. Wade decision last week reportedly argued that gay and lesbian people should support abortion prohibition in order to increase the number of same-sex couples who can adopt.

According to The Advocate, “I worry that the LGBTQ community and advocacy organizations for same-sex couples could actually result in fewer same-sex couples having access to the family formation that gives them fulfilled lives” if they reorient to be pro-abortion enterprise.

The Supreme Court’s decision has prompted a number of bills to address the issues raised by it, including the Respect for Marriage Act. Right to Contraception Act, a bill to address concerns about contraception rights is scheduled for a House vote later this week.

It’s unlikely that the Senate will pass either of the two abortion-rights bills that passed in the House last week. While Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine has co-sponsored the Respect for Marriage Act, its ultimate fate remains uncertain.

Early Life

Matt Gaetz was born on May 7th, 1982, in Hollywood, Florida to a mother and a father who were both educators. Vicky, his mother, was a pharmacist for more than a quarter-century.

An ex-politician and one-time healthcare executive, Don Gaetz, is his paternal grandfather. At the Republican National Convention in 1964, Matt’s grandfather, Jerry Gaetz, a North Dakota politician, died of a heart attack live on television. Don, Matt’s father, was 16 years old when he witnessed his father’s death on television.

Don successfully lobbied Congress to pass the Hospice Care Reimbursement Act in the early 1980s. Because of this law, Medicare now pays for hospice care. Don and a group of business partners renamed a hospice care company that had been run by a religious organization into VITAS Healthcare a year after the law was passed.

is matt gaetz gay

Chemed acquired VITAS in 2004 for $400 million. VITAS and Roto-Rooter, two of Chemed’s most important assets, now generate annual revenue of around $2 billion. When he was still a state senator, Don Gaetz had a reported net worth of $25 million thanks to the sale of VITAS.

Matt Gaetz attended Florida State University and the College of William & Mary for his undergraduate degree and a law degree.

In Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Matt practiced law following his graduation from William and Mary.

In the Truman Show Home

Matt’s parents bought a house in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, for $125,000 in 1991. While Jim Carrey and Laura Linney played Truman and Meryl Burbank in the 1998 film “The Truman Show,” their home became a household name. When the filming took place, Matt would have been 15 years old.

Matt Gaetz, then, not only grew up in the neighborhood depicted in “The Truman Show,” but he also lived in the house where Harry Truman grew up.

There was a sign outside the gate that read “The Truman House” and the house’s address number was 36 in the film.

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Career in Politics

He served as a member of the Florida House of Representatives from the 4th district from April 2010 until November 2016. From Florida’s 1st congressional district, he has been in office since January 2017.

His district includes Pensacola and his hometown of Fort Walton Beach in the Florida Panhandle. After graduating from law school, he began working for a local law firm. Matt Gaetz has been characterized as a fervent Trump supporter.

Arrests for Drunken Driving and Other Infractions

During a night out in Okaloosa Island, Florida, in 2008, Gaetz was arrested for driving under the influence. He initially claimed he hadn’t been drinking, but then he allegedly failed two field sobriety tests, according to reports. In the end, the charges were dropped.

Gaetz received 16 speeding tickets in Florida between 1999 and 2014, according to the Scripps Florida Investigative Team.

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Who Is Ginger Luckey, the Wife of Matt Gaetz?

Palmer Luckey, the man behind Oculus VR, has a sister by the name of Luckey. Lucky, a 26-year-old Apeel employee is listed on her LinkedIn profile as an analyst and lead for sales operations and enablement.

Currently, she is enrolled at Harvard Business School, where she hopes to earn a degree in Sustainable Business Strategy, according to her bio. Luckey graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a degree in Economics and Accounting.

According to Page Six, the two allegedly met in March 2020 at a fundraiser at the Mar-a-Lago club of former President Trump.


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