A Very British Scandal Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Official Trailer, and More

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A Very British Scandal, which featured Hugh Grant in season one, comes returning with a brand-new cast and a scandalous tale from British history. Hugh’s character in season one was a politician who attempted to murder his ex-lover, while the focus of season two is the Duke and Duchess of Argyll’s contentious divorce.
Following Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll, played by Claire Foy, and Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll, played by Paul Bettany, the series centers on one of the most infamous, unusual, and terrible divorces of the 20th century. Read our article to know more about A Very British Scandal Season 2
Is There a Second Season of a Very British Scandal?

Technically speaking, this miniseries’ second season is A Very British Scandal. A Very English Scandal was the title of the first season. The show’s shift in focus from an English political scandal to the Scottish Duke and Duchess makes the name change to the title less shocking.

Release Date of a Very British Scandal Season 2

Paul Bettany (WandaVision) and Claire Foy (The Crown) feature in the second season of A Very British Scandal, which will debut on Prime Video on Friday, April 22 with all three episodes.

Argyll’s Duke and Duchess

Before being referred to as the Duchess of Argyll, Margaret Whigham, a 1912-born Scottish millionaire’s heiress, was a wealthy woman. By the time she was 19 and a debutante, Margaret had received four engagement rings for her outstanding beauty.

She also advanced through the most elite social circles. She is said to have had an unlawful abortion when she was 15. She married for the first time when she was 20 to Charles Sweeney, an American socialite, and businessman.

a very british scandal season 2

The Guardian called the viewing of Margaret’s wedding dress “the media event of the decade” as crowds of 20,000 people gathered to catch a glimpse of it. The couple had eight miscarriages and stillbirths while raising their two children.

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When their marriage failed, they got a divorce in 1947. Ian Campbell, the duke of Argyll, had been married twice before meeting Margaret in 1947. Due to his experience as a POW in Germany, Campbell, born in 1903, developed alcoholism and gambling addiction.

His ex-wives claim he was abusive to them verbally and physically. When the Duke was the head of his clan in 1949, he acquired Inveraray Castle in Scotland.

Reasons for Divorce After Marriage

The riches and money from Margaret’s first marriage helped the Duke become an aristocrat after their 1951 wedding, enabling him to settle his numerous gambling debts. Being extremely skeptical of one another and having several partners during their relationship, it was evident from the start that their marriage would be challenging.

The Duke allegedly wiretapped Margaret’s car when she denied paternity of the children from his second marriage. The Argyll divorce lawsuit was started in 1963 after a five-year separation during which the couple sued and countersued one another.

The Duke reportedly started the divorce process because Margaret refused to cover the expenses intended to help him repair the failing Inveraray Castle. After Margaret filed for divorce, Campbell photographed some of her private Polaroid pictures; these pictures later gained notoriety and plagued Margaret for the rest of her life.

How Did the Duchess of Argyll End Up?

Margaret’s divorce proceedings were challenging despite her tenacity in the face of malicious rumors and negative societal perceptions. After the event, Margaret never entirely recovered.

a very british scandal season 2

A judge ordered her to cover the majority of her ex-debts, and husband’s which came to £50,000 (about $1.4 million in today’s currency). Over the decades that followed, her wealth started to decline. She made the decision to rent out her London house to the general public for a charge in an effort to profit off her notoriety.

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She was reportedly kicked out of the hotel where she was residing in 1990 because she was no longer able to pay her rent and other expenses, according to the London Metro. At the age of 80 and with little money, she passed away in a nursing facility in 1993.

Who is in the Very British Scandal Cast?

  • Claire Foy as Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll.
  • Paul Bettany as Ian Campbell, Duke of Argyll.
  • Julia Davis as Maureen Guinness.
  • Sophie Ward as Janet Kidd.
  • Albertine Kotting McMillan as Jeanne Campbell.
  • Sophia Myles as Louise Campbell.

Highlights of A Very British Scandal Season 2

Fans can watch A Very British Scandal Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video, which features Claire Foy and Paul Bettany. As said above, the movie features a variety of personalities, so enjoy viewing it with your loved ones. One of these shows that have been on the list of things to search for a lot of these Binge watchers is A Very British Scandal Season 2.

Official Trailer of a Very British Scandal Season 2

Below you can watch the Official Trailer of a Very British Scandal Season 2

An Examination of How the Argyll Divorce Case Illuminates Sexism in the 20th Century

The Duke’s extramarital relationships were not brought up during the trial. Campbell was also not questioned in relation to the theft of Margaret’s personal photos and their subsequent dissemination, which is today considered a form of revenge porn.

Even when the oral contraceptive pill was introduced to the public in the 1960s, women were still harshly criticized for expressing their sexual urges. The “dirty Duchess” was widely criticized since she was an older woman in the public eye—Margaret was 50 at the time of the court hearings.

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High-profile sex scandals like the Profumo event in the 1960s damaged the reputations of several women. Treating the “highly sexed” Duchess with scorn would be equivalent to “slut shaming,” as the word goes, because she may look to be sexually free by today’s standards.

The Second Season of a Very British Scandal According to Binge Watchers

The most recent trend among binge-watchers has been watching series, particularly in light of the lockdown that has been in effect since 2020. They haven’t readily been limited to one area or kind; instead, it has become the standard in the modern world to explore several different directions at once. One such series that has been on many Binge watchers’ lists of things to watch is A Very British Scandal Season 2.


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