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stray ending explained

In Stray, you can regain access to the outside world after activating the computers in the control room, but not before your drone ally B-12 sacrifices itself to assist you in gaining access. Essentially, we’ve lost the only thing that could communicate with us.

Bright light and lush vegetation surround our stray cat protagonist as they exit the subway door in the game’s final cutscene. He then looks back at the camera.

If this is true, then the stray cat we’ve been controlling has made its way outside once more and will hopefully reunite with the other cats it lost contact with at the beginning of the game.

According to Momo in the Slums, three robots called The Outsiders, who want to leave the walled city and return to the outside, are your primary target.

Although there is a sudden end to the game that doesn’t give the player much information, we can assume the cat has returned to its friends safe and sound after successfully escaping outside.

What’s the deal with B-12 at the end of the day?

B-12, your trusty robot companion in Stray, does not fare well in the end. During the final chapter of the Control Room, B-12 calculates that overriding the system and allowing the city to open will cause his little drone body to explode.

It’s B-12’s fault. To hack/smash into the Control Room computer systems, he works with the help of the cat and receives an enormous series of electronic blasts. His drone body falls to the ground when he is unable to continue. It appears as if B-12 has passed away, and for a time, the cat lies next to his lifeless robot body.

They were hoping for some sort of computer-generated voice from B-12, revealing that he had survived and transferred his consciousness to another type of hardware. Although we’re left to assume that B-12 is truly dead, nothing like this has occurred.

Even more tragic is the fact that B-12’s consciousness came from the mind of an extinct man. No other humans were encountered in the game, which suggests that B-12’s death signaled the end of humanity as we knew it. Despite this, it’s possible that other parts of the world are home to additional humans or conscious beings.

Even so, we will never forget B-12’s heroics. In his final moments, B-12 said that he trusted his robot companions and animals like the cat to keep the planet going in his wake, despite his desire to flee the city and pass on his human knowledge. This may be revealed in the event that a sequel to Stray is produced.

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Who knows what happens to this city?

The final chapter of Stray opens up the walled city you’ve been playing in for the majority of the game. This is made possible by the cat and B-12 hacking into various computers. You can see the opening of a massive roof in the city’s Control Room, which will allow natural light into the city for the first time in years.

Aside from escaping the city and experiencing ‘the outside’, it became clear that the cat and B-12’s main goal was to improve the quality of life for everyone in the city as they made their way out of it. There are now less gloomy conditions for the city’s robots, and perhaps more of them will follow the cat’s lead and flee for their own safety.


What happens to the Zurks at the end of the story?

You can see characters from earlier chapters for the first time in the cut-scene that plays when the city is opened. This is seen as a positive outcome by the robots. A new city is always a bad thing for Zurks (those adorable but wretchedly bad bacteria).

Some of you may recall helping Doc build a light-based gun that could take out Zurks earlier in the game. Stray concludes with a large number of Zurks dying from exposure to direct sunlight, so it appears that sunlight has the same effect.

Since some Zurks were found living deep in the sewer, they may have escaped unscathed; we’d be surprised if they didn’t (where the sunlight may not have reached).

The death of so many Zurks, on the other hand, will allow robots and any other living creatures in the city to live their lives with far less fear. If you’re a Zurk, you’ll be relieved to know that the Stray’s happy ending (unless you’re an ex-Zurk) is actually true.

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what happened with the cat?

stray ending explained

The main cat character succeeds in escaping the city in the very last moments of Stray’s conclusion. Our feline hero escapes the walled city through a large metal door that is now open after working with B-12 to bypass the Control Room.

The cat continues to walk along an overgrown grassy area and up a large flight of stairs, still under the control of the player. The cat is now free to roam the countryside, free from the city’s confines. The cat simply walks away when the player loses control. This is yet another happy ending.

As a result of B-12’s death and the cat’s loss of its sci-fi jacket/drone combo, the cat will not be able to communicate with any robot or human it may encounter. However, earlier in the game, the cat was able to communicate with robots even while B-12 was imprisoned. So there’s still hope!


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