Vaashi Movie Ending Explained: Get More Information!

vaashi movie ending explained

Vaashi, Netflix’s most recent South Indian film, appears to be winning over audiences. With a script by Janiz Chacko Simon and Vishnu G. Raghavi, the courtroom drama is a tense battle between two spouses representing opposing sides until the end. Everyone’s attention is focused on who will be the final vote-getter and emerge victorious.

Tovino Thomas plays Ebin, and Keerthy Suresh plays Madhu, with the rest of the cast including Kottayam Ramesh, Maya Menon, Baiju Santhosh, Rony David Raj, Anu Mohan, and Anagha Narayanan. Production credits go to G Suresh Kumar, Menaka Suresh, and Revathy Suresh on this 123-minute film.

When Vaashi begins, we meet Ebin and Madhu, and their friendship blossoms into love, and they are engaged to be married. As the wedding celebrations begin, the two lawyers find themselves on opposing sides of the courtroom in a high-stakes legal battle.

Ebin is representing a girl (Anusha) who claims she was enticed into sex by the promise of a future marriage with the guy (Gautham). To prove that the events of the night were consensual, Madhu will have to show there was never a promise to do so and that the parties involved agreed.

The story of what happens after you say “I do” can be made interesting in this way, too. It’s a running joke that a couple of lawyers will always be at odds. In “Vaashi,” we learn exactly how to do it.

Ebin and Madhu are two hard-working, successful lawyers who fall in love and marry. However, their relationship is put to the test when they find themselves on opposing sides of a case. “Vaashi” revolves around how they deal with this.

Isn’t it amazing how well the film’s producers handled the casting? There should be a prize for Keerthy Suresh’s eyes because they are absolutely stunning. Tovino Thomas, meanwhile, lends the narrative an air of effortlessness.

But the marriage between the characters was the story’s main protagonist. The film “Vaashi” was all about this subject matter. Let’s wait and see what happens.

The case of Anusha and Gautham is being fought by Ebin and Madhu.

The story begins with two lawyers, Madhu and Ebin, who are constantly at odds. Although Ebin comes from a prominent political family, he is making an effort to forge his own path in life.

In a male-dominated law firm, Madhu is struggling to establish her own identity. In addition to having a common friend, Satheesh Mulloor, and eating lunch together, the three of them have a habit of doing so. There’s an office space available for rent, but Ebin isn’t sure if he can commit and asks for some time to think about it.

After being wrongly blamed for a clerk’s misplaced documents, Madhu quit her job. She now desires to bring her own lawsuits. Upon hearing that Madhu is interested in renting the office space that Satheesh had mentioned, Ebin chimes in to say that he would like to have it as well.

According to Satheesh, there is enough space for them to share the room. Ebin and Madhu reluctantly agree, but as their friendship grows, so does their attraction to one another, and eventually, they fall in love.

Ebin decides to tell her the truth one day. His mother has set him up with an arranged match, and he comes up with a story about why he needs to go on a date with her. A nonchalant Madhu tells him she’s also looking for a date like that.

Madhu tells him in a playful way later that night that she had seen through his lies and had strong feelings for him while they were talking to each other. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

He tells them about Madhu a few days later, when his parents tell him they want him to get married. Because of their differing religious beliefs, his parents say they were prepared for this.

They can, however, easily overcome this obstacle. But because she hasn’t found her place in her career yet, Madhu is wary. After Jose, his brother-in-law, pulled some strings, Ebin was promoted to the position of a public prosecutor and is now way ahead of his peers.

As a result, Madhu is apprehensive because she hasn’t kept up. It’s Ebin’s request that she take some time to think about it.

Then, she gets a case for a friend of hers. The friend’s brother, Gautham, has been accused of rape after allegedly sleeping with a girl under false pretenses of marriage. The burden of proof rests squarely on Madhu.

Ebin receives the same case and is tasked with proving Gautham’s guilt. There is a lot of animosity between the couple because they are on opposing sides of the issue.

There is an uncomfortable silence between them as the case progresses, but for the sake of their relationship, they ignore it. Despite the fact that they are married, they are still on eggshells around one another.

It all comes to a boiling point when one day, Jose asks Madhu to come to help him with a particular case in a police station. It’s pointless for Madhu to go to the police station; they can just settle it in court, says Madhu.

Ebin tells her later that day that she should have just gone because that would have reassured Jose about the situation. Madhu, on the other hand, insists that diplomacy is not her area of expertise. In turn, this exacerbates already-existing tensions between the couple and brings to the surface previously suppressed issues.

In order to bring Ebin and Satheesh back together, Satheesh suggests that Ebin come over to his house for dinner. Things take a turn for the worse when Madhu challenges Ebin to a duel in which Ebin vows to quit as a public prosecutor and return to their previous office if Ebin fails in this case.

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‘Vaashi’ Resolution: Madhu or Ebin Wins the Case?

The couple’s distance widens as the case progresses. They begin going to work and sleeping in separate rooms. As Gautham reveals to Madhu that he was aware of Anusha’s feelings for him, the situation becomes even more complicated. A confession from Anusha to Ebin reveals that she does not wish for Gautham’s imprisonment to continue for so long.

Saira, a close friend of Gautham and Anusha’s, shows up for the penultimate court hearing to give her statement. It’s not clear whether Gautham was aware of Anusha’s feelings, but she was aware of them.

The prosecution’s case will be thrown into doubt if Gautham was manipulating Anusha or not as a result of this development. Ebin deduces that Anusha, not Madhu, is to blame for all of this.

Gautham never clearly expressed his feelings to her, and when he inquires about it, she tells him that she didn’t tell him. They should have talked to each other the day after they slept together instead of letting it get to this point. She’s sorry for the consequences of their misunderstanding.

This conflict should not get the better of Ebin and his wife, Satheesh tells him later in the day. Ebin complies with this directive. He rides his bike instead of his car to keep up with Madhu, just like he used to.

Their tears are shed as they embrace each other at home, revealing the agony of their struggle and their grief.

While the prosecution couldn’t prove that Gautham had promised marriage to the victim, the judge stated that he was guilty because he had intercourse with her while she was intoxicated.

A 10-year sentence was handed down because of this. As a follow-up to this, Madhu and Ebin decide to keep their relationship intact because they will be dealing with shades of grey for a long time to come.

In addition, Madhu intends to take the case to the Supreme Court for review. Despite the happy ending, we are left with a clearer picture of what it takes to make a relationship work no matter how we feel about ourselves as individuals.

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‘vaashi’ Ending Explained! Who Wins the Case?

vaashi movie ending explained

Instead of spoon-feeding a story to the audience, Malayalam cinema trusts the audience to understand the story’s nuances on their own. The lack of overtly dramatic background music, as well as the lack of glorified characters, allowed the audience to interpret the story in their own way.

The flaws of all the characters can be seen right away. Vaashi’s magic comes from the fact that the performers are acknowledged without being judged. Even though Ebin and Madhu were aware of the moral decisions that each other were making, they kept their opinions about that out of the relationship.

Rather than ideological differences, they got into a fight because of their egos clashing. It was only after they realized this that they were able to come to an amicable agreement. We think this is a perfect example of a love story on film, and we heartily endorse it. Vishnu Raghav is the director of “Vaashi,” a 2022 Indian courtroom drama film.



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