Twin Strangers Net: What This Does and How to Use It?

twin strangers net

In order to keep up with the initial demand created by a new Internet entertainment initiative, Vision Independent Productions (VIP) needed a robust web application built on an accelerated schedule to meet the initial demand for the TWINSTRANGERS concept.

Which of my friends is the Twin Stranger?

Passport-style image of your face (looking straight in the camera) must be uploaded before you complete your registration. Gender, username, and password are optional (which we will only use to communicate with you ).

For less than 50 cents per credit, you can begin purchasing AI search credits. Your primary profile image is automatically submitted for analysis and is immediately compared to up to two million other user profiles upon successful payment. Your top 100+ results are saved in your AI search folder.

To find more matches, try uploading a different image and searching again.

In order to connect with another person who shares your phenotype, you can add the person to your “My Twins” folder and notify them of your intention to do so (by staring).

After signing up, you can add an additional five photos to your profile gallery for your twin to use in face-to-face comparisons of their own.

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How long will it take for me to locate my long-lost twin?

Finding your TwinStranger has never been easier than it is with TWINSTRANGERS.COM. You’ll have the best chance of finding him or her here, as thousands sign up each week.

There’s a good chance that your “exact” facial twin will find you, even if you don’t initially find anyone else who is. To date, we’ve played countless games of TS. Check out our Facebook page to see the most recent Twin Stranger pairings.

The more pictures you have in your gallery, the easier it will be for your Twin Stranger to find you, and the more confident you will be that your Twin Stranger is a perfect match!

The process of finding my Twin Stranger is taking a long time.

A: That’s great! In your photographs, make sure that we can clearly see you. If your picture is too dark, blurry, taken from an unusual angle, has a filter, or shows you making a face, or has other people in it, your Twin Stranger will never be able to find you. (For more information, see our video).

You are permitted to upload a total of five images to your gallery; however, only the first image is used in the AI comparisons.. A straight-on shot of your face from directly in front of you should be your first priority (not above or below). No sunglasses, hats, or scarves please; it is critical that your entire face be visible, especially for AI searches.

Finally, let others know about this opportunity. A twin stranger or their friend may discover you if you spread the word about TwinSpirit!


Why can’t I find a way to alter my profile photo?

A: You can do this by logging in. Right-click on “My Profile.” Click the first box under ‘upload your images’ to begin the upload process.

You’ll see a button to upload your file. The first image you upload to your image gallery, your profile image, is the most important because it is the image our AI software uses in its analysis.

What Is the Best Way to Communicate with Someone I Believe to Be My Twin Stranger?

The “connect” Button Appears After You Have “starred” Someone in Your “my Twins” Folder.

A: If You Think You’ve Found a Twin Stranger, Click on The “connect” button. Your Email Addresses Will Be Revealed to Each Other if They Click on The ‘connect’ Button as Well. Get in Touch with Them via Email and You Never Know What Could Happen…

How Will I Know if They Don’t Want to Talk?

When You’re a Twin Stranger, Some People Are Happy to See a Picture of You. A: This Breaks Our Hearts as Well:

But Don’t Be Alarmed! There Are Said to Be Seven Twin Strangers in The World, so Hopefully One of Them Is Looking for A Friend.

My Username and Password Are No Longer Working.

A: To Reset Your Password, Go to The Sign-In Page and Click the ‘forgotten Password?’ Link Under Login. an Email with Instructions on How to Reset Your Password Will Be Sent to Your Email Address.

My Username Has Gone Missing.

For Your Convenience, You Can Also Use the Email Address You Provided when Signing up For Your Account. in The Top-Left Corner, Next to Your Profile Photo, You’ll See Your Username.

Can You Help Me Remember the Email Address I Used to Sign Up?

You’ll Need to Re-Register if You’ve Lost Both Your Username and Email Address for This Account.

Security and Membership In the Club

What Is the Cost of Being a Member of Twin Strangers?

It’s Completely Free to Join…! There Is No Fee for Uploading and Registering Your Image. Credits for Artificial Intelligence (ai) Are Not Required. You Can Be Found by Other Users by Uploading Your Picture and Registering.

In Order to Use Your Ai Scanning Service, What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

A: Visa, Master Card, and American Express Are All Accepted. Pay Pal Is Another Option for Making a Payment.

Is It Safe to Use Twin Strangers

In Order to Protect Your Privacy and Data, We Use SSL to Encrypt All of Our Website’s Connections.

We Do Not Keep Any Credit Card Information on File, and All Credit/debit Card Transactions Are Processed Through a Third-Party Payment Gateway Under the Supervision of A Governmental Agency. All Credit/debit Transactions Are Safe and Secure Thanks to Stripe, Our Preferred Payment Gateway Provider.

What Is the Procedure for Deactivating My Account?

A: We’ll Miss You, but You Can Always Deactivate Your Account. Log in To Your Account and select My Account at The Top of The Page. Make Sure You Follow the Directions. Note: All Data Will Be Permanently Erased from The System. Undoing a Mistake Is Not Possible.

What Happened to My Account?

A: The Mission of Twinstrangers.Com Is to Connect People Who Are Looking for A Human Doppelganger. a Cat, a Hand, the Devil, or Anything Else that Isn’t a Human Face Isn’t What We’re Looking For.

Your account will be deleted if your profile pictures don’t show a human face. Accounts containing sexually explicit material will also be deleted. You will not be notified, and you will not be eligible for a refund at this time.


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