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Dracula Untold Ending Explained: Who Turned Into a Dracula in The Film?

The untold ending of Dracula has been explained: The most frequently asked questions regarding the movie are answered below.

The 2014 film Dracula Untold, directed by Gary Shore, is a popular adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Luke Evans plays the lead role in this dark fantasy action horror picture, which also stars Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon, and Charles Dance.

Plot Summary

Dracula Untold Ending Explained

Vlad Drăculea is the Prince of Wallachia and Transylvania in the 15th century.

While growing up, he was raised in the Ottoman sultan’s palace and trained as a soldier in the elite Janissary corps, where he became one of the most feared warriors in the empire.

Slaughtering hundreds with spears, he was known as “Vlad the Impaler, Son of the Dragon,” but he was sickened by his actions and abandoned his past.

Ahead of an Ottoman assault, Vlad the Impaler discovers a helmet in a stream and mobilizes his troops to stop it.

Crushed bone carpets the cave at the summit of Broken Tooth Mountain, which is reached by the stream.

A terrifying humanoid thing attacks them in the blackness of the cave, murdering everyone on Vlad’s guard.

It is revealed to Vlad by a monk that the creature is Caligula, a Roman vampire who was enticed into the cave by a demon for personal achievement and enormous powers but was locked there as the price for this.

Dracula Untold Ending Explained

He returns to his castle. When an Ottoman force arrives at the castle, Vlad and Mirena and their son, Îngeras, enjoy Easter with their family.

The ambassador wants an additional 1,000 youths to be trained as Janissaries in addition to the customary payment of silver coins.

Vlad has no intention of complying. In Mirena’s opinion, Vlad can persuade Sultan Mehmed II to be more lenient.

Mehmed refuses to accept Vlad’s son as a substitute for the boys; instead, he demands Vlad’s son in addition.

Vlad, forewarned of impending conflict, returns to the Broken Tooth Mountain cave, hoping to enlist the vampire’s assistance.

The vampire warns Vlad of the repercussions of his actions and offers him some of his blood in exchange for Vlad becoming briefly possessed by vampire abilities. He can revert to human form if he can hold off on drinking human blood for three days.

This will keep him from ever being liberated, and it will also allow the ancient vampire to be freed since he has made a worthy sacrifice to serve the darkness. Vlad has agreed to the offer.

after learning he has the power to manifest himself as a bat cloud, he sets out to test this newfound talent. On his return, the Ottoman army attacks Castle Dracula, but Vlad single-handedly defeats them all.

Cozia Monastery serves as a haven for a majority of the castle’s residents. After seeing him carrying silver in order to make himself weak when near his people, Mirena learns of Vlad’s curse.

His subjects are also suspicious of Vlad’s rapid growth in power. There was an Ottoman army attack on the monastery that night.

It is revealed that the soldiers are actually a decoy force that allows a few Turkish infiltrators to infiltrate the monastery, killing many and kidnapping Îngeras.

Dracula Untold Ending Explained

Mirena falls off the edge of the monastery wall as she tries to protect her kid. His incredible speed can’t get him to her in time. As she expires, Mirena begs Vlad to swallow her blood and lift his curse before the sun rises so that he can save their kid.

It is only after Vlad grudgingly consumes her blood that the final transition into a full-blooded vampire takes place and he breaks the mystical barrier imprisoning him, freeing the ancient vampire from his cave.

Black storm clouds appear to obscure the sun while he performs this. In the monastery, Vlad reanimates the corpses of those he has already turned into vampires. Mehmed prepares for a huge European invasion in the Ottoman army’s camp.

The scared Ottoman troops are slaughtered by Vlad and his vampires, who come concealed by a massive lightning storm. Meanwhile, Vlad pursues Mehmed, the guy who has Ingeraş imprisoned.

With the knowledge that vampires are weakened by silver, Mehmed has coated the floor of his tent with silver coins, rendering Vlad’s strength and speed human, and weakening his vision — as Mehmed fights him with a silver sword.

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Dracula Untold Ending Explained

As he is about to stab Vlad in the heart with a wooden stake, he is overpowered by Vlad, who changes into a swarm of bats and manages to elude him. He kills Mehmed with a stake and consumes his blood, assuming the moniker “Dracula, Son of the Devil.”

Before his army of vampires can prey on him, Vlad orders Îngeraș out of the way and clears the storm clouds, allowing the vampires, as well as himself, to burn and die in the light.

Because someone had noticed Vlad’s temperament and wanted to serve him, the man who pulled his body out of the sun and gave him his blood revived him.

When Vlad is assumed dead and Europe is rescued from the Ottoman invasion, Îngeras is crowned Prince of Wallachia.

During Vlad’s present-day adventures in modern-day London, he encounters a woman named Mina, who bears a striking resemblance to Mirena.

From afar, Vlad’s vampire tormentor keeps an eye on them. “Let the games begin!” he yells as he pursues them.

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In Dracula Untold, who morphed into Dracula?

Dracula Untold Ending Explained

Upon entering the cave, he encountered an enslaved Dracula. Vlad is offered Dracula’s blood in exchange for becoming a vampire.

He promises Vlad that if he can withstand human blood for three days, he would revert to a regular human person and be able to defeat his enemy.

As soon as she spots him wearing silver, Vlad’s wife realizes that something is off with her husband’s new powers.

To prevent Vlad from indulging in his primal drive to drink human blood, a silver cross would be ideal.

In the end, Vlad’s assassin is able to deceive him, take his son, and force his wife over a castle wall.
In order to discover their kid, Vlad’s dying wife asks him to drink her blood and transform into a formidable superhuman.

Once Vlad is able to reclaim his son, the entire Dracula army is exposed to sunlight, which causes them all to rot and die.

When someone takes Vlad out of the sunlight and serves him the blood, he takes it down gulp-style.

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Dracula Untold Ending Explained

A blonde woman is shown to have the same attributes as his departed wife at the end of this film. Following their exchange, the two depart the scene together.

This man appears like the cursed caveman and follows them as they say, “Let the games begin” as they walk.

He became a Dracula and lived on for centuries in the modern-day setting of the final scene, which is why he looks exactly the same.

They reconcile in this time and place as they had imagined earlier in the movie with the blonde woman Vlad meets who appears to be his deceased wife reincarnated.

The cursed guy from the cave, who is going to torment Vlad, is following them.


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