Field of Dreams Ending Explained: The Costner Movie’s Real Meaning!

Field of Dreams Ending Explained

Based on W. P. Kinsella’s 1982 novel Shoeless Joe, Phil Alden Robinson wrote and directed the 1989 American sports fantasy drama film Field of Dreams.

The movie stars Ray Liotta as Shoeless Joe Jackson, and Kevin Costner as a farmer who creates a baseball field in his cornfield that draws the spirits of baseball icons, including the Chicago Black Sox and Shoeless Joe Jackson Ray Liotta.

Burt Lancaster in his final acting performance and James Earl Jones, along with Amy Madigan, also star.

On May 5, 1989, it was released in theatres. The movie was nominated for three Academy Awards—Best Picture, Best Original Score, and Best Adapted Screenplay—and garnered generally favorable reviews from critics.

It was determined to be “culturally, historically, or aesthetically important” by the Library of Congress in 2017 and chosen for preservation in the United States National Film Registry.

Plot Summary

Field of Dreams Ending Explained

Ray Kinsella resides on his corn farm in Dyersville, Iowa, with his wife Annie and daughter Karin. He worries about growing old with nothing to show for it because of the strained relationship he had with his beloved baseball fan and late father, John Kinsella.

One night he hears a voice whispering, “If you build it, he will come,” as he strolls across his cornfield. He has a vision of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, who really passed away in 1951, standing in the center of a baseball diamond in a cornfield.

Despite the risk to their finances, Annie believes in him and permits him to plow part of their corn crop down to construct a baseball field.

Ray tells Karin about the 1919 Black Sox Scandal as he works on the field.

After a few months have passed, Shoeless Joe reappears, asking if anyone else wants to play, then returns with the other seven Black Sox players just as Ray is starting to question his abilities.

Mark, Annie’s brother, cannot see the participants. He offers to buy the couple’s land and informs them they are about to declare bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, the voice exhorts Ray to “alleviate his anguish.” At a PTA meeting that Ray and Annie attend, Annie confronts a person who wants to outlaw books by Terrence Mann.

Ray surmises that the voice was Mann, who had given one of his characters the name “John Kinsella” and had previously stated that one of his childhood dreams was to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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Field of Dreams Ending Explained

Ray finds Mann in Boston after he and Annie experience the same dream about them going to a game at Fenway Park.

Mann, a hermit, consents to go to one game. Ray sees statistics for Archie “Moonlight” Graham, who played in one game for the New York Giants in 1922 but never got to bat, on the scoreboard and hears the voice telling him to “go the distance.”

Mann also acknowledges seeing the scoreboard and hearing the speaker. After learning that Graham, a doctor, had passed away years previously, they proceed to Minnesota via car.

When Ray finds himself in 1972, he meets an old Graham who claims to have cheerfully given up baseball for a fulfilling career in medicine.

Ray picks up young Archie Graham, a hitchhiker who is searching for a baseball team to join, on the way back to Iowa.

Later, Ray reveals to Mann that his father tried to force him to take up baseball despite his father’s desire to play the sport himself.

When Ray was 14, he stopped playing catch with his father after reading one of Mann’s works, and they grew distant when Ray made fun of John for having “a hero who was a criminal.”

Ray freely acknowledges that his biggest regret is that his father passed away before they could make amends. When they arrive at the farm, they notice that several all-star players have come and are fielding a second team.

Graham eventually gets to take the field in a game. The following morning, Mark reappears and threatens Ray with foreclosure unless he sells the land. Karin is adamant that spectators will pay to attend games.

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Field of Dreams Ending Explained

Mann concurs, predicting that “people will come” to relive their youth. Karin is unintentionally knocked from the bleachers while Ray and Mark fight.

Graham saves her even though he knows he won’t be able to after leaving the field. He tells Ray that he has no regrets after reverting to the old Doc Graham.

The other players applaud him as he returns to the cornfield, but Shoeless Joe shouts, “Hey, rookie!” before he can blend into the grain.

Shoeless Joe purposely tells Graham, “You were good,” as he comes to a stop. Doc Graham smiles, walks back toward the corn, and disappears into it as his eyes begin to well up with tears.

Mark suddenly notices the players as well and exhorts Ray to maintain the farm. Mann enters the corn at Shoeless Joe’s invitation and vanishes there.

Ray is upset that he wasn’t invited, but Joe corrects him, stating, “If you build it, he will come,” while casting a glance across at the catcher at home plate.

Ray identifies the catcher as his father when he was a young man when he takes off his mask. Ray understands that by “ease his anguish,” he meant his own regrets.

In the beginning, Ray does not identify with John as his father when introducing him to his wife and daughter.

Ray, who addresses John as “Dad,” asks if he wants to have a catch as he starts to walk towards the cornfield.

As hundreds of vehicles are seen driving toward the field, fulfilling the promise that spectators will arrive to watch baseball, John accepts with enthusiasm.

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Last Review

Field of Dreams Ending Explained

The Natural, a legendary and spellbinding movie released in 1984, celebrated the heroism of the lone individualist while honoring America’s national pastime.

In Field of Dreams, baseball serves as a springboard for reflections on human aspirations, making amends for past wrongs, perseverance, and the magical times when life on Earth appears almost paradisal.

Kevin Costner’s character Ray Kinsella, his wife Annie Amy Madigan, and their young daughter reside on a farm in modern-day Iowa Gaby Hoffman.

Ray constructs a baseball field in his cornfield after hearing a mysterious voice say “if you create it, he will come” so that shoeless Joe Jackson, who was prohibited from playing baseball following the infamous 1919 Chicago Black Sox incident, can do so once more.

Ray obeys other instructions from the voice and brings back to Iowa a burnt-out 1960s novelist James Earl Jones and a Minnesota doctor Burt Lancaster who never got to play more than one inning in the major leagues as a young man, despite it putting his family in serious financial peril and earning him the scorn of the conservative community.

Field of Dreams Ending Explained

The baseball field in this fantasy movie, which is based on W. P. Kinsella’s 1982 novel Shoeless Joe, is where these people’s aspirations are realized.

Other veteran players who are given another chance to play also make an appearance, including Shoeless Joe Ray Liotta.

Along with Ray, Ray’s father can be seen playing a therapeutic game of catch with him.

Director Phil Alden Robinson makes this Capraesque drama work with great emotional intensity when Ray’s father’s spirit responds to the question of whether or not there is a heaven, “It’s the place where dreams come true.”

Additionally, each performance merits applause.


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