Footfairy Ending Explained: Who Is the Serial Killer in The Movie?

Footfairy Ending Explained

In the suspenseful film Footfairy, starring Gulshan Devaiah and Sagarika Ghatge, a violent psycho killer mercilessly murders his victim before taking the victim’s lovely feet with him.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, the psychological thriller became the first movie to air exclusively on Indian television.

The movie had its exclusive premiere on &Pictures in October 2020, and it generated a lot of talks online.

The ending of Footfairy’s story, in particular, drew mixed reviews from both moviegoers and critics.

The murder trial of a serial killer who suffocates young girls to death and amputates their feet in order to take them with him as his mementos are the main subject of the Kanishk Varma-directed film.

Despite the fact that the plot of the &Pictures movie managed to win over the majority of viewers, there were a few flaws that were brought out by online users, most notably with Footfairy’s cliffhanger finale.

Who is the killer in Footfairy’s movie?

Footfairy Ending Explained

The psychological thriller Footfairy is Kanishk Varma‘s first film as a director. The movie is a suspenseful mystery that leaves viewers up to even more terrible theories about who might be the Footfairy killer.

It centers on the lives of Vivaan Deshmukh Gulshan Devaiah, who is portrayed as the CBI’s Sherlock Holmes, as he sets out on a quest to assassinate a serial killer.

The serial killer in this film is referred to as “Footfairy,” as the title of the &Pictures film suggests.

The murderer is given the aforementioned moniker as a result of his preoccupation with amputating the victim’s legs and taking them with him.

Joshua Matthews is the only person Vivaan decides to focus on due to the mounting pressure brought on by the surge in murders of Kunal Roy Kapur.

Joshua is the main suspect in Footfairy because of his peculiar behavior and enigmatic absences.

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Footfairy Ending Explained

But all Deshmukh needs to arrest the guy is hard evidence. Later, when Devika is seen taking care of her and Vivaan’s daughter, the movie jumps ahead 7 years.

In contrast, Vivaan travels to Mumbai to attend a funeral where he meets up with his coworker Harsh.

It is made known that Vivaan relocates to Banglore after being asked to quit his position as a result of Joshua filing a defamation suit against him.

Following his farewell to Harsh, Vivaan visits the scene of the crime. There, a little boy tells him that someone else had been there as well and had told him about the red suitcase that he had kept there years earlier.

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Footfairy Ending Explained

The child points to the railroad tracks when asked where the unidentified person was headed as the camera pans forward and the scene ends with an open ending.

Footfairy shows both the obscure fetish of the serial killer and the CBI officer’s fixation with finding the offender.

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Gulshan Devaiah

Footfairy Ending Explained

Indian actor Gulshan Devaiah primarily performs in Hindi movies.

For his parts in Hunterrr, Hate Story, and Shaitan, Devaiah is primarily recognized.

He was nominated for a Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut thanks to the positive reviews he received for his performance in Shaitan.

Early Life

Footfairy Ending Explained

Devaiah is a NIFT graduate who was born on May 28th, 1978 in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

He is the son of Bharat Electronics Ltd. employees Sri Devaiah and Pushpalata. He finished his primary schooling at St. Joseph’s Indian High School and Cluny Convent.

He obtained employment in the fashion sector following his graduation from NIFT and stayed there for ten years.

At Wigan & Leigh College, he also taught fashion to Bangalore students. Devaiah began his career in Bollywood with bit parts in Bangalore’s English theatre.

He traveled to Mumbai in search of more lucrative chances after appearing in various dramas.

Personal Life

From 2012 to 2020, he was married to Greek actress Kallirroi Tziafeta.


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