Is Kit Connor Gay? Get More Updates About His Life!

is kit connor gay

In May 2022, Connor, who portrays Nick, a bisexual character in Heartstopper, tweeted a response to fan speculation about his sexuality.

“Twitter is hilarious, man. According to what he tweeted, “Apparently some people on here know my sexuality better than I do….” In a May 2022 interview with Attitude, Joe Locke, who plays Nick’s boyfriend Charlie, defended Connor’s right to remain private about his sexual orientation.

That doesn’t mean they have a right to know everything about everyone else’s private lives, though.” “Some people assume that because someone is well-known, their private lives can be made public,” he said. Because you’re a part of a group or organization doesn’t mean you want your personal life to be public knowledge.

In May 2022, Connor explained to The Times why he has decided to keep his sexuality a secret. “I feel very strongly that I have no obligation to speak about my sexuality to the public,” he stated. As she put it, “It is a very private matter, but I am comfortable and confident.

” Connor, who keeps his own sexuality a secret, praised Heartstopper for including a character who is bisexual in Nick’s storyline. In his opinion, “Nick’s discovery of his sexuality and identity” should be explored in greater depth because “there isn’t much male bisexual representation,” as he put it.

For many of the Heartstopper cast, Locke explained to The Independent, sexuality is a fluid concept. When it comes to a show like Heartstopper, “you can’t create an atmosphere where a young person has to come out before they are ready or [before] they understand their sexuality,” he said.

It’s not necessary for an actor to be gay to play a gay character, according to Locke. It would be homophobic for actors to portray gay characters as a stereotype, and the industry would have to adapt, he said.

Actors portraying queer characters should be fierce and strong allies and knowledgeable about the characters they are portraying, in my opinion. In my opinion, that’s true of every job.”

is kit connor gay He also stated in an interview with NME that his “biggest motivation” to star in Heartstopper was to bring more bisexual characters to the screen. The lack of representation of bisexual characters, particularly male bisexual characters, is one of the main motivations.

Even though I know Sex Education has a major male bisexual character,” he said, “there really aren’t that many [on screen]. There is a lot of emphasis on that in this show. Nick’s quest to discover his sexuality is a major plot point.

In a show like this, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Even though we’ve done our best to be inclusive and representative, no two people’s lives are the same. The queer community, in particular, needed a safe haven, and we did everything we could to provide it.

It was Nick’s sexual orientation that drew Connor to the character in the Heartstopper book, according to Connor. “I was approached by my agent to play Nick Nelson for a variety of reasons.

The first volume of Heartstopper [the graphic novel] was included in a self-tape, which I read and found to be fantastic,” he gushed. Although bisexuality is not widely depicted in media, Heartstopper’s depiction of male bisexuality is particularly well-developed. That was a fresh and innovative approach that I hadn’t seen before.

He also spoke to Untitled Magazine about the ways in which he and Nick are alike and apart. According to him, “I’m sure a lot of people can see themselves in Nick,” and he tries to play him as someone who is both popular and confident, but also vulnerable and sensitive.

In everyday life, I’m not particularly extroverted or self-confident. That’s probably the main difference between us.'” A lot of people, including myself, have been scared to explore our personalities and sexuality or make major life changes because of this fear, but Nick has shown incredible courage in doing so.

Unlike his co-star Locke, Connor has kept his sexuality a secret. During a May 2022 interview with The Independent, Locke revealed that he is gay and that growing up on the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom made him feel “different” because of his sexual orientation.

However, “I wasn’t a target of any sort of bullying in school,” he said, “but I was different and I went through periods of being more introverted than I’d prefer.” It’s easy to forget when you’re older that being a teenager can be a real pain in the** at times. School is the only thing that matters when you’re that young. It’s all you’ve ever known.


What other people think of you affects your entire life, especially your chances of finding a romantic partner. In a way, I’m still here, because I’m still in school. For those who do not feel comfortable in the classroom, the school has the potential to be an unpleasant experience.

In an interview with Attitude magazine,Kit Connor  also spoke about how he felt isolated in school because of his sexuality. A universal school experience is shared by all queer students, but there are also differences.

is kit connor gay

That’s what he believes. No way am I going to say that I was bullied.” Only a few people have ever said anything negative about me. Charlie has a lot of difficulty with that. It’s possible that going to an all-boys school has its advantages and disadvantages.

According to him, “I went to a co-ed state school, and I had more female friends than male friends,” he continued. Charlie, in particular, must have found it difficult, given the circumstances.

After coming out in high school, Locke spoke to The Independent about how he saw a shift in attitudes toward the LGBTQ+ community, particularly among younger people. However, he added, “A lot has changed in recent years, but there is still much work to be done.”

Different is seen as a bad thing in many schools and by other teenagers because you don’t fit in with a certain norm that’s seen as acceptable. That, in my opinion, makes life more difficult in some ways.

I’m hoping that as more and more millennials start having children and raising them, things will begin to change. However, I believe we’re nearing the end of a generation that wasn’t as accepting as the one before it.

People in my class made comments to classmates who stood out as being unusual. This is partly due to the fact that, as a teenager, you are still learning who you are. One way to do this is to attack other people. That may not be the case. The good news is that we can learn new strategies for improving the situation.

According to Locke, he could see himself in a scene in Heartstopper where Nick is asked to take a BuzzFeed quiz to find out if is gay. At Locke’s high school, the classic BuzzFeed “Are you gay?” quiz was a popular trend.

According to one student, “If your score was above some threshold…then you might be gay.” Aside from playing Disney’s first openly gay prince, his “dream role” would be to star in more projects that “mean something.” “I would love to play the first openly gay Disney prince,” he said. “What a fantasy!”

According to Locke’s Behind the Blinds interview, he saw himself and his own queer experience in Charlie from the perspective of the Hearstopper comic, which he talked about in the interview.

As soon as he learned about the audition, he began reading the comics and realized how similar Charlie and his school days were to his own. Since there are not many shows out there depicting positive aspects of growing up as a gay person, “I just thought it was really great that there’s a story in which we can show younger gay kids that they deserve happiness,” she says.


For Locke, “unapologetic queer love” is a rarity on the big screen, and he was inspired by the script of Heartstopper because of the lack of it on the big screen. “Charlie’s story is relatable to so many queer people.

As soon as I started reading the script, I realized that Charlie was a more introverted version of myself. My first reaction was, ‘Oh my God, this is me.’ “Wow, that’s strange,” he exclaimed.

“I appreciate the script’s discussion of queer love, a subject that is rarely addressed in popular culture. In Heartstopper, queer love is unapologetically expressed. It’s refreshing to see characters who don’t ever feel bad about who they are or feel ashamed to be who they truly are.

To see it in action is so uplifting! The mood on set was always upbeat and positive, and everyone seemed genuinely happy to be working on such a complex and nuanced queer story. It was a truly encouraging atmosphere, and it really comes across in the show.”

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Kit Connor stars in the television series Heartstopper

With a title like “Heartstopper,” Alice Osman has created an original British webtoon and graphic novel. Charlie Spring, a gay high school student, is the story’s central figure.

While Nick Nelson remains close by in his new form, the gay teen falls in love with him. Additionally, he comes to know Nick and Charlie’s friends Tao (also known as Tao), Isaac (also known as Isaac), and Elle.

is kit connor gay

The broadcast rights were purchased by See-Saw Films in 2019, and Netflix purchased the distribution rights in 2021. The teaser was released on March 16, 2022, and the series was shot between April and June of that year. Yasmin Finney plays Elle Argent and Connor plays Nicholas Nelson in the show. Mr. Ajayi is played by Fisayo Akinde, and Coach Singh is played by Chetna Pandya, among others.

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What College or University Did Kit Connor Attend?

Hayes Primary School in Kenly and Whitgift School in South Croydon were two of Kit Connor’s primary and secondary schools. Acting began at an early age for Kit when he was only 8 years old. In 2014, he landed his first lead role in “Get Santa” after guest appearances on Chickens, An Adventure in Space and Time, and Casualty.

 Kit Connor’s Parents

Caroline Connor and Richard Connor raised their son, Kit Connor, in a Christian home. Richard, his father, is a multi-talented senior art director in the advertising industry. He’s also worked as a content creator for apps and the web.

It’s not just him and his father who have a successful business: His mother is also an accomplished film producer. When discussing Kit Connor’s siblings, it is widely accepted that he has a brother named Ned. His parents got married on July 6, 2007, and have been together ever since.

Is Kit Connor related to other characters?

The answer to this question is, yes, Kit Connor does have a sibling. When it comes to his personal life, Kit Connor is extremely private. He hasn’t talked about his family on social media, and it’s unclear if he has any siblings.

As a result, nothing about his private life can be gleaned. Our search turned up a clue about his family tree, however, in the form of a Facebook post from his mother Carolina, who revealed that he has an older brother.



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