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is laurie anderson gay

With a net worth of $2 million, Laurie Anderson is a well-known American musician, composer, and performance artist. As a violinist and keyboardist, she is one of today’s most prominent performance artists, best known for her work in a wide range of experimental music and art rock genres.

She was born Laura Phillips Anderson in Glen Ellyn, Illinois on June 5, 1947.

Anderson’s first art piece performance was in the late 1960s when she was still studying to be a sculptor. It wasn’t until 1981, when “O Superman” peaked at number two on the UK pop charts, that she became a worldwide sensation.

The concert film Home of the Brave, released in 1986, marked her first foray into directing as well as acting. As a pioneer in electronic music, she has invented new devices that she has used in her recordings and performances.

She invented the tape-bow in 1977 and the talking stick in the late 1990s, among other things. For seven years, Laurie Anderson was Lou Reed’s wife. He died on October 27, 2013.


For a long time, the release of Laurie Anderson’s latest studio album, Homeland, had been anticipated with great anticipation. Homeland was originally scheduled to be released more than two years ago, but as Anderson continued to tour the material, he tweaked it a little more each time.

When Anderson was in Australia earlier this month to co-curate Sydney’s Vivid Festival with husband Lou Reed, she told the Sydney Star Observer, “It’s totally unrecognizable from how it started.”

A 50-story building without any plans? That’s how long it took me to put the album together because I’m an extremely spontaneous musician.

Since her last album, she has collaborated with artists as diverse as Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons and a Tuvan throat singing group from Siberia. The finished product is worth the nine-year wait.

“The Tuvans are one of my favorite ethnic groups because they have such a unique culture and way of life. They’re actually nomadic people.

is laurie anderson gay

My favorite singer, Antony, has a sound that is similar to that of the Tuvan throat singers. His is a fragile state on the verge of collapsing. When you think about it, they have a lot in common. ”

For example, the seven-minute disco number Only An Expert, which deals with the global financial crisis, is typical of Anderson’s wry commentary on contemporary America.

She alter ego, Fenway Bergamot (Anderson with stick-on eyebrows and a fluffy ‘tache), is also a source of inspiration, with his face on the cover and his voice on several tracks.

A windbag-type character, I think I first came up with him in the late ’70s.” Audio drag is a lot of fun because it allows you to let go of control. When I’d put Fenway back in the box, he’d take on a different personality each time I took him out. Toying around with it was a lot of fun.

Once I realized that I was sick of being on the cover, I decided to replace myself with him.” When you get tired of being yourself, it’s nice to be someone else.”

Anderson was pleased with the suggestion that this new album, which blurs gender lines, might be of particular interest to queer fans.

“Thanks for the suggestion. I’m a sucker for anyone who dabbles in gender confusion. The Coney Island Mermaid Parade will have about 10,000 people in drag and mermaid costumes following us in a float later this month. Lou and I will be the King and Queen of the parade. Is there anything better? There is no way!”

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The Career of Laurie Anderson

On an Automobile Horn, She Performed Her First Piece of Art in 1969. Laurie Anderson Earned Her Master’s in Fine Arts, Specialising in Sculpture, from Columbia University in 1972. in Addition to Working as An Art Critic and Instructor After Graduating, She Also Became an Illustrator for Children’s Books.

in ‘duets on Ice,’ One of Anderson’s Most Famous Performances from The 1970s, She Played the Violin on Ice Skates with Frozen Blades that She Removed After the Show. She Collaborated with Andy Kaufman, a Stand-Up Comedian, in 1978 at ‘the Nova Convention.’

O Superman, a Hit Single She Released in 1981, Was Sung and Spoken in Parts. She Rose to Fame and Acclaim as A Result of The Song’s Popularity. Her contract with Warner Bros. Records Also Includes a Seven-Year Album Deal with The Label. for Her Debut Album, Warner Bros.

Records Put out ‘big Science,’ out In 1982. Her Concert Film, ‘home of The Brave,’ Was Released in 1986 and She Directed and Starred in It.

Her Debut Album, 1989’s Strange Angels, Was a Critical and Commercial Success. on This Album, Anderson Made a Deliberate Effort to Put More Emphasis on Her Singing than She Had Previously. Bobby Mc Ferrin, a Singer, Is Also Featured on This Cd.

During Her Residency at Nasa in 2003, Anderson Was Inspired to Create “the End of The Moon,” a Live Performance Piece.

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Laurie Anderson’s Biographical Information

The Album “o Superman” Was Released in 1981 and Topped the “village Voice Pazz & Jop” Singles Chart, as well as The Uk Songs Charts. She Was Awarded the Gish Prize in 2007 for Her “significant Contribution to The Beauty of The Planet and The Enjoyment and Knowledge of Life by Mankind.”

Distinguished Artist-In-Residence at Troy, New York’s Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (rpi) Was Awarded to Her in 2012. the American Musician, Composer, and Photographer Lewis Allan “Lou” Reed Married Her in 2008. an Intimate Colorado Wedding Was Held for This Well-Known Singer-Songwriter, and The Couple’s Union Was only Made Public Following a Reception in New York City.


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