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Man of Medan Ending Explained: The Dark Pictures Anthology!

Man of Medan Ending Explained

A 2019 interactive drama survival horror video game, Man of Medan—also known as just Man of Medan—was created by Supermassive Games and released by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

It is the first in a planned eight-part series of standalone horror video games called The Dark Pictures Anthology, developed and released by the same businesses.

Man of Medan centers on four college students and the captain of the yacht Duke of Milan who goes on a diving expedition in search of the wreckage of a WWII plane in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean close to French Polynesia.

The five main characters first come into conflict with a band of pirates, who then compel them to travel the seas in pursuit of something dubbed the “Manchurian Gold.”

They eventually come upon what appears to be a ghost ship where they encounter visions of phantom animals.

The game’s principal actor, Shawn Ashmore, portrays Conrad, a member of the dive squad. On August 30, 2019, Man of Medan became available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Little Hope, the second game in the anthology, debuted on October 30, 2020, and House of Ashes, its sequel, debuted on October 22, 2021.

Plot Summary

Currently, brothers Alex Kareem Alleyne and Brad Chris Sandiford along with Alex’s girlfriend Julia Arielle Palik, Julia’s brother Conrad Shawn Ashmore, and the ship’s captain Fliss are getting ready for a diving excursion into the South Pacific Ocean Ayisha Issa.

Alex and Julia are looking for a rumored World War II airplane wreck. In the meantime, the Duke of Milan, Fliss’ boat, is struck by a bunch of fishermen.

Following the celebration by the expedition group, the fisherman under the leadership of Olson Kwasi Songui assaults the boat and kidnaps the main characters; Brad may choose to hide.

Conrad makes an effort to steal the fishermen’s speedboat; depending on the outcome, he may be successful and escape, get caught, or die while making the theft.

In his captivity, Olson learns the location of the supposedly lost Manchurian Gold treasure and sets out to find it with the Duke’s crew.

The fisherman board the ship, the SS Ourang Medan, which the Duke of Milan smashes into, stealing the Duke of Milan’s distributor cap to stop the crew from running away.

The characters promptly plot their escape and attempt to reclaim the distributor cap. After Fliss is recaptured, the group splits off, with the others secretly following Brad, who is either also captured or abandons the Duke and rejoins Fliss.

Both groups start to see unknown hazards, which could lead to fatalities: Conrad, if he was still imprisoned, pursues Fliss and is pursued in turn by a female nurse. Alex and Julia are attacked by Olson and a hallucinogenic version of Alex.

Fliss searches the lower deck of the ship, possibly alongside Brad, and discovers the Manchurian Gold, a chemical substance that is leaking.

The survivors gather themselves and move toward the radio room to make an evacuation request. They make contact with the military, giving them the opportunity to divulge their coordinates and ship’s name.

Once more splitting up, one squad moves deeper into the generator room while the other stays with the radio.

Manchurian Gold was actually a hallucinogenic bioweapon created during World War II to cause hallucinations in victims, the team traveling to the engine room successfully reactivates the power.

One of the protagonists on the radio chooses to look into the shooting after hearing a gunshot while Olson pursues.

If Alex stayed behind, they all fall to their deaths along with him and he discovers Olson dead before being bitten by rats, maybe shattering the distributor cap, and/or passing away.

If Alex left the radio room, there will only be one protagonist looking into it. The distributor cap is either retrieved or lost in the melee as the protagonist is coerced into a battle with Olson.

A cargo door is sent crashing down on Olson to murder him if at least one of the protagonists of the generators survives, and the other protagonist either escapes or is similarly crushed.

In any other case, Olson murders the radio hero before having a heart attack.

The Duke of Milan’s distributor cap is preserved or destroyed, the military is summoned for aid, and the ship’s identity is revealed.

The destiny of the group is determined by player choice. The survivors regroup on the outer deck of the ship.

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Man of Medan Ending Explained

Second World War Prelude

Two troops are returning to their ship, the Ourang Medan, during World War II as Man of Medan begins.

A suspicious set of crates that are securely fastened and will be watched intently are loaded onto the ship.

Through collectibles, players discover that the boxes were placed in a Cargo Hold that was off-limits.

During its sea voyage, the Ourang Medan encounters some bad weather, and lightning strikes one of the crates, releasing a green vapor.

As the ship was filled with this green gas, the soldiers started to perish one by one.

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How to Save All Characters

It would be challenging to bring the characters to safety when most or all of them were having hallucinations, but the key is to accept that nothing is real.

In Man of Medan, the Dark Pictures Anthology Curator repeatedly warns the player that nothing is as it seems, serving as a cue to approach everything with caution.

A crucial scene occurs when one individual begins to resemble a monster and another sees a rat bursting from their breast; either way, they react, they will lose one of the group.

However, by remaining silent, the group will manage to seize the distributor cap, fix Fliss’ boat, and make their way to safety.

The military will show up and either kill the children or imprison them if the group radios for assistance.

Utilizing the hat and resisting the visions is the only surefire way to make it through the Ourang Medan.

Any other decision will lead to a poor conclusion, but the troop riding off to safety is the best outcome in Man of Medan.

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The Ourang Medan Was a Real Ghost Ship

Although all of the game’s events are made up, the SS Ourang Medan was a real ship with a well-known tale attached to it.

The crew of the Ourang Medan, which means “Man of from Medan,” allegedly perished under mysterious circumstances and was given the nickname “ghost ship” in the late 1940s.

There are a variety of stories as to what transpired to the crew of the Ourang Medan, one of which is that the vessel picked up Japanese chemical weapons that were being held in China and that they unintentionally detonated.

Clearly, a fan of this notion, game developer Supermassive Games incorporated it into its own spooky tale.

Fans may get a taste for the game via the Little Hope teaser trailer, though it’s unknown whether the upcoming Dark Pictures Anthology game, Little Hope, will adapt an urban legend or present a wholly original story.

The event will undoubtedly involve difficult decisions and a spooky environment, at the very least.

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