Carrie Bickmore Quits the Project: I’m Not Leaving the Project”!

Carrie Bickmore Quits the Project

TV and radio presenter Carrie Bickmore is an award-winning Australian talk show and current affairs, host.

With Tommy Little, she co-hosts “Carrie & Tommy” on the Hit Network and “The Project.”

In 2006, she appeared on the comedy talk show “Rove Live” as a regular cast member.

Gold Logie-winning television and radio host Carrie Bickmore OAM, born December 3, 1980, in Melbourne, is an Australian talk show and current affairs television and radio host.

Will She Quit the Project?

Carrie Bickmore Quits the Project



As of 2009, Carrie has been a co-host of The Project. For the past decade or so, she has traveled the world for stories including the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in New York, and interviewed celebrities like Brad Pitt and Will Ferrell.

Carrie’s star rose quickly, and in May of that year, she was honored with a TV Week Logie Award for Best New Talent. For her work as a presenter, Carrie was awarded the Silver Logie and the Gold Logie, respectively, for Most Popular Television Personality in 2015.

Taking advantage of the occasion, Carrie enlisted the help of others by encouraging them to wear a beanie in support of brain cancer research.

Carrie’s Beanies for Brain Cancer was born as a result of the overwhelming response. Since then, the charity’s beanie sales and the Brain Beats concert have raised more than $10 million for brain cancer research.

Carrie returned to the SCA Network in 2017 with her duo Carrie and Tommy, bringing her radio experience of over a decade to the table.

Having hosted Pink on a rooftop in LA and Katy Perry on the Sydney Harbour, Carrie and Tommy kick off their journey home with a bang.

Carrie Bickmore Quits the Project

Carrie was a member of Nova FM’s top-rated breakfast radio team before working on The Project for four years.

As a volunteer, Carrie participates in a wide range of charitable events and causes. She represents UNICEF in Australia’s neo-natal tetanus program.

It was in 2019 that Carrie was honored with the Medal of the Order of Australia for her service to the broadcast media and for raising awareness about cancer.

Carrie is the proud mother of Ollie, Evie, and Adelaide, three wonderful children. When she’s not at work, she enjoys participating in a dance class, pilates session, or simply spending time with her children in the park.

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Early Life

carrie bickmore quits the project

The Bickmore family moved to Perth, Western Australia when Bickmore was just a few years old.

Bickmore attended Perth College, an Anglican girls’ school, and then the Curtin University of Technology, where she graduated in 2000 with a bachelor of journalism degree.

For the sake of pursuing a career in the media, she relocated to Melbourne, Victoria, in 2001.

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Carrie Bickmore Quits the Project

That station’s announcer, Brian Bickmore, went on to hold management positions in the Austereo network after he retired from radio broadcasting. After this, she was made a regular newsreader at the station.

As a co-host of Nova 100’s drive show in Melbourne in 2002, Bickmore became the station’s afternoon newsreader in 2001.

During the 2005 Australian Commercial Radio Awards, Bickmore was a finalist for Best News Presenter.

They accepted the award on behalf of Nova 100 and were joined by Rebecca Leahy and Michael Colling, who received the award for the Best Community Service Project – Metro.

Bickmore’s television career began with the variety show Rove Live, where she hosted the weekly segment “Carrie @ the News Desk.” Often the news stories were based on real events, but the punchline was always a surprise.

Bickmore’s witty introductions were a running joke throughout the segment, in which she added a quip, often referencing social trends, music, and popular culture, such as: “Hello and welcome to the evening.

Aren’t you wishing your girlfriend were as sexy as I am, Carrie Bickmore?” When Bickmore returned to the show in 2007, she was given a more prominent position. As a result, Bickmore was awarded the prestigious Gold Logie.

When she accepted, she wore her beanie to show support for her late husband’s battle with brain cancer and to encourage the rest of the audience in doing the same.

She told the story of her husband’s fear of his scars and his use of beanies to cover them up during his acceptance speech, which served as the inspiration for the symbol.

Following her initial goal of raising $4,200,000 to fund brain cancer research in November 2015, she launched Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer two months later in January 2016.


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