Is Benedict Bridgerton Gay? Get More Updates!

is benedict bridgerton gay

In this season of Bridgerton, Benedict’s flirtation with Sir Henry Granville hinted that Lady Violet’s second oldest son was either gay or bisexual.

Because of this, it came as a shock to many fans when, in Season 2 (now streaming on Netflix), Benedict’s apparent interest in men vanished. Rather, he devotes all of his sexual and romantic energy to his former art school roommate, Tessa.

The fling between Benedict and Henry in Season 1 was never meant to imply that the former was gay, according to showrunner Chris Van Dusen.

To his credit, Van Dusen admits to TVLine, “I’ve seen a lot of discussion about Benedict’s sexuality in Season 1.” This friendship was really about tolerance in an extremely intolerant time, and it demonstrated Benedict’s ability to fit into that environment,” he says. The first season’s story is fantastic, and I’d love to see it continue in the future.”

In An Offer from a Gentleman, the third Bridgerton novel by Julia Quinn, Benedict falls in love with and marries Sophie, a woman who resembles Cinderella. The character’s “sexuality will become fluid” as the series progresses, according to Van Dusen, but “It was a conscious choice not to have it be fluid in Season 2,” he continues.

Bernard is still trying to figure out his place in this large family as the second son, Van Dusen adds. Due to his position as the eldest, he is exempt from carrying on the family name. As a second son, he has more freedom to pursue his creative interests.”

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An Offer from a Gentleman, the third Bridgerton novel by Julia Quinn, sees Benedict marry Sophia “Sophie” Beckett.

Season 2 of the show, on the other hand, focuses on Anthony’s love story rather than Benedict’s in the show.

In many ways, it’s a retelling of the Cinderella story from Disney. After meeting her at a masquerade ball, Benedict immediately falls in love with her. Benedict’s disappointment is compounded by the fact that she flees the party at midnight, leaving only a glove behind to aid him in his search.

Then, two years later, Benedict saves Sophia from a gang of men and offers her a job, all the while not realizing that she is his long-lost flame. In the midst of Benedict’s internal struggle over whether or not to propose to Sophia, the masked maiden appears in front of him.

It’s a good thing Netflix has already renewed Bridgerton for a third and fourth season, so hopefully, fans will get to see this epic love story on screen in the near future.

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Expansive sexuality of the Bridgton Brother

Those hoping for a gay storyline for Benedict this season will be disappointed, as the Bridgerton brother develops feelings for a girl he meets at art school instead.

is benedict bridgerton gay

Benedict’s sexuality is never explicitly mentioned in Season 1. Henry Granville, whom he appears to be feuding with in some scenes, is later revealed to be in a secret relationship with a man.


After separating from his mistress Sienna, Anthony Bridgerton decides it’s time to start looking for a wife in the second Bridgerton installment.

With Kate’s sole goal being to find a husband for her half-sister Edwina, Anthony falls in love with her.

As a result of the Queen naming Edwina the debutant season’s diamond, Anthony has set his sights on her as his future wife. When a love triangle develops between the three, Lady Whistledown will have her work cut out for her!

There are eight episodes of Bridgerton’s second season, which debuted on Netflix on March 25th.


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