Is Captain Sandy Gay? Get More Updates About Her Life!

is captain sandy gay

Yawn is talking about her relationship with Leah Shafer for the first time. Taking to Instagram, the CEO of Below Deck Mediterranean shared a heartfelt post about her relationship with her longtime girlfriend.

Captioning an image of her and Sandy on a luxurious cruise ship, she wrote, “Love is love and I love this woman!” on April 23, when she shared the picture. “When you are ready, love will find you as it did for me,” the Below Deck Med boss continued.

Leah couldn’t resist writing in the comments section of the post, expressing her love for Captain Sandy “LOVE US! This ship is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Wowza.”

As well as professing her love for Leah, Captain Sandy shared a photo of their Easter celebration together. ‘Happy Easter or whatever holiday you celebrate!’ she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post, which featured a beautiful picture of the two of them.

Earlier this year, Captain Sandy and Leah documented their trip to Los Angeles on Instagram, posting a series of photos from the trip. Leah wrote in the caption of her March 16 Instagram post, “Such a beautiful evening with my love [Leah] and our dear friend Maria.”

On her birthday, Captain Sandy shared an Instagram post in which she expressed her feelings for her boyfriend.

“My birthday is today, but I’m away from home for work. Isn’t this what it means to be loved? “That is what she wrote in the caption of her February 23 Instagram post, which featured an adorable video of Leah singing a romantic song for Captain Sandy to celebrate the Below Deck Med boss’s birthday.

Captain Sandy wrote, “Thank you, my love,” in response to the touching gesture.

Early Life

is captain sandy gay

For Sandy, the ocean and water activities were a natural part of her upbringing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she was born on February 23, 1965. At the age of 13, she began working as a part-time boat cleaner.

For many years she was raised by her mother and stepfather, who ran a hunting and meat processing business. Sandy had some prior knowledge of butchery as a result of this. But in the end, she decided to follow her dream of becoming a professional sailor.

In her opinion, she was a better captain than her predecessor, who she didn’t particularly like. So in 1994, Sandy Yawn graduated from the Maritime Professional Training Institute with a captain’s licence.


The native Floridian spent over a decade on the ship’s crew before earning the title of captain. She was hired as the captain of White Star, a ship that sailed Europe, after obtaining her licence.

Her first yacht, Tuscan Sun, was helmed by her in 2004. Being one of the few female yacht captains in the industry, she served as a role model for women all over the world.

She left the Tuscan Sun after more than four years to become the captain of Pure Bliss. She had already made a name for herself as a seasoned sailor who had made a number of successful voyages.

Reality Shows

In the hit series Below Deck, Bravo followed the lives of members of a yacht crew. Now there is a spin-off series called Below Deck Mediterranean, based on the original series.

is captain sandy gay

Yawn was chosen to captain Sirocco in the second season of the show, which aired in 2014. She took over as captain from Mark Howard and quickly rose to prominence as one of the show’s most admired characters.

Captain Sandy gained a reputation among her subordinates as a superb mentor. In addition, she actively participates in providing excellent service by staying abreast of all that is going on across the board. Others may think she’s micro-managing her employees!

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Salary and Assets

Sandy has been a member of the crew of Below Deck Mediterranean since season two. This is why she’s one of the highest-paid cast members in the entire franchise. She became a fan favourite.”

At least $120,000 to $150,000 a season is an average salary for captains of the lower decks.

Lee Rosbach, an experienced captain who earns in excess of $210,000 annually, can command a salary up to $75,000. There are also times when they receive massive tips from high-profile clients. Because of this, Yawn’s net worth is expected to be $400,000.

Personal Life

The lady in charge is a lesbian who is seeing Leah Shafer. On Facebook, they first met. Sandy and Leah moved in together in Denver, Colorado, just a few days after meeting face-to-face.

Specifically, the captain suffered a spontaneous coronary artery dissection in 2021. After a motorcycle accident in the past, she was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Sandy continues to be in good health in spite of these setbacks.

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What has Captain Sandy been up to lately?

In addition to Captain Sandy Yawn, another fan favourite from “Below Deck: Mediterranean,” we’d like to recognise Captain Leah Shafer, who lives in Denver, Colorado.

Sandy revealed to Bravo that she moved from Los Angeles to be closer to Leah in an interview. “I moved here because I was in love.” How wonderful!


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