Joey Styles Quits Wwe: Whatever Happened to Joey Styles?

Joey Styles Quits Wwe

Former professional wrestler and commentator Joey Styles was born Joseph Carmine Bonsignore on July 14, 1971, ECW and WWE are where most people first heard of him.

Styles worked as a full-time professional in New York City’s print advertising sales industry prior to joining WWE.

He began selling digital advertising with WWE and now works full-time in New York City selling digital advertising.

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Joey Styles “speaks” About Quitting Raw

Joey Styles Quits Wwe

On RAW last night, Joey Styles surprised everyone by announcing his resignation as lead announcer. As a result, the RAW announce table now has an open position.

There will be an announcement on on Wednesday regarding RAW’s lead announcer position. To see if he had any doubts about quitting, I called Joey this morning and asked him if he had any recollection of the conversation.

Possibly he was too engrossed in the moment or acted in a hurried manner? The only correspondence Joey wants from WWE at the moment is his final paycheck and his official release, even though he’s usually a nice guy. After that, he just hung up on me.

Styles is clearly in the same frame of mind as he was on Monday night. To get the other side of the story, I went to see Jerry Lawler.

Lawler seemed more remorseful than Styles just a few hours after the fight. “The King,” said, “I’m still shocked and surprised by Joey’s actions.”.

Joey Styles Quits Wwe

It seemed to me that after a night’s sleep, Joey would have a change of heart and come to his senses. Lawler’s perspective is unique because he has previously left WWE.

“Make the decision to leave this company in haste, I can tell you from personal experience. It was the worst mistake I ever made when I did it a few years ago “he stated.

Lawler has nothing against Joey Styles, despite what you saw on RAW. “I hope Joey doesn’t feel that I had any influence on his decision, and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

Regardless of whether or not Joey Styles regrets it, he is no longer RAW’s main announcer.

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Early Life

Joey Styles Quits Wwe

After moving from The Bronx to Connecticut when Bonsignore was in middle school, he has remained there ever since. His ancestry is Italian.

With its own television studio and radio station and its proximity to Pro Wrestling Illustrated headquarters, Hofstra University was Bonsignore’s first choice in college for a communications major.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated was his dream internship, and he eventually got it. He met Paul Heyman, his future boss, at a World Championship Wrestling show as a result of that internship.

At a subsequent meeting with PWI, Heyman was shown a tape of his announcing for the North American Wrestling Alliance by Bonsignore.

As a result, after Styles graduated from Hofstra University in 1993, Heyman hired him to work for ECW.

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Joey Styles Quits Wwe

After graduating from Hofstra University and working for Tony Capone’s North American Wrestling Alliance NAWA, Joey Styles became a wrestling announcer.

Former WWE announcer Craig DeGeorge, with whom he would frequently work in tandem, would often ask him to fill in when DeGeorge was unavailable. “NAWA Superstar Stats” was a segment Styles hosted where he discussed the wrestlers and their achievements.

Through mergers and acquisitions, the NAWA briefly aired on Sports channel America, which is now NBC Sports Network.

Extreme Championship Wrestling, which ran from 1993 to 2001, is where Styles is best known for his work. For his debut, he went to Philly’s Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular on June 19, 1993.

Styles was ECW Hardcore TV’s sole host and announcer for the first half of the show’s run. Styles brought his extensive wrestling knowledge, enthusiasm, and comedic timing to the broadcasts he did for television and pay-per-view.

In 1994, he briefly left ECW, only to return a few weeks later and continue his career. He was the first and only wrestling announcer in history to call a live pay-per-view event alone, at Barely Legal.

After a few years, he was joined on commentary by Rick Rude, Joel Gertner, and later Cyrus for pay-per-views in the later stages of promotion.

At the same time, Styles was employed full-time by News America Marketing, a subsidiary of News Corp. in New York City, in the area of advertising sales.


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