The Boys Season 3 Ending Explained: Why Maeve Encountered Hughie, Annie, and MM?

The Boys' Season 3 ending explained

The Boys Season 3 was a great addition to the series and not only moved character arcs along but also had an ending that is truly worth talking about, further demonstrating why it’s one of the best shows on Amazon Prime.

The series started off with an explosive three-episode premiere literally, followed by the crazy “Herogasm” episode, and everything else between and after.

Stay tuned and go on down below if you want to discuss how The Boys Season 3 ended and all the decisions that were taken, which will undoubtedly influence Season 4 when it airs.

The Boys Season 3 Release Date

The season was revealed at the aftershow for the 2020 San Diego Comic-Con@Home, which was presented by Aisha Tyler, ahead of the second-season debut on July 23, 2020.

The first three episodes of the series, which were made available on the streaming site Amazon Prime Video on June 3, 2022, were followed by the remaining episodes, which were available until July 8, 2022.

The Boys' Season 3 ending explained

Critics have praised the season’s narrative, black humor, action scenes, character development, plot, and performances, especially those of Urban, Starr, and Ackles. A fourth season of the show was ordered on June 10, 2022.

The Boys Season 3 Plot Summary

  • The CEO of Vought, Ashley, observed the camera footage showing Maeve to be alive, but she decided to covertly remove it rather than inform anyone at Vought that she was indeed still alive. Maeve will go down in history as a hero, and maybe she can retire peacefully.
  • So there’s that: The Deep preferred an octopus to his wife. But he also decided to carry out Homelander’s directive to drown Vice Presidential candidate Lamar Bishop in his pool. This makes it possible for Victoria Newman, a supe, to fill that role.
  •  Kimiko decided to have French inject her with Compound V once more toward the end of the season so she could aid in the battle against Soldier Boy and later Homelander. At first, Frenchie isn’t the biggest lover of the notion, but she realizes that they are family and that she will be okay as long as they are together.

The Boys Season 3 Production Team

American writer and television producer Eric Kripke created the third season of the American superhero television series The Boys, the first in the franchise based on the comic book series of the same name created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

In collaboration with Point Grey Pictures, Original Film, Kripke Enterprises, Kickstart Entertainment, and KFL Nightsky Productions, Sony Pictures Television produced the season.

The Boys Season 3 Cast Members

Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara, Nathan Mitchell, Colby Minifie, Claudia Doumit, and Jensen Ackles are among the cast members of the third season of the show.

The tale follows the titular Boys, who have made peace with the Seven and are now employed by Victoria Neuman’s Bureau of Superhero Affairs to capture troublesome Supers.

The Boys' Season 3 ending explained

The story takes place a year after the events of the previous season. In order to finally eliminate Homelander, Butcher starts looking into the circumstances behind the supposed demise of Soldier Boy, one of Vought’s original American superheroes.

While Vought tries to limit Homelander’s influence, his mental stability starts to deteriorate, and the other Seven members like Starlight and Queen Maeve help the Boys in their schemes against him.

The Boys Season 3 Ending Explained

Another significant event in Season 3 of The Boys was undoubtedly Annie leaving Vought. At the very end of the season finale, we witness her formally giving up her costume and joining the team alongside Hughie and the others.

This is a huge victory for The Boys since Starlight has recently found a new ability: she can literally fly if she has enough electricity.

Hughie showed this by turning on all the lights to assist Starlight. In light of that, she might end up becoming a crucial member of this team due to that particular incident. I, for one, am eager to see her join The Boys and form a permanent alliance with Hughie.

The Boys Season 3 Finale Episode

Homelander locates Ryan and persuades him to come back to him. Butcher decides not to hurt Hughie anymore and departs with Soldier Boy for New York. Hughie meets with Annie to express his regret for his errors.

After getting out of Vought’s care, Maeve encounters Hughie, Annie, and MM. Noir is killed by Homelander because he withheld the information that he was Soldier Boy’s son.

The Boys' Season 3 ending explained

Maeve, the Boys, Annie, and Butcher are all trapped in a safe room by Butcher and Soldier Boy before Maeve and Soldier Boy depart to assassinate Homelander. Soldier Boy attacks Homelander despite Homelander’s pleading for him to accept him.

Butcher, Maeve, and the coming Boys turn against Ryan when he tries to save Homelander since Soldier Boy also attacks him. Soldier Boy tries to unleash another blast, but Maeve knocks him outside while Homelander and Ryan flee the scene.

Following this, Butcher is in serious condition as a result of his use of V24, Annie joins the Boys, Soldier Boy is detained, Neuman launches her vice presidential campaign when the Deep assassinates her predecessor, and Homelander and Ryan attend a demonstration in support of the former.

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I still believe that Homelander is the very worst. He has hurt so many people and committed the worst crimes of all the supes. Therefore, it is not surprising that he committed some stunning acts in The Boys’ Season 3 finale.

Soldier Boy is actually Homelander’s biological father, which was a hugely startling revelation in Season 3. Homelander quickly learns that Black Noir was aware of this information for years.

Homelander confronts him about it when he gets back to Vought, and when Black Noir admits he knew, Homelander visibly loses it before figuratively punching Black Noir in the gut.

It’s a shame, considering Season 3 was the first time in a while that Black Noir had a real backstory; we learned about his upbringing and the reasons behind his peculiar behavior. Homelander now had to depart.


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