The Old Man Season 1 Ending Explained: What Portrays The Old Man Title?

The Old Man Season 1 Ending Explained

Here is a detailed explanation of The Old Man’s conclusion, including what the major revelations signify and potential directions for season 2.

The Old Man, a slow-burning spy thriller based on the Thomas Perry novel, stars Jeff Bridges as Dan Chase, a former CIA agent living off the grid who is forced to flee when his location is found.

When Chase and Harold Harper were both stationed in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan Battle, they both tried to support locals in a U.S. proxy war, aiding the warlord Faraz Hamzad and his wife, Abbey.

The Old Man Cast Featured

John Lithgow co-stars as Harold Harper, an FBI agent, in the film. Alia Shawkat portrays Emily, Chase’s daughter, in Being The Ricardo. Emily is a mole for the FBI, working for Harper as Angela Adams.

In order to elude those chasing him, Bridges’ Chase hires Amy Brenneman’s Zoe, a divorcee who is renting him a property. She proves to be considerably more adept at spycraft than she ever imagined.

The Old Man Season 1 Ending Explained

Chase is hunted by the FBI and CIA for the entirety of the season on the pretense that Hamzad wants to find and bring him to him.

Assassin operative Julian Carson, played by Gbenga Akinnagbe, and CIA agent Raymond Waters, played by E.J. Bonilla, are both drawn into the conspiracy in ways they never anticipated by Morgan Bote, an ex-high-level CIA chief, who appears to be pulling a lot of strings to help in this quest (or planned on).

The Old Man Plot Summary

The walls come tumbling down as Harper and Emily, played by Dexter actor John Lithgow, board a plane for the Middle East with the expectation that they will meet with Hamzad. As soon as they get to the airport, Emily’s cover is revealed to Harper, and she is taken, hostage.

The two are reunited after a long separation, and Harper utilizes his resources to find Chase. There, they are abruptly put in a predicament where they must cooperate to save Emily. When Harper learns that Hamzad has pursued Emily alone, the two form an odd alliance and force Harper to go rogue with Chase in an effort to save her.

In the meantime, Emily is introduced to her “actual” father, but it is unclear how much of this information she already knows and what The Old Man will gain from this encounter.

What Portrays The Old Man Title?

The Old Man’s title, which is extremely straightforward, suggests that it refers to Dan Chase, played by Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski. Nevertheless, it becomes gradually apparent during the season that it’s a far more vague moniker that can be used to describe a variety of personalities and situations.

The Old Man Season 1 Ending Explained

Chase is undoubtedly an “old man” in the literal sense, but he is also Emily’s or Angela’s “old man” in the patriarchal meaning. Harper, on the other hand, also serves as Emily/father Angela’s figure, making him The Old Man.

Harper refers to Hamzad as “The Old Man” in The Old Man season 1, episode 6, comparing him to the person in charge of the mayhem happening all around them. However, Hamzad is also The Old Man in a fatherly sense, as it becomes clear in the conclusion, as he is revealed to be Emily/biological Angela’s father.

Finally, The Old Man might be referring to Morgan Bote, the enigmatic former CIA director who raised Chase and Harper as his adopted kids inside the agency. The Old Man is a term that can be used in a variety of ways and denotes more than simply a smart moniker for the main character.

The Old Man Season 1 Ending Explained

Many of the puzzles in the episode are answered when Dan Chase exposes the important information regarding “his” daughter.

It suddenly makes sense for Hamzad to take the risk of murdering one American intelligence operative (Waters) and setting another (Harper) on fire in order to abduct a third (Angela).

The Old Man Season 1 Ending Explained

Belour and Hamzad’s argument about the much-ballyhooed precious metal mine turns out to be somewhat of a red herring.

And it has now come to light that Chase’s secrecy, which went above and beyond maintaining his family’s cover, was motivated by a desire to shield Angela from the most powerful man in Afghanistan, a guy with significant influence over the American government.

But there are numerous loose ends. What transpired to Carson after the deaths of Mike and Waters? How will Zoe turn out? If at all, how will Angela and Hamzad get along? Is Harper ready to join Chase and can Chase continue living on the run?

And last, what actually qualifies as being a father? Do you think it’s biological, as Hamzad claims? Is it relevant who raised you, even if Chase did so in deception? Or is it a question of mentoring, as Harper did?

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The contract struck between the American intelligence community and its friend Afghan warlord Faraz Hamzad is the subject of the season one finale of the show (Navid Neegahban). All indications point to Hamzad seeking retribution on Dan Chase for leaving with his wife and advisor Belour (Leem Lubany) in the past.

CIA Agent Raymond Waters (E.J. Bonilla) and his former allies Carson (Gbenga Akinnagbe) and Mike (Echo Kellum), freelancing special operators working for the enigmatic spymaster Morgan Bote (Joel Grey), implement a different strategy because Chase has proven to be extremely difficult to capture or kill.

Chase’s daughter Emily, posing as Angela Adams, an FBI agent working under Harold Harper, a rival of Chase, has been apprehended and poisoned. Emily/Angela will be freed if Chase agrees to a transfer into Hamzad’s hands. She will be sent to Afghanistan in his stead if he doesn’t.


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