After Life Ending Explained: Does Tony Die in After Life?

After Life Ending Explained

An American psychological horror thriller, After Life, was written and directed by Agnieszka Wójtowicz-Vosloo based on her own screenplay and was released in 2009.

Actors Liam Neeson, Christina Ricci, and Justin Long star in this film.

Plot Summary

After Life Ending Explained

Liam Neeson stars as Eliot Deacon, a funeral director who talks softly to the dead bodies he buries. Anna Taylor Christina Ricci is a middle school teacher who attends the funeral of her piano teacher, Eliot.

At a restaurant that night, Paul Justin Long and Anna Julianne Moore get into an argument. She gets into a car accident after she leaves the house in a huff.

Eliot, the funeral director, wakes her up on an embalming table in the funeral home and tells her she has died. His gift, he tells Anna, is to be able to communicate with the dead.

Among the photos in Eliot’s collection are those of corpses he has helped “transition.” In order to “relax the muscles and prevent rigor mortis from setting in,” Eliot administers a fictitious drug called hydronium bromide to Anna on a regular basis.

Eliot refuses to allow Paul to see Anna’s body because he is not related to her. Anna makes several failed attempts to flee. After all, Eliot tells her, she hasn’t been living anyway.

On her way out, Anna discovers a phone in the bathroom. She calls Paul, who thinks it’s a hoax. In a mirror, Eliot lets Anna see her corpse-like self and convinces her she has died.

As soon as one of Anna’s pupils spots her, she’s reported to Paul, who now believes she’s still alive.

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After Life Ending Explained

While visiting the funeral home, Eliot tells Anna’s student Jack Chandler Canterbury that they share a gift with Jesus, who raised Lazarus and offers to teach the boy more. In the video, we see him burying a live chicken in a box after he accepts.

Anna begs to see herself one last time as the funeral is getting ready for the final time. To prove Eliot’s innocence, she places a small mirror in front of her face and stares at it, noticing that her breath condenses on the glass. In the final injection, Eliot knocks her out.

It is at the funeral that Paul places the engagement ring that he had planned to propose to his girlfriend on her finger the night of the crash.

As Eliot taunts and encourages Paul to see for himself if Anna is really dead, Paul drinks heavily and acts aggressively towards him. Awakening to the sound of shoveling earth onto her casket, Anna is shown.

After Life Ending Explained

She screams and scratches the lid’s satin lining with her fingernails. Paul rushes to the cemetery in his drunken car. He’s been drinking.

Anna tells Paul she has always loved him as they embrace. As Eliot prepares Paul’s body, Paul inquires about the strange noise he’s hearing.

Anna explains that it’s the sound of Eliot’s gloves and scissors clicking on the table. Eliot is standing over him in the funeral home prep room, preparing his body in the same way he prepared Anna’s.

Because of a car accident, Eliot didn’t make it to the cemetery to bury him. While Paul insists he is alive, Eliot punctures his torso with an embalming trocar.

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Does Tony Die in After Life Season 3?

After Life Ending Explained

Season 3 of “After Life” does not see Tony’s demise. In the third and final season of ‘After Life,’ his death isn’t explicitly shown. However, as always, the series has provided an intimate commentary on life, death, grief, and acceptance.

Season 3 sees Tony dealing with the loss of both his wife and his father, who passed away recently. His grief is compounded by his knowledge of his most recent suicide attempt, and the combination is making his life a living hell.

A newfound sense of hopefulness pervades Tony’s demeanor. Because of his baggage, he isn’t ready to start over, and that’s why he ends up breaking up with Emma.

Even so, he continues to make remarkable progress by letting go of the pain and allowing his body to heal itself.

Despite the fact that grief is a never-ending experience, we can learn to cope with it better with the passage of time.

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 The Last Episode of The Series

After Life Ending Explained

The insurance money Tony received from Lisa is finally put to good use. In what appears to be an effort to create new and positive memories involving his wife, he gives away quite a bit of it.

The final scene of the show shows Tony and Brandy strolling through a park. In the background, there’s a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now.”

Lisa appears for a brief period of time before disappearing. Afterward, Brandy vanishes, only to be quickly followed by Tony. While it depicts the inevitableness of death, it also asserts that neither Tony nor Brandy is dying at this time.

To paraphrase Gervais, “It’s basically saying, we’re all going to die, but not today,” as he explained in an interview. That’s all it’s trying to say, that things are fine for the time being.

You don’t have to worry about it.” Gervais, in real life and in his work, is an atheist. It’s “beautiful” to him that life has a finite number of years; “you don’t exist for 13 and a half billion years,” he said.

“You’re born, you have these 80, 90 years if you’re lucky, and you die, never to exist again, and you’ve forgotten,” he added.

Fans may be saddened by the ending’s implication that Tony Johnson will die, but they should remember that the journey itself is more important than the end result.

Because of the fragility of life, it is highly prized. Each and every one of us must face death at some point in our lives.

This applies to everyone, including our favorite fictional characters and their dogs. The ending suggests that Tony will not die for some time.

For a character who came dangerously close to death the season before, this is quite an accomplishment.



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