Anime Filter Instagram: How To Get the Anime Filter on Tik Tok and Instagram!

Anime Filter Instagram

The Snapchat Anime Style Instagram Filter can be achieved in three ways.

If you haven’t already, you can simply download Snapchat and use the filter directly. But if that’s not an option, use one of the following techniques to get anime-like images or videos.

3 Ways to Get the Snapchat Anime Style Filter on Instagram

1. Use the Browse Effects on IG

Anime Filter Instagram

To access the ‘Browse Effects’ option, open Instagram’s Story camera, and swipe the filter carousel to the left.

Using the search bar above, type in “Anime” and hit enter. A list of anime filters that will transform you into a fictional character will be displayed.

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1. Sasha Soul Art’s Anime Hair

Anime Filter Instagram

This is the only Instagram anime filter that is both adorable and realistic. Using the filter, you can transform yourself into a girly, adorable manga character by changing your hair color, eyes, nose, lips, and cheeks.

Even better, you can switch between the anime hair and anime eyes modes. The latter, the eyes filter, does not change your hair color, so the outcome is more realistic.

2. Aka.Anime.Anime Bea’s Cry Face

Anime Filter Instagram

A crying anime character appears on your face when you use the filter. It might look a bit weird at first glance.

But the more you use it, the better it feels. Like the previous pick, Anime Crying has another version that makes you an angry character.

The combination of both could give you some creative space for creating fun and cute content.

3. Anime Face Parts from Malsaeed55

This one does not change your face. So, it’s not an AR filter. Instead, it exposes what your face parts would look like if you were an anime character. The effect combines three images of real anime shows to create a collage of your face. It’s not as accurate as other options. But the outcome image is worthy of sharing with friends.

4. which anime are you from arris VFX

If you cannot turn your face into an anime character, at least find out which one looks like you. This Instagram effect matches your face to famous Japanese animation personalities, finding one you resemble. Again, it’s not accurate enough, and the matches are limited. But it’s an entertaining experience, anyway.

2. Use the online tool ‘Selfie2Anime.’

Anime Filter Instagram

One way to get the anime filter on Instagram is using third-party online tools like The website asks you to upload a selfie and turn it into a character of the Ghibli Studio movies.

The only downside is that they email you the final image. So, you don’t get to see a preview of the result. But you can find samples on their homepage to decide whether it’s worth it or not.

3. Install the ‘Anime Camera’ app.

iOS and Android users can use Anime Camera, Manga, and Comics app to turn their images into anime characters.

The application currently has 3.7 stars in the overall App Store review. And it comes with lots of free features.

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Is anime Style Filter Available on Tik Tok?

Anime Filter Instagram

No. The anime-style lens is exclusive to Snapchat, and you cannot have it on TikTok. But you may wonder how other users create videos with it.

The answer is straightforward, they record their videos on the Snapchat app using the original filter and post them on TikTok.

How Do I Get the Snapchat Filter that Turns Pictures Into Anime?

1. Go to your Snap camera.
2. Tap the Search icon magnifier.
3. Type ‘Anime Style.’
4. Tap the first lens that shows up.
5. Select ‘Unlock for 48 hours.’
6. Record your video or take photos.


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