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Moloch Ending Explained: Why Feike Would Have To Pay Huge Cost For Revenge?

The Nico van den Brink-directed Folk Horror film “Moloch,” a Shudder original, attempts to create a narrative that not only is full of suspension but also appeals to a lower gospel.

The one-hour, 30-nanosecond movie is razor-sharp and gives the subjects it addresses a sense of urgency.

Ella van der Woude‘s music skillfully complements the caliginous setting, which Emo Weemhoff skillfully filmed, and gives a spooky element to the overall scheme of effects. So let’s analyze this Dutch tale to see if it can provide commodity authenticity or not.

Moloch Plot Summary

A young Betriek was feeding a pet house mouse that she had petted in 1991. She was startled to hear voices suddenly coming from below. The space where her grandma had stayed had become famous.

A short while later, she noticed blood dripping from the ceiling. Although it was a frightening event for the child, she has always survived that night.

The Movie ” Moloch ” Transports us 30 Times Into The Future

The movie ” Moloch ” transports us 30 times into the future when we discover that Betriek now resides in a little Dutch city, close to a peat bog, with her kid and parents. The mysterious “bag guy,” as he was known, was dug up in the dirt for some reason and the police set him up for death.

In the same hole that he had been excavating, his lifeless corpse was found. The same day, a party of archaeologists also arrived in the metropolis and set up a woman’s dead body that had been well preserved.

Moloch Ending Explained

Given that corruption was avoided, they assumed the deceased body was from recent times. However, it wasn’t the case. This revelation tremendously delighted Jonas, the platoon leader who was known as one of the most fashionable in his line of work.

Although Bertie got the impression that she had seen the Bag Man in her theatre, her father assured her that it was not possible because he had failed earlier in the day.

Roelof Was Fighting With Jonas

The following morning, her father, Roelof, was fighting with Jonas because he thought that the fame gained by his archaeological squad had violated his domain.

That evening, Jonas and Betriek just so happened to be in the same cafe, giving them the opportunity to interact and form a connection. The Dutch woman piqued Jonas’ interest, and he was curious to learn more about her.

Bertie told him about her family’s past and how city residents had permitted her entire bloodline to be cursed. She was left with a son named Hanna after her husband Neil failed. Her father became an alcoholic as a result of her grandmother’s game-related death when she was actually little (as seen in the opening scene).

Jonas and His Platoon Found The Woman’s Rescued Body

Recently, it was discovered that Elske, her mother, too had a condition. The croakers acknowledged that she was now exhibiting bodily symptoms as a result of emotional trauma. They recommended that Betriek’s mother seek treatment, but she was certain that she would not.

Moloch Ending Explained

Since Jonas and his platoon found the woman’s rescued body, strange things have been happening. Radu, one of the soldiers in his company, broke into Betriek’s home. Radu frequently apologized and claimed that his actions were motivated by fame.

When he suddenly attacked her mother, her father was there to stop him by striking him in the head and knocking him out. When the police showed up at the residence, they transported him to the hospital.

Moloch Ending Explained

The Dutch city routinely honored Feike as a hero and believed in the legend surrounding her. It is being performed on stage by the students at Betriek’s academy while Sonja is telling Jonas about it.

There was a terrible lord named Walter, many ages ago. He had a wife named Helen who, in addition to being drenched in rapacity, also had a caustic impact on her husband. Walter developed an extramarital connection with a slave named Feike after falling in love with her.

Moloch Ending Explained

When Helen learned that Feike was carrying her husband’s child, she became furious. She didn’t condemn her husband for breaking her trust, but she wanted to find a method to make the girl regret her actions.

She made up a story and informed the citizens of the city that Feike was a witch and had kidnapped her husband. She locked her after calling her a nasty witch. Feike suffered greatly as she was made to pay for misdeeds she had not done.

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An Idolater God Named “Moloch,”

She began praying to her god and pleading for justice. An idolater god named “Moloch,” the God of infant immolation granted her requests. She struck a contract with the pagan deity. If he guaranteed Helen would regret subjecting her to comparable horror and torment, she threatened to commit suicide.

Moloch consented, but there was a condition. This retaliation came at a price. Moloch would be entitled to Feike’s unborn child. He claims it is a circle-like pen of retaliation.

He warned her that history would continue to repeat itself and that the price of retaliation would be borne by subsequent generations. Feike accepts because she is so consumed with wanting retribution that she slits her own throat in front of Helen, saving Helen from an unfavorable outcome.

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Feike Would Have To Pay Huge Cost For Revenge

After a number of days, Jonas returned to the city and ran into Betriek. She and Hanna were invited to move in with him, but Betriek graciously declined. Like her mother Elske used to, Betriek took the sugar sachet from the cafe as she was leaving.

Recently, Jonas had also begun to experience some focus issues. He struggled to focus due to his agitation. The curse was still active. It was just a matter of time until Jonas began to hear Helen’s murmurs, just as Roelof had.

Betriek’s soul had previously been claimed by “Moloch,” who was only present until the moment she would be beheaded and offer her son, Hanna, to the pagan deity. The final scene reveals that “Moloch” was actually seated next to Hanna.

He had actually kidnapped Betreik’s soul the same night that her mother killed herself. He was currently waiting for the cycle of 30 repetitions to finish because, most likely, Betriek would then start having seizures and panic attacks like her mother did and would likely set herself on fire.

He stood by his statement to Feike that getting back at him would cost her dearly.

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