Operation Romeo Ending Explained: What Did Mangesh Do to Neha in The Car?

Operation Romeo Ending Explained

Shashank Shah is the director of Operation Romeo, a 2022 Indian Hindi-language romantic thriller film.

We are dealing with an official remake of the 2019 Keralan movie titled “Ishq”. Sidhant Gupta and Vedika Pinto star in this film, which is directed by Shital Bhatia and produced by Neeraj Pandey under the banners of Friday Filmworks and Plan C Studios.

Sharad Kelkar, Bhumika Chawla, and Kishor Kadam round out the supporting cast.

Plot Summary

Operation Romeo Ending Explained

Aditya and Neha meet to celebrate Neha’s birthday, and thus begins ‘Operation Romeo.’ In order to allow herself more time with her boyfriend, Neha tells him that she can stay with him until the next morning before returning to her hostel.

Aditya asks Neha for a kiss during a long car ride. They can’t even kiss in the middle of the road, she tells him, and he walks away.

As he approaches a hospital, he pulls into a parking lot and gets out of the car with them. Mangesh Jadhav, a bystander, captures them on camera just as they are about to make out and then confronts them.

In order to avoid arrest, Mangesh, along with an acquaintance named Patil, asks Aditya for 35,000 from him. Aditya agrees to pay the money in order to keep Neha’s parents from finding out about them.

Mangesh gets into the car with Neha, while Patil rides shotgun with Aditya, who takes control of the wheel and drives the vehicle to an ATM down the road. Since Aditya does not want the cop to accompany Neha to the ATM, he requests that Mangesh accompany him.

To ease his mind, Mangesh tells him that he will remain outside the vehicle. Mangesh, on the other hand, enters the vehicle and locks it when Aditya attempts to withdraw the cash.

Operation Romeo Ending Explained

In the car, Aditya finds a terrified Neha and rushes to help her. His questioning of Mangesh and Neha about the car incident goes unanswered. After obtaining the funds from Aditya, the cop informs them that they must vacate the area.

The next morning, the boyfriend returns to Neha’s hostel and inquires about what really transpired before she enters. Aditya is enraged by her indifference as she refuses to speak.

He becomes fixated on tracking down what Mangesh did to his ex-girlfriend, and as a result, he begins to stalk the man himself.

As time goes on, he realizes that Mangesh is an ambulance driver, not an officer of the law. It is with this vow of revenge that he sets out for Mangesh’s house.

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Ending Explantation

What Did Mangesh Do to Neha in The Car?

Operation Romeo Ending Explained

In spite of their escape from Mangesh and Patil, Aditya’s mind is scarred by the incident. When he can’t figure out what happened to Neha in the car while he was gone, he has a hard time moving on with his life.

The trauma of revealing what it is for Neha means that Mangesh is the only one who can do so. Aditya understands that he must make Mangesh vulnerable in order to coerce him into disclosing it.

In order to make him vulnerable, you must first inflict harm on his family. That’s how he meets Chhaya Jhadhav, Mangesh’s wife when he goes over to Mangesh’s house.

Aditya confronts Mangesh when he returns home. When Mangesh is hurt by the sewing machine, Aditya is forced to sit down and not be able to fight back.

A threat to Riya’s life is all he needs to get Mangesh to tell him what he wants to know. To ratchet up the tension, he gropes Chhaya inappropriately. Mangesh has no choice but to admit that he attempted to molest Neha by kissing her and was promptly slapped by her.

Aditya leaves the driver’s house happy, knowing that Mangesh had no power to harm Neha. Aditya’s heart begins to pound when Mangesh gets into the car and locks it with Neha inside.

Fearing that Mangesh had sexually assaulted her, he may have approached her with caution. Aditya is emasculated by his own fear.

In order to preserve his masculinity, he feels the need to know that he didn’t fail to protect his girlfriend from Mangesh.

Chhaya’s intimidation of Mangesh is also a way for him to show off his manhood, which Mangesh sees as a threat.

In his mind, Mangesh has not shown to be a better man than Neha, who prevented anything worse from happening.

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Do Aditya and Neha End up Together or Break Up?

operation romeo ending explained

Aditya is relieved to learn of the car accident. His darkest hours are behind him. He has finally been able to let go of the incident involving Mangesh, Neha, and him.

He visits Neha after leaving Mangesh’s house. A few minutes later, he tells Neha that the truth about the car accident has finally come out and expresses his relief that she wasn’t hurt in any way.

It is her birthday and Neha shows him the ring that he bought to propose to her, but she shows her middle finger instead of the ring finger. Aditya’s revelation to Neha that he had discovered what Mangesh had done to her is a problem for her to accept.

Mangesh had done something to her, so she inquires about whether or not he would have proposed. Neha’s “purity” and “chastity” have not been harmed by Mangesh, so Aditya is still her boyfriend, even though he hasn’t given her an answer.

In the event that Neha had been harmed by Mangesh, Aditya might not have been able to overcome the same.

Regardless of what Mangesh did to his girlfriend, he may not have been able to be with her. Aditya refuses to respond to Neha’s phone calls and texts for days until he is satisfied that she is “clean.”

Operation Romeo Ending Explained

Neha’s reaction to Aditya’s “conditional” love is her middle finger. She’s looking for a partner who will be there for her no matter what happens.

When Neha doesn’t want a boyfriend who only cares about her chastity, she shows him the middle finger, signaling the end of the relationship.

According to Neha, Aditya and Mangesh’s actions are identical. In order to preserve his masculinity, Aditya has harmed and traumatized Chhaya.

She rejects Aditya because she does not want a man who willfully hurts a woman in order to show his manhood like Mangesh does to her.

” Aditya and Neha’s relationship comes to an end when he chooses to ensure Neha’s purity over spending time with her when she is most vulnerable.

Aditya loses his girlfriend because he chooses to investigate the incident in the car over helping Neha deal with the trauma.


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